Friday 28 October 2022

This week's smiles....week 485

 What a week it's been here.  I had thought I might have a quiet week to wind down and pack my bags this week but as the saying goes...'the best made plans.....'.  My feet really haven't touched the ground.  I've made 9 Memory bears, shortened 3 pair of trousers, let out 4 pair of trousers and shortened a bridesmaid's dress....and I have more Memory bears arriving this morning!!!  You know I love a challenge but, as far as I'm aware there is still only 24 hours in each day :-)

My smiles this week have been very many including lots of special time with all my children and grandchildren on Sunday which was my birthday....I was truly spoilt and feel very blessed

Michelle treated me to an Oodie [a fleece hoodie] and as it was Mark's birthday on 25th she treated him to one too so of course we couldnt resist a pic together....they are really warm and cosy and they might delay putting the heating on for a while yet. :-) :-)

I got my box of felt fabrics out to make a start on the Christmas tree decorations for my Grandchildren [an extra one to make this year].  As you can see my little fur baby jumped in to help me find what I was looking for.  She is my shadow all day every day and likes to be where ever I am...and help out too.

As ever, I like to share a few funnies with you.  I hope you find something to make you smile and you will share your smiles by linking up at the bottom of the page.

Please note I will be AWOL next Friday so I will be back in two week with, hopefully, more smiles.


Annie x

Wednesday 26 October 2022


 I've had a really lovely few days.  It was my birthday on Sunday and I had all my children and all 7 of my grandchildren here during the day and Hubby treated me to tea out at Cote Brasserie in the evening....I was so spoilt by all.

My plans for this week was to take things easy and to have time to pack my bags ready for next week...I will be missing in action next Wednesday but will tell you about it on my return.  My customers had other plans for my week...I had my first customer through the door at 8am on Monday with three pair of trousers needing shortening. At 10 o'clock I had a customer here wanting 6 Memory Bears making and at 10.30 another one arrived wanting 2 Memory bears making!!!

By the end of Monday I had shortened the trousers [and they had already been collected] and my desk looked like this...quite a pile of bears, part sewn and all ready for their tummies hubby had a full day of driving/delivering banners for our daughter's printing business so I had got up at 6.30 with him and was head down sewing until 5pm when he came home....that's what I call a busy day!!

Tuesday, normally my day off, I decided I needed to get on top of my workload and of course my assistant bear stuffer was home to help out....he's such a gem.

So I can now show you the finished set of 6 Memory bears, all made out of a much loved Dad/Grandad's favourite shirts.and...

...the two Memory bears made for two gorgeous litte boys from their Daddy's favourite football shirt...he was taken from them far too soon.

I meet so many very special people in my job.

That's it from me for today...I will do my best to call round to see what you've all been up to this week but I do have 2 more Memory bears arriving this morning and a Bridesmaid's dress fitting too....I will be ready for a little holiday I think.


Annie x

Friday 21 October 2022

This week's smiles....week 494

I'm being kept pretty busy with my sewing and am now feeling better after suffering reactions after having my latest Covid booster....I've heard of many folk reacting following the latest Moderna vaccine so I know  I'm not alone so I just hope it now protects us over the Winter.

Saturday, while we were in Shrewsbury we walked up to St Mary's church where there was Steam Punk Spectactular event and wow it really was.....I must admit I thought of you Angela while we walked around looking at all the amazing outfits. Here's a collage of some of who we saw...

There really were some stunning outfits and lots of really lovely people....I really hope you have enjoyed seeing a few of the ones I saw.  

Shell sent me this photo and it really made me giggle.  They have bought a new book about puppy training but they have to train Reggie to read it first :-)

I love this photo of how much Daphne puppy has grown now and how well she is fitting into the family...she's such a beautiful dog.

Of course it wouldn't be Friday without a few funnies.  I hope you've seen something to make you smile and will leave me a little comment before you link up to your smiles at the bottom.

Have a great week all.  It's my birthday on Sunday so I'm guessing I will have fun.


Annie x

Wednesday 19 October 2022


Hello all and a happy Wednesday to you all.  We had our latest Covid booster on Saturday morning...the new Moderna one and my arm was so sore that Saturday night I struggled to sleep and Sunday night and Monday I ran high temperatures because of it.  I have previously had Pfizer with no side effects.  Let's hope it does it's job eh?

Since we were here last Wednesday I've made....

3 lovely Memory bears and two little memory hearts in memory of a much loved Grandma.
These were for a customer I've known for many years and I would say has become a friend now so it made making them even more special.

I love my job because I must be one of the only sewing ladies in Shrewsbury that gets hugs and kisses from her customers...and I've made so many friends because of my job.

This is my desk today.  I've managed to find a few more Advent Calendar fabric panels so Monday I did the pressing, folding and sewing of all the pockets so now I just have to do the wadding, backing etc to get them finished.....they have been so popular and even if they don't sell I can save them until next year.

The other desk I'm sharing with you today is this one.  You may remember a few weeks back I had an afternoon with Phoebe and Lulu teaching them how to make bunting and this is what they got up to at the weekend.
Their Mummy bought them some halloween fat quarters and some tape and they set to to make their own bunting.
Oh how it makes my heart sing to see them 'flying' alone...and choosing to do it too.....I'm such a proud Nanny Annie.

That's it from me for this week.  I will do my best to pop over to as many desks as I can in between my sewing jobs.  I hope you all have a great week.
Annie x

Friday 14 October 2022

This week's smiles...week 493

Hello all and happy Friday to one and all.  It's been a manic sort of week here at Sewing by Annie's.  I managed to make 10 more Advent calendars and have already sold 6 of them and on top of that I have had a steady flow of trousers/jeans to shorten, a bridesmaid's dress to shorten and alter and I've made 3 more Memory bears and a little pin cushion with the left over fabrics...I've really enjoyed my week.

Our latest addition to the family, little Reggie, has now had his jabs so is now able to go out for his first walkies.  He watches Jet very closely and is learning very quickly....such a lovely little puppy.

Our garden flowers are still giving us lots to smile about so I snapped all I could find because if we get some frost they wont last much longer.

The only funny I could find this week was this one made me smile.

I hope you have all had lots to smile about this week and will share your smiles by linking them at the bottom of the page.


Annie x

Wednesday 12 October 2022


 Hi all.  It's been non-stop this last week here at Sewing by Annie's.  I've shortened trousers and tops plus I have made this cute little Memory bear...

He's made from tiny baby clothes to be kept as a keepsake of when their baby was small :-)

On top of all that I have also made 10 new Advent calendars.  The 5 I put on my Sewing by Annie Facebook last week all flew out and many more requested I make more so these will be going on my Facebook page today :-)

Watch this space as they say.

I like to grab oportunities when I can....and do my best to please my customers.

On my to do rail today is this lovely purple/burgandy bridesmaid's dress that I have to alter and shorten plus the rest of my rail is full of my winter tops that all need taking in to fit now I'm over 3 stone the saying goes..."A cobblers wife walks barefoot"...these have to wait until I have a few spare minutes to get done [winter may be over by then lol].

I hope you've all had a great week.  I will be popping round ASAP to see what you've all been up to [sewing allowing!!].


Annie x

Friday 7 October 2022

This week's smiles.....week 492

Oh what a week it's been....I've had so much to smile about.

Firstly my mouth is recovering now....I had the offending tooth removed last Thursday  and I was really glad to see the back of it.  

The WOYWW crop went really well and it was so special to see blogging friends again...many I had seen since before Covid lockdown and some I had known for years and never met before...our very own Angela being one of those and I not onlt met her but I met her hubby and their two gorgeous furbabies.  It was a day filled with fun, friendship, laughter, chatting, cake and just a little bit of crafting....magic. there are more pics on my Wednesday post.

My darling hubby was looking through one of my fabric boxes for backing fabrics for the latest Advent calendars I've been making this week and as you can see Milly got in on the job and was looking up to see what instructions he was going to give her lol.

I put the 5 Advent calendars I made back in January on my Sewing by Annie Facebook page and sold 4 of them within a day so have spent the week buying more fabric panels and making more.

Little Louie has started mixed feeding and has taken to it like a duck to water....he's tucking into carrot and pear puree that his mummy has made for him...yum yum.

Finally we can't have a Friday post without a few funnies can we?

I hope you find something here to make you smile and will leave me a little comment then share your smiles by linking up at the bottom of the page.


Annie x


Wednesday 5 October 2022


 "Oh didn't we have a lovely day the day we went to Shropshire?"

Of course I live here so know just how lovely it is but when you're joined by other WOYWWers it was made soooo much better.

I've pinched the photo from Caro so sadly she isn't on the photo but I'm sure there will be many others sharing snaps this week.

We all chatted, ate cake, remembered, ate cake and of course there was lots of laughter during the much better could the day have been?

I handed over the money we raised to The Harry Johnson's Trust yesterday....what an amazing amout and I just know it will be used well to help other families with children having treatment for cancer....thanks so much everyone xxxx

That much older sister of mine, Jo and I organised the hall and lunch...we are like a perfectly oiled machine and work together so her to bits. It's her birthday today so I really hope she's having a lovely day.

Julia thanked us by treating us each to a beautifully personalised pin....I love mine so thanks so much for this.

I came home with so many lovely things....thanks so much to you all.

This week I have been getting organised for Christmas [I know I'm early but I have to get things done when I have spare time].  Louie needed a Christmas stocking and...

....he has had first choice of the Advent calendars I've made so far.....Gina chose the train one for him and I put the others on my Sewing by Annie Facebook page and within an hour of putting them on there the first was sold and now there is only one left but I have managed to get some more fabric panels so if I get any spare time I might get a few more made.  :-)

I have put them on early this year because the ones I put on last year sold within a day and I'd left it too late to make any extras for the customers wanting more.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit today.  I will do my best to pop over to visit as many as I can between jobs.  Have a great week all.


Annie x