Wednesday 29 September 2021


I was MIA again last Wednesday...we were off on another adventure in our motor home and had no internet so I was unable to join in the Wednesday fun....I did put a few pics on my Friday post if you'd like to know where I was. 

I'm back in full on sewing mode this week.  My desks are full to overflowing with a gentleman's shirts that I am cutting up and making into 8 Memory cushion covers.  I started Monday morning by patching and darning a pair of trousers for my son and then had a customer needing 2 pair of trousers shortening so I did those before I made a start with the cushion covers.

I have cut the backs off the shirts to use for the patchworked fronts of the cushion covers and sorted them into colour ways.

I've cut out the 8 backs of the cushion covers using the button fronts of the shirts as the fastenings.

I've now made the first 3 cushion covers using the items that my customer requested so will be working on the other 5 today.

As most of you will know I make a Christmas tree decoration for each of my Grandchildren [plus a few extras] every year and this year I've made pigs in blankets.  I've really loved making them while I was rather more quiet workwise and just know they will cause a chuckle or two.

If anyone wants to make a few I have a pattern printed out ready.

The last thing I'm sharing with you this week is this lovely collage of Amy's three.  Both Phoebe and Lulu have sewing lessons at school so Amy asked me to see if there were any good basic sewing machines suitable for the children.
I've been looking for quite a while and this week I found them a real bargain...the lady that owned this lovely little Singer machine had bought it on a whim and had only used it twice before packing it back in it's box so it was just like new.
All three of the children had a lesson on it here on Sunday afternoon and could manage it prefectly.
As you can see the girls then delved into my scrap fabric box and have already made their dolls some new bedding.....unaided :-)

As you can probably tell I'm buzzing here this week.  I love to be kept busy with my sewing and had such a thrill to see just how much the next generation took to their new sewing machine.  I hope you've all had a great week too.  I will do my best to pop round as many of you that I can although on Friday I did have trouble leaving comments on some of the blogs ...I did visit and read them all.
Annie x

Friday 24 September 2021

This week's smiles....week 440

 It's been another week of fun and adventures for us this week.  I was MIA again on Wednesday because we were on a beautiful campsite called New Lodge Farm at Bulwick in Northamptonshire....

It was an adults only site so was really quiet and the facilities were spotless. We had gorgeous skies and they were often filled with Red Kites flying and I have never seen so many pied wagtails.

We went to Rutland Water, with beautiful views over the reservoir and many water birds and enjoyed lovely walks with Milly.

Before we left home we went to Shrewsbury Theatre on the Saturday to watch Lexi in you can see Mark, Gina and Theo came with us and I had lots of snuggles while we were there.

Lexi is the smallest in the teenage group of actors [she's only just 10!] and was really brilliant at playing her parts.....lots of very proud Nanny Annie moments.

When Stephen isn't playing football he's often found reading....he really loves his books.

I love this photo of him :-)

On return home from out camping adventure these beautiful tomatoes greeted us in our little greenhouse....they have been late ripening this year but wow have they been worth the wait....they are so tasty.

Finally, for those that enjoy my flowers, I have snapped these pics.  If you look closely you will see that the bees also enjoy them.  The one sunflower plant that grew from a seed that dropped from the bird feeders now has 12 blooms on it....I call that value for our money :-)

That's all from me for this week.  Work is still pretty quiet but I have started my Christmas makes while I'm quiet so if you'd like to see what I'm making then please call back on Wednesday.


Annie x

Friday 17 September 2021

This week's smiles....week 439

Well one things for sure is that I never get two weeks the same here at Sewing by Annie's.  Last week my feet didn't touch the ground with all the work that came in and this week I've had no sewing to do at all.....think my customers are all away on holiday.

We did make the best of the lull and we went on a days adventure to Aberdovey on Tuesday....but sadly I took no photos.  The sun was shining and it was a really lovely day.

I've enjoyed time in the garden and have sat renewing my love of crochet with my new crochet hooks...I put a photo of them on my post on Wednesday and what a difference they make.

I have a couple of photos to share with you and, as you can see, I have used one of them as my new header pic....aren't they gorgeous?

The garden keeps on giving.  The fuchsias are huge now and covered in beautiful little balerinas.  The sunflower plant is a self set seed that has grown from the bird feeders....I guess that's one way to grow more food for the birds and we can enjoy the flowers on the way.

This orchid was a tiny plant when I was first given it and when I last planted up some of my orchids it was put in a bigger pot and has gone from strength to strength since has sprouted several new small plants that I have potted up and the one I gave Jo has already flowered.....It just keeps us smiling.

That's all I have to share with you for this week so please leave me a little comment to let me know you've called by and then link to your own smiles at the bottom.


Annie x

Wednesday 15 September 2021


Oh! what a week last week was and what a difference this one has been in contrast. As promised here's a photo of my completed 13 Memory bears..


Every one is different but they each have a panel in red tartan because the lady they are to remember was Scottish...I really loved making them and my customer was thrilled with them all.

I didn't make them alone though....

My darling hubby stepped up to help and sat stuffing their tummies....he was sacked when it came to stuffing arms and legs because quality control could see he was struggling to do it to standard [I'm a perfectionist when it comes to my bears].

We had a really lovely day working together and many giggles were shared between's what life should be filled with.

My bear making didn't end there though because, before I'd finished, I was brought a nurse's uniform to make a Memory bear out of....she had just qualified as a nurse and wanted to remember the years of hard work she had put in to get there.....I remember all too well how much effort goes into qualifying as a nurse and of course they have also had to cope with Covid over the last 18 months as well.

For those who like to know, my Memory bear count is now up to will be 500 before I know it :-) :-)

I've treated myself to some new tools this week.  Having seen all the lovely crochet Kate does over there in Spain I really longed to do some but my aging hands struggle with my old crochet hooks.  I found this set on the internet and ordered it Saturday night...I'm pleased to say it arrived on Sunday morning and the hooks are so much easier to use for me....The pattern on the right is what I'm playing with and I'm really enjoying renewing my love of crochetting.....I used to crochet for a shop in Shrewsbury many years ago :-)

The last thing I'm sharing with you today is a little canvas Lulu painted for me to go on my sewing room wall of memories this week....I love how she has blended the paint colours [choosing my favourite colours] and that she has masked out the A and added a little teddy for me.

That's all from me for this week.  I've had no sewing so far this week so hope to be able to visit rather more of you this week.
Annie x

Friday 10 September 2021

This week's smiles...week 438

 It's been a crazily busy week for me with sewing so this is just a quick post from me.  I've really had lots to smile about though.

It was 'little' Theo's 5th birthday this week and at the weekend he had a wonderful party with all his family and friends ....

It was one of those rare oportunities when all our 6 Grandchildren were together so of course I have a photo to share with you....they are all growing up so very them all to bits.

Last Friday it was Lulu's first day at secondary school and I'm thrilled to say she has taken to it like a duck to water.

All three children started back to schools on different days because of Covid and on Tuesday Phoebe eventually joined her sister at their secondary school.  Her first year at her secondary school, last year, was distrupted because of all the Covid rules so it's really lovely to see her moving around the classrooms for her lessons like they normally do and she was excited to tell me all about it when we babysat them last night.

That's all from me for this week.  Please share your smiles too by linking them at the bottom.


Annie x

Wednesday 8 September 2021


 Welcome to the bear factory :-)  It's been a busy couple of days for me and it's not finished yet lol

Last thing on Friday I was brought this....

...a huge bag full of clothes that had belonged to a much loved Wife, Mother and Grandma.  My instructions were...
  • to make 13 different Memory bears for the family members.
  • For 8 boys and 5 girls.
  • Some special items of clothing were chosen for some of the bears
  • She was a Scottish lady hense I felt it important that each bear had a panel of the tartan on.

13 bears means 52 panels needed cutting out.  13 front left, 13 front right, 13 back left and 13 back right. Some of the items of clothing were not suitable to be used. Some fabrics required stabilising with interfacing.
Don't forget every bear had to be different from the next too!!

Here you can see that, after a busy day on Monday, I had cut out all the panels and partenered them up ready to sew. 

Yesterday [my day off!!] I sewed all 13 bears together and these are ready for stuffing and making up this is what my desk looks like this morning.

It's been a busy week so far.....I have also shortened the sleeves on a wedding suit jacket and shortened a pair of trousers first thing Monday morning and today I have to start my day off by steaming a bridesmaid's dress and there is another Memory bear coming this afternoon too.....Oh Happy days.

We also fitted in a very busy weekend with a birthday party for a certain 'little' Theo who is now 5 and has settled in well to his new school...where has that time gone?

So folks I promise I will do my best to return your visit as soon as I am able but please be patient with me this week.
Annie x

Friday 3 September 2021

This week's smiles....week 437

The weeks are flying by and we are already in September....what happened to August?

I've had another busy week here at Sewing by Annie's and I've had lots to smile about....

 A fun time was had by the twins and Theo with their parents this last week as they finished off their school holidays at The Wave near Bristol.

It was just a couple of nights away but they all seemed to enjoy their surfing.

I think Milly has decided Christmas is getting closer because she has dug her Christmas reindeer out of the bottom of her toy box....she does make us laugh.

The twins started back to school yesterday.  They are now in year 5 and look so grown doesn't seem 5 mins since they were born!!

Stephen started back to school yesterday. He is also starting year 5 and is now the only one of Amy's three at the junior school as today Lulu joins her big sister Phoebe at the secondary school.

It was a big day for 'little' Theo yesterday as it was his first day at school....doesn't he look so cute in his uniform?  I'm sure he will settle in well because he is more than ready for school.

Finally, for those that enjoy an update of the colour in our garden, here's the latest collage.  As you can see there is still lots of beautiful flowers making us smile.

Please leave me a little message to let me know you've called in and then, if you can, please link up to your own smiles below.


Annie x

Wednesday 1 September 2021


 Hello all. I was MIA again last week and if you check out my Friday post you will see why.  I was determined to not miss a moment so make no apologies that I didn't have time for blogging....I just know you will all understand.....Theo starts school tomorrow so time was simply running out.

Since coming back from Wales I have been run off my feet catching up with work.....

I've a rail still heaving and some of it has already been collected. In two days I...
  • Did fittings and all the sewing needed on two bridesmaids dresses including 5 hems, taking in a bodice and taking one up on the shoulders.
  • Shortened a lined dress
  • Shortened a holiday dress and took it up on the shoulders
  • Shortened another holiday dress and reduced the length of the straps
  • Shortened the straps on a jumpsuit and
  • Shortened a pair of gents suit trousers.
Quite an achievement in 2 days eh?

I've even managed a little time for playing with my paints :-)

I would like to share these paintings with you that our 11year old granddaughter Lulu has been doing.  She is a rather talented young artist and I love to encourage youth with their crafts.  She has a set of painting pens like mine but her mummy has just set her up with some acrylic paints and she has been painting these pics on canvasses...I think they are rather gorgeous too.

Sam and Lexi have been in isolation whilst Sam got over his Covid.  He had signs of a cold and was rather washed out with it but he has now recovered and it was really lovely to see them both enjoying fun in their garden pool.

Whilst at home they both did a bit of wood carving and painted them all up too...Rather good too I think.

I'm sorry my desk was rather boring this week so I hope you have enjoyed seeing a little of the talented grandchildren's crafting's such a lovely way of them choosing to spent their time.

I have another busy week planned...I had a customer contact me asking me if I can make her 14 Memory bears in memory of a much loved Grandmother who has just died and all being well the clothing should arrive tomorrow....oh happy days.


Annie x