Friday 26 February 2016

This week's smiles....week 159

Hello folk.....Happy Friday to one and all.  We had lots of wonderful blogs linking in last week.  Thank you so much for all who joined in.  The blog I'm sharing is one I asked to link up because it really made me smile....Di doesn't normally join in but I really loved the pic she posted of her little Granddaughter with the huge bag she has ready for starting school.....the bag is nearly as big as she is and I really hope she doesn't have to carry it full of books.  Thanks for linking up Di....please come back again if you have any more smiles to share.

I've had a really busy week with Munchkin school duties and sewing in between to keep up with demand for all I've been making.....if you want to know more then please pop over to my Facebook page and become one of my new followers. 

My smiley pic for this week is one my hubby sent me when he went to watch his local footy team, Shrewsbury Town playing against Man United in the cup last Monday night.  Before he left he said there may well be several famous people there so I had said to send me a pic of any he saw.  Before the footy kicked off he sent me a text that said......

'Someone famous and the bloke off Eggheads'

For those that don't know the someone famous is my darling hubby and the bloke off Eggheads is Tremendous Knowledge Dave.  :-)  As you can tell I'm married to a man with a good sense of humour.....but of course he would have to have one to have survived nearly 34 years of being married to me.  :-)

Thanks for dropping in.  Before you go I hope you will leave me a message to say hello and then link up to what's been making you smile this week.
Annie x

Wednesday 24 February 2016


It's a quick post from me for today cos the demand for little Easter bunny bags has been much better than imagined.  Last week I made 9 to see if there was any interest and in the first afternoon I sold 11!!!  I therefore had to get cracking to keep up with demand and the bunnies have been multiplying ever since :-)

 I've made them by the batch....some more pink ones...

....then some yellow, green and peach coloured ones.

I even strung some up across my sewing room cupboards at one stage and made some bunny bunting with them....but the suggestions for what I could call them from that big sister of mine got a little cheeky so I snipped them up and filled a basket of completed bunnies ready for the up and coming craft fair.

That's my lot for today.  Please leave me a little hello message and I will pop over to see what you've been up to as soon as I am able.
have a great week.
Annie x

Friday 19 February 2016

This week's smiles....week 158

Hello all on another catch up of the week's smiles.  Many thanks to all who joined in the fun again last week....I do love a good chuckle to start my day and you have all helped with that lately.

My featured blog from last week just had to be Sam's....not only did she post the pics of herself posing wearing her newly made pyjamas [and that really made me smile....fab material] but it really was good to see her looking so well after the rough time she had been having after her road traffic accident....keep up the good work Sam....and please stay out of trouble for now at least :-)

My smiles for this week revolve round my grandchildren....when do they ever not?  :-)  It's been half term holiday round here and it's so good to see their mummies doing such a fab job of entertaining them :-)

My family are a constant blessing for me and I have so many reasons to smile so really hope they have made you smile too today.  Please share your smiles by linking them below and let's all try to make the world a happier place to be.  Thanks to you all.
Annie x

Wednesday 17 February 2016


Hello to you all on this cold frosty morning here in Shrewsbury. Brrrrrrr yes I'm glad to be inside warm and cosy today.  I'm guessing you have come from Julia's to see what I've got on my desks today so here you go......

Here I am making a batch of new tooth fairy pillows cos they were such a success and have flown off my shelves since I made the last batch.
Yes I have been working with my two machines that close....cos I had one set up with white thread and the other with black and zigzag to save me constantly changing the thread :-)

Here's the state they are at this morning as I type this post.....I have run out of stuffing and am waiting for a delivery so I can get them completed...I have a table booked at a fund raiser for the twins playschool on the 12th March so they are destined for there if they don't sell before. :-)

And for those that don't follow me on Facebook I thought you might like to see my latest range.....My Bleeper keepers :-)

If you'd like to know more then please check them out by following my link....


That's all from me for today....I will be head down sewing today but if you leave me a little hello message I will call by at yours when I can to see what you're up to this week.
Biggest hugs,
Annie x

Friday 12 February 2016

This week's smiles.....week 157

Well, here we are at yet another Friday....where does the time go?  This is the time of the week that I like to look back to see what has made me smile over the last week and, as always, there has been many reasons to smile for me.

First I would like to say a big thank you to all who joined in last week...there seemed to be many chuckles around and my featured post was Elizabeth's share of the Simon's cat video....these always make me chuckle so thank you Elizabeth for sharing this one with us.

I thought you'd like a couple of snaps of what I've been helping the twins to do this week....I love to see them crafting and they seem to really enjoy making things now.....

Just look at the concentration while Lexi puts all her tiny pieces on her mosaic to make her little dog....she used a pair of plastic tweezers to put most of them in place and amazed us all at her dexterity....not bad for a 4 year old eh?

Sam is left handed and struggled to make his car using the tweezers but he put every tiny little piece in with his fingers.  :-)

For those that don't know what they are....once all the pieces are in place they are then covered with baking parchment and ironed with a hot iron to melt the plastic beads together to make a mat.

I thought this pic might also make you smile.  Shell asked me to adapt her elf ready for next Christmas. and as you can see he now has a girlfriend. I inserted pipe cleaners into their arms and legs to make them more poseable and inserted strong magnets into their hands so they can hold on to anything metal and hold hands.  I sent this pic to Shell with the caption.....'Don't worry I will save you....I wont let Annie operate'  :-)

I hope I've made you smile today and you will now link to your own smiles below.....Please cos it really does make the world a happier place for us all.
Annie x

Wednesday 10 February 2016


Hello to all my Wednesday visitors.  It's been another busy week here....and have had more sales from the Facebook shop too so things are looking up.  On my desk today is what I spent yesterday making.....

When you have Grandchildren of a certain age there is a demand for tooth fairy pillows so I set to and made these to go in my shop but, as Steve pointed out, the boys wont want ones with fairies on and he came up with a few more ideas so I then made these ones :-)

He, of course, thought these were much better.....I'm happy to please :-)

I hope you like them.  I had lots of fun making them.  Please leave me a little comment so I know you've called in and I will pop over to yours to see what you've been doing this week.
Annie x

Friday 5 February 2016

This week's smiles....week 156

Hello to all my Friday visitors.  Here we are at the end of another week that's been full of smiles as always.  Sometimes we all have weeks that we have to looks a little harder to find the smiles but trust me when I say they are there....lots of little moments that make us smile and make life worth living.  If we share our moments then the whole world benefits so keep up the good work please.

I am featuring Lynn's post from last week cos I just love the photos she shared of her gorgeous little fur baby.....isn't he just adorable?  Thanks for sharing Lynn.

I have a couple of pics to share with you this week....

This photo arrived with this message from Shell this week...

One very excited little boy when I got home! He had a big parcel in the post. Sam has won a drawing competition in his favourite magazine!!! Bless him! 

One very proud Nanny Annie here.....of course :-) 

This is a pic of our first daffodil that's come into bloom this week....and this certainly made me smile cos it means Spring is getting closer.
I'm sure is we get a cold spell it will slow the blooms down but for now I'm enjoying the hints that Spring is just around the corner.  :-)

I hope you have enjoyed my smiles for this week and will link to something that made you smile.....thanks in anticipation.
Annie x

Wednesday 3 February 2016


It's been a busy week here at Sewing by Annie's.  The new Facebook site is going from strength to strength and customers are really starting to find their way to my door.  I've even sold some of my tiny felt bears and puppets so all in all it's been a good week.  

This is what my desk looks like today...

In between my other sewing work I'm working on Miss Picklelily's very special purple lindy hop dress.  If you've not heard of Miss Picklelily then I will say that she's an amazing children's entertainer and magician and if you live locally I would highly recommend her for any child's party entertainment.  She has been asked to enter in a competition in Blackpool in February and I really do wish her the very best of luck.

That's all from me for's short and sweet cos we have a painter here this week so I'm avoiding wet paint and doing my best to sew too  :-)

Annie x