Wednesday 28 February 2024


Hi all. It's been one of those weeks for me. 
I've been testing out our NHS system this week....and it's failed hopelessly.  I had conjunctivitis and had to go to two Chemists to get treatment for it....the Pharmacist in the first one didn't even look at my eye but told the lady serving on the counter to tell me I should just bathe it with cooled boiled water for 48 hours.  We then went to our local Boots chemist where the Pharmacist looked at my eye and gave me eye drops to clear it up straight away.
Saturday morning I then developed Oral thrush [it's a side effect of one of my inhalers I use for my asthma].  I went straight to the Chemist who told me there was only one thing they could give me  which was a gel that they hadn't had in stock for weeks!!  The only way I could get treatment was to get a prescription so several phone calls later, an appointment at the emergency Dr at A and E for 2.30 that afternoon that took over 3 hours I finally got some Nystatin to treat it with.....our NHS has gone crazy......needless to say my mouth is still rather sore but I'm hoping it will clear up soon.

Luckily it's been rather quiet here with customers this week so I have been doing a bit more sewing for the charity.....

I've made these 7 lined shopping bags....I hope they sell well and raise the funds.

That's all from me for this week....I will do my best to pop by to see what you've been up to as soon as I can.
Annie x

Friday 23 February 2024

This week's smiles.....week 362

 Hello all.  I'm so sorry I was away last week....but it wasn't of my choosing.  My internet  was down and boy did I miss it.....thankfully it's all fixed now and we have been offered a month free as compensation for the poor quality we had had since the installation.....So now I'm smiling again :-)

I'm sharing a couple of pics I had ready for last week and this week's smiles...

This has to make you certainly has had me smiling.

I love the bright red colour of my amaryllis...Thanks Shell xx

Mark, Gina and the boys went to West Midland Safari park in the half term holidays and shared a few photos with me....Louie wasn't impressed with Bluey :-) :-)

Sam had to make his outfit to go back to school with....he was to be a Fyrd which was the name given to the army of Harold was made up of freeman or paidmen who would fight for the King of short durations and you usually had to supply your own weapons.  This was to be used in the Battle of Hastings....and yes I did have to look it up :-)

I just love how creative he is and how hard he works.

Lexi loves Sushi and she even likes to make her own....I prefer my fish cooked lol.

We had little visitors at the weekend and Louie was really facinated in how his Grandad was fitting the ironing board to the top of my new trolley with hinges.....I'm sure he will be just like his Grandad and Daddy who turn their hand to anything.

Theo was keen to learn what stitches he could sew on my sewing machine and even learnt how to type in and write his name on it :-)

He next wants to learn how to make a tricky marble this space  :-)

Of course it wouldn't be a Friday without a few funnies...I hope something here makes you chuckle and you will leave me a little message before linking up to your own smiles below.
Annie x

Wednesday 21 February 2024


 It's been a trying sort of week here at Sewing by Annie's because our internet started playing up [and we only had full fibre installed in January].  It kept dropping out and eventually on Thursday it stopped all together....and boy don't we miss it when we haven't got it?  I felt like my right hand had been chopped off...there is so much in the house that uses it!!   We called an engineer out who came at lunchtime on Friday and he pointed out that the fitter that installed our fibre had stapled through the cable!!  Thankfully he was able to replace the cable and within minutes we were back online.

It's been a quiet week with customers so I have used my time well and.....

.....completed the strip quilt I was making.  There is still a lot of fabrics strips left so I may have to make another or find something else to use them on.

On my little ironing board are 12 little marble mazes I have made for the charity.  I made two for Theo and Louie and they were such a success that I am certain they will sell well.

Apparantly Theo loved his so much that he thinks he'd like to make a really difficult one with me next time he comes :-) :-) :-)

That's all from me for this week.  I hope your week has been trouble free and you have lots of fun creative things to share with us when I call in to see you.


Annie x

Wednesday 14 February 2024


 It's been another busy week here at Sewing by Annie's.....I'm never sat idle :-)  

I've shortened trousers, lifted a dress at the shoulders and have altered the bodice on a pretty lemon bridesmaid dress.  On top of that I have been sewing for the H J trust.....

The little piles of fabrics I put on my blog last week became 6 pretty patchwork bibs and when I put them on my Facebook page I had orders for 3 of them so.....

....I made some more and here you can see them all sitting on top of my new little ironing board that my darling hubby fitted to the top of my new Raskog cart that we bought from Ikea this week.

I love my new little's so handy to iron the smaller items I am busy with and it's storing my projects that I have on the go.

I've also made 6 new peg bags [there's two in each colour] because one of my customers asked for some to give as all helps to raise the funds for the charity :-)

That's all from me for this week.  I hope you're all fit, well and happy and I will pop over to see what you're up to as soon as I can.
Annie x

Friday 9 February 2024

This week's smiles....week 361

 Here we are at another catch up with the smiles from the last week.....I've had to look a little harder this week but here you go...

On Sunday morning we went for a walk at Attingham Park to see the snowdrops....arent they gorgeous?

We had a visit from this gorgeous white dove this week....and that always makes me smile.

Here's the funnies I've found this week....I hope something makes you smile....even if you're a child at heart, like me and have a chuckle at the carrot I found this week. :-) :-)
Annie x

Wednesday 7 February 2024


 Another week and lots more desks to check out.  Mine has seen all sorts of action this week....

I  made a new batch of glasses cases to go for the H J Trust...I love searching through all the fabrics to see what will go together.

I made up the 20 squares for my next strip I just need to find the time to join them, quilt and back it.

On my desk today are piles of smaller pieces of fabrics sorted into colours to make up a few patchwork bibs.

That's all from me for today so if you leave me a little message to let me know you've called in I will pop over to see what you've been up to as soon as I can.


Annie x

Friday 2 February 2024

This week's smiles....week 360

Week 360?  That's a lot of smiles isn't it?  Thanks to all who join in every really do make the world a happier place.

I've had another happy week filled with smiles thankfully and have a few I can share with you...

 Lulu is all packed up here ready to go on a skiing trip with her school....she left last Saturday and, from what I've heard, she's been having a wonderful time.

The twins have been taking it in turns to cook tea this week and love to send me pics of the progress....It all looks so yummy.

Last night we went to watch Sam in his school perfomance of was really brilliant.  I always love to see young people putting their hearts into their acting/singing.

Our garden is full of promise of what's to come...there are bulbs shooting up everywhere.  I love this time of year.

Of course I also have a few funnies so share with you.

Please leave me a little message so I know you've called in and, if you can, please link up to your smiles below.


Annie x