Friday 20 December 2013

This week's smiles...week 49

Here we are at the last Friday before Christmas and I'm sure you are all like me in that you have had lots of smiles lately.  The two nativities that our Granddaughters Phoebe and Lulu were in went off without a hitch and the two girls did their parts very well....proud Grandparents here  :-)

Several of you took time out of your busy lives to join in the fun this last week and for that I thank you very much.  Today I am featuring my 'much older' sister Jo's blog ....she has been knitting for Sam and Lexi and I just know the Peppa pig she showed us last week will be much loved by Lexi and there will be big smiles all around because of it so thank you Jo for all your efforts.  I would also like to give a quick head's up to Lyn's pic of the dog that I felt was auditioning for the part of Mary in the nativity!....if only the towel was Blue eh?  :-)

I have a few quick pics to share with you today that caused us lots of smiles this week....

Here's our little Angel Lulu in her playschool nativity looking a little nervous.  What a gorgeous angel she made.

Lulu is only 3 but writing her Christmas cards has taught her to write her name....clever girl Lulu Nanny is so proud of you.....of course her name really is Louise :-)

This pic made me smile too....I was in the kitchen clearing away the lunch things and I could hear the twins talking [ plotting?... me thinks ] .  When I peeped round the door to see what they were up to [you have to keep an eye on these two little monkeys as you can imagine!] I found them sat together on Nanny's chair reading books to each other  :-)  Precious moments eh?

Thanks for dropping by this week.  Please share your happy moments by linking them below.

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy and exciting New Year.
Annie xxxx

Wednesday 18 December 2013


Here we are at the last Wednesday fun day before the big day so I would like to say a very Happy Christmas to all my wonderful blogging friends out there and lets hope 2014 is a happy, healthy and exciting year for us all.  Thank you to you all for the lovely comments you've left me over the last year too....they really do mean a lot to me and your friendship is worth everything.

Just a quick post to show you that I've not been sat on my bum all any of you would imagine that for one minute!  :-)

Here is one of the two new tops that I've made this week...not a brilliant photo sorry cos I'm taking it in a mirror but I'm sure you can see it's a rather festive patterned red one and the other one is more warm pink in colour.  I also cut out another one in blue but as yet I haven't found a spare hour or two to make it....maybe today?  :-)

There is no stopping me when I get it in my head that I'm going to get something done.  :-)

That's the only photo I've got to share today as I'm certain you really don't need to see more snaps of the chaos surrounding me  :-)

Thanks for dropping by today....I have a feeling we will all be too busy to post next week so I will say see you in two weeks....unless of course you drop by on Friday to see my happy pics.  I'm sure you will all have something that has made you smile this week so why not snap a pic and join in the fun of sharing what's made you smile on Friday and make the world a happier place.

Have a great time over the next couple of weeks and I hope to pop by to see what you're up to later.
Annie xxxx

Friday 13 December 2013

This week's smiles......week 48

Another tail chasing week for about you?

Thanks to all that joined in last week.  I am featuring Elizabeth's blog over at Altered book lover for her taking time to decorate her thrown room...she made me chuckle.  Thanks for sharing Elizabeth.

I just have a couple of snaps to share with you this week ...

This was my gorgeous Granddaughter playing Mary at her first school nativity yesterday...and what a beautiful Mary she made too.


Here you can see just how the little twinnie munchkins play the part of partners in crime for their mummy.  She turned her back for just a second and caught them working as a team trying to raid their advent calendar.  :-)
What little monkeys they are eh?

Just a quick posting from me for this week as this morning we are off to see the second nativity of this year...this time it's Lulu's turn....and she is an angel in hers!

Please take a pic of what's made you smile this week and link it below to share it with us.
Annie x

Wednesday 11 December 2013


The answer this week is pretty much chaos!  :-)

There are a lot more of my really useful boxes full of all my sewing stash that have been stacked out of the way.

All my wall cupboards in my sewing room have been emptied and taken off the wall so I now no longer have my hanging rails for my customers clothes...out has come a mobile rail that will do til we have moved!

Even my work surfaces have been taken off the walls so it can all be made good and painted behind and my machines are now free standing on make do surfaces.

....As I said chaos reigns!

Still no moving date but these solicitors don't rush things do they?  :-)

I have so many things on this week that I've actually had to write it all down so I don't forget!  3 days with the twins, Monday, Tuesday and today no dropping by to say hello til later in the week .  That is if I can fit my visits in between.......
  • a trip to the vets for our dog Rocky to have stitches out of his neck, 
  • two of our granddaughters have nativities this week, 
  • a hair cut for me
  • delivering a bed that we have sold
  • hiring a van to take scrap metal away
  • ........the list goes on and on!!!!!
I think I can safely say that's busy!!  Oh and in between I'm writing the last of my Christmas cards, wrapping presents, packing yet more boxes and had planned to make me a couple of new tops to wear over Christmas.  New tops might have to wait but I do have two pair of new trousers 2 sizes smaller than the last trousers I bought!!  Wahooooo

Hope you have enjoyed visiting my chaos this week.  I promise I will pop by to say hello when I get a minute.
Annie x

Friday 6 December 2013

This week's smiles....week 47

Phew!.... these weeks really are flying by aren't they?  Here we are on Friday when I post my week's smiley post to share with you.  Thanks to those who linked up last week and welcome to Super Stamp Girl for joining in the fun last week....please join us again and tell all your friends just how good it is to focus on the happy things in life and share them with others.

My featured blog this week is Elizabeth's over at The Silver Scrappers Craft Space.  We had shared A and E emergencies last week with the little ones in our families and I really hope little Brodie has made a good recovery since his little oops moment!  He looks so cute in his cap.

My pics this week are Christmas based and of course are of my gorgeous grandchildren.

My twinnie munchkins looking really excited in their Christmas jumpers.

My other three little munchkins sitting by their newly decorated Christmas tree....don't you just love Steve's little wicked face?

And here are all 5 of them together taken Wednesday night after coming as my little Christmas elves to decorate our Christmas tree....what fun they all have together....I'm not sure who gets more excited though......them or their mummies  :-)

That's all from me for this week....I'm back to my packing boxes now  :-)  The things you find when you're packing up your home!

Please join in by snapping your happy pics some time this week and linking them below...I look forward to seeing what's made you smile.
Annie x

Wednesday 4 December 2013


Here we are at yet another Wednesday and it's a quick count down now til Christmas will be upon us.
I've got a box with completed cards in...

Think I've finished about 30 now.

I've a silk frame with outlines done for a few more Christmas cards but have a feeling I may have to buy a few this year as a little matter of a house move has sort of thrown a spanner in the works lol.

A picture of our house on the internet....

Wahoo wahoo wahoo.....can you tell I'm a little excited?

So things are slowly being dismantled ...this was a shelf where I stored my boxes of fabrics.

So they are now stacked in a corner of a room!

There are boxes of books, pictures and ornaments being stacked in our conservatory...they will be covered with a festive cloth ready for tonight so my 5 little pixies, that are coming later, can put the Christmas tree on top to decorate for us.  :-)  I love having them all together at times like this so packing will wait....and Christmas might be a little limited this year but we will still have lots of fun.

Jo and I lost a dear Uncle last week and we will be at his funeral today so I will probably have to call by to see what you've all been up to tomorrow....but I will do my best to call in.  Please leave me a little message to say you've called....and feel free to pack a box or two for us while you're here  :-)
Annie x