Friday 28 March 2014

This week's smiles....week 62

Well folks it's def been another of those weeks here for me but as always I aim to focus on the things that have made me smile.  Thank you to all who joined in the fun last week.  It really does help to share the happy posts of others when you're not having the best of weeks.  I am featuring the two blogs that got me chuckling....

There is nothing we can do about the things that have gone wrong for us with our house move...we have worked very hard to get the house sale through but at every turn someone else seems to throw problems in our way.  Our buyers have failed to get their mortgage and the lady at the bungalow we are buying is, as you can expect, not a happy lady.  If she puts the bungalow back on the market then it will cost us all the solicitor fees because we were already at the completion stage and all the work has been done.  We just have to pray something goes right for once!  Keeping everything crossed here.

So what have I found to make you smile this week?  Our daughter Shell and her hubby are packing their house into boxes because they are moving next thursday [yes I'm really thrilled to say someone can move house without too much heart ache lol].  As you can imagine the twins are really excited about it all and have had lots of fun with the boxes...

As most of you will know I've been laid up with a miserable chest infection....I think the antibiotics are doing their job...wahooooo.  I have been unable to look after my little twinnie munchkins so they have had play days with other family members.  Aunty Amy had them on Wednesday and as you can see it's fun having 3 little 2year olds playing together....

The 3 little cousins get on so well together.  Steve's big sisters were at school and pre school for the day so it was just treble trouble for Amy.  :-)

And the last pic that really made me smile this week is this one of Lexi....apparantly this is how mummy holds her phone!!  :-)

I really hope you have enjoyed my smiles for this week and will snap your own pics to share with us by linking them below.  Thanks for calling by and for all your lovely comments.
Annie x

Wednesday 26 March 2014


Hi friends.  It's a quick post from me today from off my sick bed.....yes I'm not a lot better and Monday saw me paying the Dr a visit for some antibiotics for my chest infection.  :-)  I am feeling pretty shaky still and as I've not slept properly for a week and a half because of my cough I'm feeling pretty washed out.  I've not been able to have my little twinnie munchkins to look after so am really missing normal life....if there ever is such a thing here at Sewing by Annie's!!!

So what do I have to show you today?

I've now sewn together into 2x2 blocks most of the stress busting, house moving knitted squares I've made so far and Jo and I decided they would look best with a crocheted border in the same colour to tie them all together so I've made a start.

On the left you can see the stack of blocks I still have to crochet round and on the right are 3 more piles of squares now ready to be sewn into blocks.

These are 3 odd knitted squares that I have to knit extra squares to make blocks out of but search as I might I can't find odd balls of wool to go with them as yet....I just might have to buy some more wool!!   ;-)

Well folks, I'm sorry there is not much to show you today but I have had to find crafting I have been able to do on my knee whilst resting and hopefully getting's taking it's time!!!

House moving update for all my blogging friends.....
Yesterday saw 17 weeks from the day we accepted the offer on our house....It's been a looooooong wait.  We were told yesterday that all the contracts have now been signed and we are all ready to name a moving date....that is apart from our buyers who at this late date have now told us they are unable to get their mortgage! As they say if it can go wrong it has gone this space.

Thanks for popping in.  If you leave me a little hello comment to say you've called in I will do my best to pay you a return visit later.

Annie x

Friday 21 March 2014

This week's smiles.......week 61

Wow....what a fabulous amount of you joined in the fun last week.  Thank you so much girls....and boy did I need smiles.  My little family have been poorly as you know and yours truly caught the bug....I'm still suffering hence my rather late posting [sorry girls].  It's going to have to be a quick post between coughing sessions.

I am featuring Elizabeth's post from last week...don't you just love that tutu.  I can just imagine the yardage of fabric to make one for me but wouldn't it be fun  :-)

My smiles this week just have to be this gorgeous colourful pic of my 5 little grandchildren on Shell and Brent's new settee.....

These little munchkins give me so much to smile about and don't you just love that settee?  They have a new jade 2 seater one to match it too and matching patchwork cushions.  It will all look just perfect in their new home....they move on 3rd April all being well  :-)

The other thing I will share with all those that are patiently waiting for news on our house move is that we have now signed all the relevant documents and will be hoping for a moving date very soon.......smiles all round :-) :-) :-)

Thank you for calling by this week....please share your smiles by linking below.

Wednesday 19 March 2014


Here you are folks...please put a face mask on before venturing and further.  Alas I have caught some of the unfriendly bugs that my family have had lately and have a b****** annoying cough, dry sore throat and the occasional high temp to go with it. Personally I put a lot of it down to the high pollen count from all the tree pollens about at the mo and all the dust that has been stirred up here while packing boxes but I've had enough of it now and would like to be feeling rather better.

I have had a lot of forced sitting down rest and get well time so have been busy knitting, sewing together my squares, making ATCs for the swap etc etc so that's what I'm sharing with you today...

I've sorted out the 111 squares that I've knitted so far and have sewn them together into 2x2 blocks each with 3 squares the same and one toning square.

There are 25 completed squares which together would make a rather good sized blanket but I'm still undecided whether to make one big one or two smaller ones....what do you think?

There are 11 odd squares that I've been matching up with others so will be knitting yet a while to use them all up  :-)

This is the mess I made on my sewing room floor whilst making over 40 ATCs ready for the 5th birthday celebration swap....I felt the need to get them all made ready because we are hoping for more news on the house move later today and wasn't too sure what time I would have to get them made.  Knowing my luck I will lose them in the move hehehe.

Here is just a little tease of what my ATCs for this year look like  :-)  Do you recognise the colours?

I would love you to swap with me again this year so hopefully nearer the time you will email me with your details so I can send you one.

Thanks for dropping by. Hope you made use of the masks and don't take away more than you came with.  I promise to wear one when I pay you a visit later.
Annie x

Friday 14 March 2014

This week's smiles....week 60

Hello all...are you still smiling?  My motto is 'why not smile?'  Even when all around you looks pretty bleak a smile will still make you feel better so give it a go.....and you know smiles are contagious so not only will you feel better but it will improve someone else's day too.  :-)

Thanks to all of you who joined in the fun last week....I really enjoyed so many giggles and smiles by sharing your posts.
Thanks girls for sharing them all with us....I'd really like to feature all that joined in but those were my favourites for this week.

I've had a week of poorly family members this week.  Shell has had tonsillitis and was really rough so I've had the twins to give her a chance to rest and recover as the Dr decided it was a virus and wouldn't give her antibiotics.  Pool little Lexi is rough with as she calls it a 'snotty nose nanny!' and now has swollen glands and a cough so is also feeling pretty miserable.

Even through all this we have still had lots to smile about...

I keep a look out in our local charity shops for new jigsaws and this week I managed to pick up a 100 piece one for aged 6+ with nursery rhymes characters all over it.  Needless to say the twins can already do it and can also recite most of the nursery rhymes on it  :-)

They really love their jigsaws and it's so special to see them working together to complete them.  The conversations are just priceless between them while they are doing them too.

So many happy moments shared.  :-)

The other pic I'm sharing is one of my gorgeous tulips.  I just love spring flowers don't you? 
 I now have daffodils and tulips in a vase too given to me by my little munchkins and their mummy for helping out this week....more to smile about eh?

Thanks for dropping in this week to share my happy post.  Please snap something that has made you smile this week and share yours by linking below.

Annie x

Wednesday 12 March 2014


Another busy week here at Sewing by Annie's....just a shame that doesn't mean I've had lots of customers....I think they all think we have moved!!!

I have had busy days with my little twinnie munchkins but not because their mummy was at work....she's poorly.  :-(  She has a viral throat infection and has been really rough so I'm really hoping she gets well very soon.

So? what have I got to show you today?

My finished pin boards for the twins bedrooms in their new house when they get there. :-)

They are really excited about them.  :-)

My house moving, stress busting knitted over 100 so I'm trying to work out if I can make a pattern with them.  :-)

My guilty pleasure for this week    :-)

I bought these gorgeous fat quarters from My Fabric House.....I had a 10% off offer so of course I just had to buy them didn't I?

I love the colours....they have lots of great fabrics over there so it's well worth clicking on the link and checking them out.

Well folks that's it from me for today.  Hope you like my show and tell for this week.  If you leave me a little hello comment to let me know you've called by I will pay you a return visit when I get a minute.
Annie x

Friday 7 March 2014

This week's smiles...week 59

What a wonderful bunch you all are.  We had so many fab happy posts again last week and I would like to thank all that took time out of their busy lives to join in making the world a happier place by sharing their smiles.  I am featuring two blogs this week....

The first is Laura's gorgeous photo of her daffodil ...what a gorgeous bright yellow it is and it just has to mean that spring is on it's way......wahoooooooo.  Thanks for sharing that gorgeous photo Laura.

The other blog I'm sharing is my big sister Jo's.  If you haven't seen the gorgeous card she made for my hubby's birthday it's well worth popping over to have a look at.  She is so clever....he loved it and so did everyone who saw it  :-)

This week has been full of smiles for me.  My darling hubby had a BIG birthday on Monday so since last Friday's smiley post there has been lots of celebrations including a surprise party with about 30 of our dearest friends and family on Sunday. What made it so very special was the fact our three 'children' had plotted, planned and worked together to organise it all without either of us knowing a thing about it.  :-)  I really didn't know we had brought them up to be so devious :-)

Here are a few pics to share with you...

I have a feeling 5 little people just love their Granddad.  The gorgeous banner was made by our son-in-law Dave and had loads of photos showing the many stages in life of the birthday boy :-)

....and yes that really is a builder's bum birthday caused so many giggles.

The other thing I want to share with you is this poster that I found on Pinterest....

Having now knitted over 90 house moving, stress busting, quilt squares you can well imagine just how many lives have been saved!!!....mostly estate agents and solicitors  :-) :-)

There you go. I've shared some of the many smiles from my week.  Why not share some of yours by linking them below?  Pleeeeeeaaaasssseeeee  :-)

Annie x

Wednesday 5 March 2014


Another week has passed and wow it's been a great one here.....My darling hubby celebrated his 60th birthday on Monday.  Our wonderful family planned and organised a surprise party for their dad on Sunday without even me knowing anything about it!!!  There was about 30 of our closest family and friends there and it was really really special.....a few pics will follow on Friday cos there certainly was lots there to smile about  :-)

So? Being as you are all here today to see my desk I'd best show you what's on there...

My table seems covered with my house moving, stress busting, knitted up to 85 completed  :-)  I have a feeling by the time we get into this new home of ours I will have enough for blankets for every bed there  :-)

Shell has asked me to make pin boards for the twin's new bedrooms and here is the fabric they want them making with....
Lexi wants an owl theme and Sam wants robots on his.

Hopefully some time this week I will get these made so you might get to see them finished on next week's post.

And lastly here is a pic of the candle lit meal for two that we shared Monday night to celebrate the BIG birthday.  He had been given several restaurant vouchers from a collection they had for him where he works and thankfully he chose to take me with him  :-)'s to many many more happy birthdays to celebrate you lots xxxx

Thanks for calling by today.  If you leave me a little hello comment I will call in on you later to see what you've been up to this week.
Annie x