Wednesday 30 May 2012


Happy 3rd Birthday to you all and especially to our wonderful organiser, and super glue that holds us all together, the one and only, Julia.  What a wonderful 3 years it's been too.  Thank you Julia for all your hard work.

My show and tell today is of all the ATCs I've been making to celebrate.  I shall be posting one to the pass it forward WOYWWer and if you would like to swap with me but haven't emailed me your details please email me your address to and I will get one off in the post to you.  I've made some really wonderful blogging friends over the last 3 years.

Some little daisies dumfed on blue backgrounds.  For those that still don't know what we mean by dumfing please check out the link in the right side bar.

4 little ATCs using ribbons, lace trims, machine embroidery and tiny buttons.

9 ATCs made from little dumfed pics with fabric flowers and most are beaded too.

These two are dumfed pics with poppies....those that have known me a while will know poppies are one of my favourites.  I've hand embroidered details on these and added little black beads.

I've really enjoyed being creative and think I'm now hooked on making ATCs so thanks to Julia for suggesting it as our birthday celebration gift.  Hope you all enjoy the rest of the birthday celebrations.  Please leave me a little message before you pop over to Julia's to join in the Wednesday fun and I will do my best to pay you a return visit.
Annie x

Tuesday 29 May 2012


There is never a dull moment here as you know and last night was no exception.  I was enjoying 5 mins chill out time after tea having had a wonderful Funday Monday with Jo and suddenly I could see flames shooting high into the sky from over our hedge on the front of our house.  Both hubby and I quickly put our shoes on and ran outside to find our neighbour at the other end of our row of terrace houses has set the hedge on fire.  This hedge is was about 8 foot high and 30 metres long going all the way from the road right up the the houses and it was having buckets of water thrown at it to try to put out the fire.  His wife had bought him a new weed burner for the garden and he had been trying it out!!!  As we ran down the front drive I heard the fire engine on it's way from the other end of our village so of course I ran back in to get a snap for you....couldn't miss the chance could I ?  [so sorry I didn't get a better one of the men in uniforms for you] ;-)

I will add that it took the firemen a good 3/4 hour to dampen down the flames and put the fire out and thankfully no one was hurt.

I have two special little munchkins here for the day today  [both taking their morning nap at the mo so I've just cleared my 'to do' rail] and have three other little people coming to play with Nanny Annie tonight so I think we will have enough excitement today  :-)

Sunday 27 May 2012

Full exposure...

As you will see from the post below you only saw the back of our heads on Thursday's Pointless show  but on Friday's show they managed to snap my full frontal  :-)......fully clothed of course  :-) now I can say I've been on television.  For those that couldn't watch it, didn't want to watch it or those that wouldn't have known us if you saw us even if you bothered to watch it here's a still taken on the lap top using iPlayer [Please click on the pic to enlarge to see it clearer] :-)  :-)

Guess that's one I can mark off my bucket list.  :-)  It was a wonderful afternoon's entertainment.  The tickets were free....all you have to do is apply for them......and yes Richard really is that tall.

Friday 25 May 2012

Well? Did you see us?.....

Do you remember back in Feb my darling hubby and I went to see the show Pointless?  Well, when we were there we were told that hopefully it would be on the telly some time in April.  Since then we have had the programme on record and watched each one closely waiting for the big day.  We knew it was the 300th and 301st shows we had been in the audience for because we had been there for the celebrations.....we had a slice of the cake!!!

Those that watch the programme will know that it was the 300th show last night and wahooooo we were there in the telly  :-)  Did you see us?  Would you know if you had?  For those that missed the show last night don't forget 301 is on the telly tonight....BBC1 at 5.15

Don't get too excited though cos we are just nicely tucked away at the bottom left hand corner of your screen and you may only see the back of our heads!!.....I didn't realise just how grey my hair was at the back  :-)....guess I never normally see it from that angle. hehehe!!
I have managed to take a pic of us on the lap top for you  :-)....please click on pic to get a better look!!

I think I will draw a smiley face on the back of my hubby's bald head for the next time we go  :-) :-)

Photos to make you smile...

It's Friday so I've found a few pictures I'd like to share with you to make you smile today.

The latest few snaps of the gorgeous flowers in our garden.  The Clematis is called Josephine....wouldn't you just guess that?  :-)

Lexi is showing off the latest cardigan I knitted for her....she looks pretty pleased with it don't you think?

Sam has had his second hair cut....doesn't he look a real handsome young man?

And to finish off....If none of the above made you smile then this one just can't fail.  :-)  They are all decked up ready for a splash in their paddling pool out in the sunshine.  I know I'm rather biased but aren't they just gorgeous?

Hope we all get more sunshine over the weekend and can enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation too.
Annie x

Wednesday 23 May 2012


Hello all.  We have had a strange thing up in the sky here for a day or's big, yellow and very bright....if anyone has any idea what it is please send answers on a postcard  :-) :-)

Doesn't it make you feel better when it's warmer and not raining?  I'm sorry to say it wasn't like this on Saturday morning while we had our sale....It was very cold and very damp so we put chairs in the front of our garage so folk could enjoy their coffee in there  :-)  It was lovely to see a lot of old friends but alas many were missing due to becoming too old and frail and suffering ill health. Old age rarely comes alone I'm sorry to say.

I've had another busy week with lots of customers and for those wondering I am now up to 1170...I actually had 6 more new customers last week!  The business is really booming even though I put my prices up a little from the beginning of April this year...the first increase in 3 years!  I like to check with other businesses in the area before putting up my prices and for 5 jobs that I do regularly that I had been charging £55 for they were charging £103 in Shrewsbury.....I guess that's why I have lots of customers eh?

So? What is on my desk this week?

The simple answer is....... lots......... but not a lot I can share with you just yet  :-)

.....But I will say my little box of ATCs is filling....Jo and I had a creative Funday Monday making a few more for the 3rd Birthday celebrations next week.  I would love to, not only send one to my pay it forward WOYWWer, but am happy to, do a swap with any of the wonderful friends I have made during the last three years so please email me with your details if you fancy swapping with me. 

 I've finished two of the little dolls for the twins....and they love them  :-)

I'm still only able to knit for short spells before my hands ache but I've managed to finish Lexi's latest cardigan.   :-)
I do love Crofter baby wool.

That's all I can share with you today so please leave me a little 'hello' message before you pop over to Julia's to join in the WOYWW fun and I will do my best to pay you a return visit. Don't forget to email me with your address if you fancy swapping ATCs next week for our birthday celebrations [in addition to the pass it forward one of course].  I feel so very blessed to have made so many wonderful friends in the last 3 years so it would be really fab if some of you would like to swap with me.

Sunday 20 May 2012

They are off on their travels...

Please pop over to Louise's blog and read the exciting news.  I've spotted some more of the dresses we made going off on their travels.  Well done to Louise for all her hard work in organising it all....she deserves a medal.   Looking at all the sewing she has done too makes me think she has rather more hours in her day than me  :-)

Friday 18 May 2012

The buns are done and you're very welcome.....

It's that time of year again.  A lot of you will know that usually twice a year our front garden is used for a Church gardening club sale of plants and garden produce.  Our Dad was a founder member of this group so it is in his memory that we continue to hold this event here and for him that I make the effort and bake for the cake stall for them  :-)

This morning I have set to and made these  :-)  The ones on the right are blueberry buns [yum yum].  I know that he will be thrilled that we still make the effort and, now of course that big sister, Jo has moved from Yorkshire to be close to us she bakes and helps too so we shall be together tomorrow.  :-) The sale starts at 10 am and usually goes on til about 12 depending on the weather so if you're anywhere close and would like to drop in please feel welcome to join us for a coffee and pick yourself up some bargains for the garden too.

Friday's smile....

Yesterday I had another wonderful day with these two little people...

We giggled, played and even managed to go for a walk in the afternoon.  They napped morning and afternoon and allowed me to clear my sewing rail of all my 'to do' jobs ....all in all a perfect day  :-)

When my darling hubby came home he decided to mow the lawns while they were dry so I went out with the camera and snapped all the wonderful colour in our garden at the mo to share with you all ...

Please click on the picture to see it at it's best.  Isn't it stunning?  I'm sure there is something here to put a smile on every face.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Annie x

Wednesday 16 May 2012

WOYWW.....and a blue bell pic update

Happy Wednesday to you all.  Our 3rd birthday celebrations are creeping up on us.  Only 2 weeks to go now  :-)

I had never made an ATC before and as you know I love a challenge so when Julia suggested it for our birthday celebrations I was ready to give it a go. I eagerly made my first ATC ready for the swap but now I'm hooked and have now made pics of course as if any of my regular visitors would like to swap ATCs with me can you please email me your address to and I will happily do a swap with you [If I get more swap offers than I've already got made then I will happily make more :-) ].  This will of course be extra to the pass it forward recipient who will get one whether they want one or not  :-) :-) :-)

I've really enjoyed being creative in my spare time and it has helped me not being quite so creatively arthritis has flared up in my hands at the mo and it is stopping me knitting [something I love to do while watching the telly in the evenings] :-(

So? What have I been doing that I can actually share with you?

I've cut out 6 little dolls for the twins to have at home.  The two on the left are some of the ones I made years ago and they have become firm favourites with the munchkins when they come to play at Nanny Annie's.

Here is a snap of one of my latest posh frocks that I've been working on lately [sorry it's such a poor pic].  It has a beaded bodice and a very full layered and gathered skirt [and is a size 26!].  I've had to shorten it and take it in on the bodice to fit snug.....yes, quite a challenge!

The patterned turquoise you can see hanging behind the black dress is gorgeous silk fabric that I'm making me a new top with....I'm adapting the neckline from the pattern so will have to pick it up to finish it when I have a little more time to fiddle with it but I'm really loving working with such fab material.

My 'to do' rail is full and I have already had three more new customers again this week so I have a busy day ahead of me for today....there is never quite enough hours in the day is there?  Thank you for calling in to read my WOYWW post.  Please leave me a little 'hello' message before you  pop off the link up at Julia's and I will do my best to do a return visit during my coffee breaks  :-)

Don't forget to email me if you fancy swapping ATCs in 2 weeks for our birthday celebrations.  I feel so very blessed to mave made so many wonderful friends in the last 3 years so it would be really fab if some of you would like to swap with you can see I have lots here in this little box waiting to find new homes :-)     Hehehe  I'm such a tease?

I've just nipped out and snapped you this pic of my bluebells in the sunshine that I'm sat looking at while I sew.....enjoy  :-)

Friday 11 May 2012

The twins have a new ferrari....

Every Friday I try to find a snap or two to make you smile.  I have so much here to make me smile and know their blogging Aunties like to share them so here's today's pics.

I have a feeling Sam needs to turn round if he plans on going anywhere in his sports car.  :-)

"Will these do as crash helmets Nanny?"

Hope you've enjoyed my snaps today and they have made you smile too.  Have a great weekend and hope the sun shines for you.
Annie x

Wednesday 9 May 2012


The weeks seem to pass so quickly and life always seem so very full of fun here at Sewing by Annie's.  
This week I have...
  • Sewn....lots of customers at end of last week.
  • Knitted...lots of different projects on the go at the mo.
  • Played with Amy's gorgeous 3 Saturday afternoon when Amy brought them for a catch up.
  • Babysat for Amy's 3 all day Sunday while they went to a friend's wedding
  • Babysat the twinnies all day yesterday while Shell worked.
  • Cooked....well, we do have to eat sometimes  :-)
  • Shopped.....first time I've done supermarket alone for ages  [Normally my darling hubby comes with me to help].....why do they make the shelves so high?
  • Taxied hubby and son to a coach on Saturday so they could go to Wimbledon to watch Shrewsbury Town play the last game this season....they lost 3-1 but it didn't matter as they are going up to First Division anyway.  :-)
  • Oh yes I have slept an hour or two too  :-)
Here are just a few snaps to show you what I've been creating this week.

I've made a new 'V' cushion cover for the munchkins to use.

I've knitted the two fronts and am half way up on the two sleeves of the latest cardigan for Lexi.
Fab wool don't you think?....yes, it's been a 'work from 2 balls of wool' sort of project to get the pattern right.  :-)

 I've knitted nearly all the front of the next 'Fish and Chip' jumper.....please follow the link if you'd like to know more.
We can't use pastel colours [cos they are rarely washed] so I've done this one is some bright jazzy wool.  :-)

I've bought some lovely wool to knit two matching hoodies for the twins for next winter....I have to be prepared  [ I used to be a brownie you know  :-) ]

And this is what happens when you're all played out  when having a day at Nanny Annie's   [Lexi is still going strong]  :-)  :-)  :-)

I know just how Sam feels too  :-)

It's that time of year again so I just had to share a quick pic of our stunning crab apple blossom.  Isn't it amazing?

I hope you have enjoyed your visit here this week.  Thanks for calling by.  Before you pop over to Julia's to join in the WOYWW fun please leave me a little 'hello' comment and I will do my best to pay you a visit in between my sewing jobs,cooking, knitting, playing and nap taking.  :-)
Annie x

Friday 4 May 2012

Hand painting......

It never fails to intrigue me just how different our twin Grandbabies are.  Is it anything to do with one being a girl and the other a boy?  They explore their world in very different ways.  Lexi carefully picks things up, turns them over and is very dexterous with all her toys.  She is intrigued with all little things like your buttons or your necklace.  Sam tends to bash and bang his toys to see if they will make a noise or move.

A hand painting session with their mum was no different.

Lexi was happy to squidge it through her fingers and make patterns with it.

Sam was happiest when he could make it splash by banging his hands down into it.

And of course one of them just had to taste it!  Oops.
Lexi looks pretty proud of herself too don't you think?

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

I hope my pics have made you smile today and you all have a great weekend.
Annie x

Wednesday 2 May 2012


Pitter patter pitter patter pitter patter....and this time it's not the feet of little ones ....It's the rain on the window!!!  When will it ever stop?  I knew the garden was crying out for the rain but even that is now needing a rest.....I have a feeling the seeds we planted will be coming up further down stream.  :-)

So? what have I been up to this week I hear you ask?

I bought one of these...Isn't it funny that this cold, wet weather makes you think of nice warming casseroles instead of salads?....and what came out of it was simply wonderful.

I bought a bag of this....who could resist that face eh? The resulting bread was really yummy too  :-)

This wool arrived through the post...Donated for the fish and chip babies from my wonderful craft supplier Cari Crafts......many thanks to them for supporting the great cause.

And so far I've done this with it  :-)

If you would like to get involved with knitting for this great cause then please follow this link and have a go.  If you can't knit then please just give it a heads up on your blog to encourage others that can.

Saturday I had a call for a puppet to be used for a teaching job interview on Monday for our son's girlfriend Gina.  Jo and I were having fun time together while the men went to see Shrewsbury play footy......AND they won and are now going up to Division one  Wahooooooooooo.

Back to the puppet!  I had a Mrs Oakley the farmer's wife puppet in stock so we set to to transform her into the Queen.  Off came the mop cap she was wearing and I made her a crown with grey hair attached while Jo made her sparkly cape.  What a fun hour we had.

Alas, although her interview went really well, the job was given to a much more experienced teacher.  It was brilliant experience though and she will now go to her next interview with more confidence....and that one is this morning!!!!  Please wish her luck.

If any of you saw my post yesterday you will see that Louise over at Sew Scrumptious  is asking for 50 pairs of shorts for little boys to go out with the next parcel of little girl's dresses that are going out to Uganda so please....if you can sew would you follow the link and run her up a quick pair. If you are able to join in and make her a pair [or two] then please follow this link to see how....they are simply made but I'm sure they will do the job nicely.  If you scroll down you will see the pic of the 5 pairs I made yesterday  :-)

Thanks for calling by today.  Please leave me a little hello comment before rushing off to join in the WOYWW fun over at Julia's blog.