Friday 27 May 2016

This week's smiles....week 171

Hello all I am back from my hols but this is another scheduled post because I am unable to write one this week. 

I think this says it all don't you?  A week spent making memories with your best friend .....what more could a girl ask for?
Have a great week....please link up your smiles for the week and I will be over to yours ASAP to see what you've all been up to.
Annie x

Friday 20 May 2016

This week's smiles....week 170

Hello all.  It's just a quick post from me for today because I am actually not here today.  So I am posting a few funnies and putting Mr Linky at the bottom so you can all add your own smiles for the week.....hope yours has been a good one.  

Hoping there is lots of this going on because it's......

Oh I am :-)

Will be back very soon.  Have a great week my friends.
Annie x

Wednesday 18 May 2016


Well?  What did you do with the seven days since last week?  It's flown hasn't it?....or is it just me?

I have a rail full of posh frocks to show you today...

The one bridesmaid dress you saw last week is now three and I still have two more to do for the same wedding.  There are two long sparkly dresses for a lady going on a cruise and a really pretty shorter dress being worn by her daughter on the same cruise.....and in between all those I've shortened trousers, altered a skirt and several other smaller jobs too.

On my desk are several pieces of fabric ready for little Phoebe and Lulu to choose the ones they want their new swimming bags to be made out of....and their swimming badges to be sewn on.  :-)

The other pic I know many of you will want to see is of the little furry baby we went to visit at the weekend.  Little Milly is such a little cutie pie.  We had lots of cuddles and she even fell asleep in my arms.  We still have 4 weeks to wait til she can come to live with us but thanks to Rachael, her breeder, we get regular pics to update us on her progress.......exciting times :-)

That's all from me for this week.  I will be AWOL next week but would like to wish you all Happy Celebrations for our 7th year of WOYWW friendship and fun.  If there is anyone who is wanting to swap ATCs with me who's name isn't on the list below then please either email me on or let my much older sister, Jo know because I have put her in charge of posting all I have put ready for her and she has a few spare ones she can send out in my absence.
Annie x

My ATC list for the WOYWW anniversary swap....

As promised here is the list of people who have added their names to swap ATCs with me for the WOYWW anniversary swap.  Last year I had several who asked several times if their name was down to swap so I thought it would be easier if I added the names as I get emails with details of people wanting to swap....
  1. Julia Budd
  2. Jan Appleton
  3. Jill Bersey 
  4. Bridget Yee Larsen
  5. Lynn Holland
  6. Lisca Meijer
  7. Jo Betts
  8. Angela Radford 
  9. Denise Bryant 
  10. Laura Rumble 
  11. Nikki Carpenter  
  12. Sylvia Hildman
  13. Anita Hickson
  14. Sandra De Marchi
  15. Shaz Brooks
  16. Sharon Koole
  17. Lisa Davolt
  18. Debbie Rock
  19. Helen Lindfield 
  20. Elizabeth Worthington
  21. Sam McDonald-Elliot
If you name is on this list it means I have an ATC here with your name and address on it waiting to be posted nearer the anniversary date....oooooooh it's always so lovely to swap and send a little love to my Wednesday blogging friends all round the world. Just email me your details if you'd like to swap to
Annie x

Friday 13 May 2016

This week's smiles.....week 169

Hello all.  There were some lovely shared smiles last week and I thank all of you who took the time to share your happy posts.  I am featuring Jo's post from last week with the gorgeous quilt she made from what she describes as what an amazing use of what some folk would throw away.  Thanks for sharing it with us Jo.

I have several pics of things that have made me smile this week first of which just has to be the new header pic on my blog ......isn't it stunning?

[be warned that the last pic I'm sharing is rather graphic so I will understand if you don't get that far].

My latest wool has made me smile....our son and his wife found out the sex of the baby they are expecting in September last weekend and they treated me to this wool to celebrate :-)

Our eldest daughter treated me to an afternoon tea at some point with a friend as my mother's day gift.....I decided I would take my best friend, my hubby and we really enjoyed our treat last weekend....thanks Shell it was really yummy.

The twins have been making the best of the sunshine we have been having this week and have been playing in their paddling pool.  It looks fun doesn't it?

Look away now if you're squeamish.......

I have to say that we didn't do much smiling when Shell's kitten was found one morning last week with what we think had been injuries from being hit by a car but we are all thrilled that even though it resulted in him having to have one of his back legs removed he is now making a really good recovery and I'm certain he will manage perfectly well with just three legs..... he has his stitches out today so should lose his collar of shame too.

That's all from me for this week.  We are going to visit our little puppy Milly this weekend so you may well see a pic or two of her next week. :-)
Please leave me a little message to say you've called by and link your own smiles below and I will pop over to yours to share your smiles as soon as I can.
Annie x

Wednesday 11 May 2016


Hello all.  Here we are at another Wednesday full of creative snooping.  It's been another busy week here with sewing and I thought you might like to see one of the dresses I've been working on this week. [Sorry if you've already seen it on my Facebook page.]

This is the first of 5 dresses I'm doing for a Wedding on the beach in Cyprus......I'm sure they will all look really summery.

I've had a steady flow of other sewing jobs too this week but have also spent a little time snapping pics of the flowers in the garden and thought you might like to share them....

Aren't they simply gorgeous?  So many little treasures coming into bloom now.

The other thing I want to say is that I need the names and addresses of anyone wanting to swap ATCs with me ASAP so I can put them ready for that big sister of mine to post for me in my absence for the anniversary celebrations because I will be AWOL that week [I hope to be chilling out, reading a book and taking in some sun].  If your name isn't on the list on the post below and you'd like it to be please send me your details via an email to you.

That's all from me for today.....short and sweet just like Julia likes it.  Have a great week.
Annie x

Friday 6 May 2016

This week's smiles.......Week 168

Hello all.  As there was only 5 of you who linked up with their smiles last week I'm not going to feature just one but just say a huge 

to each and every one of you.  I really do appreciate your support in doing our best to make the world a happier place to be by sharing a few smiles.

My smiles this week, as always, have been many.  

We babysat for Amy last Sunday afternoon and took her three to Attingham Park for a fun time followed by a tea time treat at McDonalds .....they are a delight to take anywhere and a fun time was had by all...

 The sunshine yesterday saw Amy making the best of the weather enjoying what time she has with Steve before he starts school in September....they did some gardening and even enjoyed a picnic lunch :-)

 I feel so blessed to have such special little people in my life and hope you have enjoyed sharing some of my smiles.  Please leave me a little message to let me know you've called by and if you can please link to your own smiles below....I will be over to yours ASAP to see what's been making you smile this week.
Annie x

Wednesday 4 May 2016


Here we are at another catch up with all the crafty desks around the world that link up over at on the link to find out more.

This week has seen me playing with more fleece and running a few more toys up for little Milly....

 Here she is now [photo taken Monday]....eyes are open now.  She is still not able to walk and drags herself around as yet....think she is struggling to get her fat tummy off the ground lol.
We are going to meet her in just over a week and a half....can't wait.

She now has a froggy toy.

A spider....she can chew, pull or just use it as a pillow.

A plaited chew / pull toy.

This got made to use up a spare bit of plaited fleece and we think it looks rather like a little handbag.  :-)

Just in case you think sewing is all I've been doing....we are still working on decorating our home and Monday saw us working together to tile the splash back in the new kitchen.....every time I walk into the room it makes me smile.  I really love the colours in the tiles and the wow factor they give you.

That's all from me for this week.  If you leave me a little comment I will do my best to pop over to yours to see what you've been up to this week.
Annie x

Ps don't forget to email me at if you want to swap ATCs with me.