Friday 29 July 2022

This week's smiles....week 483

 I'm here to share a few smiles from my week but maye not be able to leave your comments this week if you are joining in as we are joining....

...Mark, Gina, Theo and Louie for a few days on the Welsh coast this weekend and I'm doubting the internet signal will be sufficient.  Shell and the twins are joining us too for a couple of days so it should be a fun time all round....there may be photos next week [if i remember to take some].

Of course it wouldn't be a Friday smiles post without a few funnies so here's the few I've found to share with you this week.  I hope you all have a great week and all being well normal service will return for next Friday.
Annie x

Wednesday 27 July 2022


 Here we are at another catch up with our blogging friends all over the world...I love Wednesdays :-)

I've not had much work this week although I did have some more Parkas to sew badges seems that this is now a regular job for me as the lady that used to do them is now in poor health.

I have used my free time well and have finished the fidgety quilt that you saw I had started last week and...

...cut out and made another one.  I am trying to make a few that are suitable for men or women because, of course, Alzeimer's is something that both men and women get.

I will say there is another one cut out ready to get creative with but this time it's pink/purple.

I have a Memory bear coming this morning so my creative sewing will have to wait for more free time.  If you leave me a little message I will do my best to pop over to yours to see what you've got to share this week.
Annie x

Friday 22 July 2022

This week's smiles ...week 482

 Phew! hasn't it been a scorcher?  We are just not used to it are we but we have survived it so far with lots of drinks and fans in almost every room and thankfully it's much cooler now.

Louie has been living in just his nappy but was still happy to have Nanny cuddles...he likes to copy me [especially when I poke my tongue out] and is chuckling now...he's such a cutie.

We filled our paddling pool and you can see we weren't the only ones to enjoy the cool water.

We had a tiny visitor yesterday when a baby wren flew in through the patio doors.  I was able to pick him up in my sewing room window and have quite a long chat with him sitting on my hand while he recovered before he flew off...don't you just love nature?

Finally here's a few pics I took in our garden yesterday.  A lot of the flowers are suffering from the heat but our tomatoes are ripening well now in the greenhouse.

Finally here's the funnies I've found this week...there seems more than ever but thought you'd like to share them.  Have a great week my friends.
Annie x

Wednesday 20 July 2022



Enough said....We're just not used to it are we?

I'm pleased to say we have a fan in almost every room and haven't we needed it this week?  I've still got something to share with you though...

I had such a lot of really lovely comments when I made the Fidgety Quilt for my family member who is suffering from Altzeimer's that I decided to make a couple for the folk who don't sew and who has loved ones in the same situation. This is the first one and....'s the first completed squares for the next one.  I have always saved anything useful for 'whenever' so I have enjoyed sorting through to find anything that can be twiddled with to make each quilt different....and of course I'm stitching everything on very securely.

On Monday I had used all three of my machines and thought they would all appreciate a little TLC in this heat so I cleaned out all the fluff [and I do make rather a lot of it!] and gave each of them a spray with lubricant on their working parts....I swear I heard them sigh :-)

I hope you are all keeping cool and drinking plenty in this heat ...and no I don't mean gin!! [you know who I mean ;-)].


Annie x

Friday 15 July 2022

This week's smiles.....week 481

Here we are at another week's catch up of the happy moments and smiles of the week ....I'm sure it does us all good to spend a little time searching out what has made  us happy in the week and it's lovely when they are smiles that can be shared.  Feel free to link to your own smiles at the bottom of the page....we really can't have too many.

We went to the Red Kite campsite in Llanidloes for a couple of nights to test out everything in our new caravan.  It's an adults only site so is quiet and the facilities are's a perfect place to go for a couple of nights and the caravan was wonderful.

Whilst away, on the Sunday we went to a Red Kite feeding station....there were literally 100s of Red Kites that appeared from nowhere at 3 o'clock when they get was perfect.  If only I could take a photo of them all!!!

The garden flowers keep in giving but this week I'm sharing our orchids with you....they are all blooming their hearts out at the mo and even some that looked 'dead' are now sending up flower shoots.

Finally here are a few funnies to make you smile.  I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine safely and are having a great week.
Annie x

Wednesday 13 July 2022


 I've not got a lot to show you this week cos we had a couple of nights away testing out our new caravan.  We went to the super site we went to last time in's not too far from home and was a good place to trial everything out...the result was that we are thrilled with our new purchase and planning many more trips now :-)

So I thought you'd like to see the results of my lastest teddy  refurbishment....

He enjoyed his wash and once dry I restuffed him and made him new feet and hands.  Then, when his new eyes arrived, I was then able to give him a new face and finished him off with his new new red ribbon.

I'm thrilled with his new appearance and so is my darling hubby :-)

The only other thing I have to show you today is this fat quarter pack that fell into my trolley at Aldis....I'm seeing a new Fidgety quilt in the making...just not any time soon cos I have about 6 customers coming today and each of them are bringing several jobs for me to do [and one of them is wanting 2 memory bears making].

This is what happens when you take a Monday off so I'm not complaining and there will be spare time at some point in the not too distance future for creative sewing.  If you leave me a little message I will do my best to pop over to yours just might not be today lol


Annie x

Friday 8 July 2022

This week's smiles.....week 480

 Here we are at another catch up of my week's smiles...and I'm lucky to say there have been many.  My darling hubby's sciatica is now much better although he still has back ache and is trying to keep up with his exercises to help ease this.  We didn't manage to go swimming this week because we had arrival of this...

...on our drive.  We have swapped our motor home for a caravan and have enjoyed many hours this week setting up our holiday home....exciting times.

Our new caravan has taken up a lot of our time between my sewing jobs so I am just going to share a little of the colour from our garden and then post a few collages of the funnies I've found this week.
I hope you all have lots of smiles to share with us this week and will link them up at the bottom of the page.
Annie x

Wednesday 6 July 2022


 Hello all and a happy Wednesday to each of you.  I love my Wednesday catch ups.  Please pop over to Julia's blog at The Stamping Ground where you will find details and be made very welcome if you wanted to join in the fun each week.

So what has been going on here at Sewing by Annie's this week?

Here's the latest little School Memory Owl I've made this week....and I have many orders now waiting for the school term to end so I can use the old school uniform.

I know many of you have seen my finished Fidgety Quilt on my Sewing by Annie Facebook page [because many of you have left me lovely comments and I thank you for those] but for those that haven't seen it there here it is.

Alzeimers is such an awful thing and I'm sure many are like me in feeling pretty helpless to do anything to make the situation easier so I'm hoping a little of Annie's love will go a little way to help.

After seeing what I managed to do with the last little teddy bear I had in my care my hubby gave me his old teddy to do something's looking very old and tired and been kept in a box so anything would be better than nothing  :-)

I've ordered two new glass eyes, removed all the straw type stuffing and given him a gentle wash so far and already he's  looking better.  I will show you how I get on soon.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit and will leave me a little message so I know you've called by.  I will pay you a return visit as soon as I'm able.  Have a great week.


Annie x

Friday 1 July 2022

This week's smiles...week 479

Hello all.  I hope you've all had a lovely week and have lots of smiles to share with everyone.  I can always find something that has made me smile and here are my pics for today...

Gina is breast feeding little Louie [and doing a really good job of it too] but sometimes after a longer gap between feeds in the night she needs to express some of her milk and she keeps it for precious moments like this....

Theo is feeding his baby brother for the first time and doing a really good job of it too...he's such a loving big brother.

I have a new grandpuppy coming soon....

Amy, Dave and family have been to choose their next puppy.  Meet Daphne puppy.  She is a golden retriever and they will be picking her up in a few weeks....doen't she have a cute little face?

Our little back garden just keeps on giving.  There are new blooms everywhere I look so just have to share them with you.

Of course it wouldn't be Friday without a few funnies.  I hope you're all smiling now and will link up to your own smiles below.  Have a great week.
Annie x