Friday 31 August 2018

This week's smiles....week 287

Another week, same place with yet more smiles.  I'm here to share my smiles for this week with you.  It's my way of spreading a little happiness so why not join in the fun by linking up to your smiles at the bottom of the page.

Here's one very happy little girl with the new tree house that her clever mummy made for her.  She also has new peg doll characters that her mummy has also painted and she has delighted in send me pics of all the adventures they have been enjoying this week.....two of the characters are Nanny and Grandad :-)

I've had several gorgeous photos this week from these three and their mummy and daddy enjoying a last minute holiday in sunny France before they go back to school next week.  They really are a credit to their mummy and daddy and many folk have commented on what lovely well behaved and well mannered children they are....that makes my heart sing.

Lastly I'm sharing this pic I saw on Facebook this week because as I have an October birthday its rather appropriate.....I'm thinking of buying 6 of them  :-)

Those are my smiles for this week.  Please leave me a little comment so I know you've called in and if you can then please link to your own smiles for the week below.
Annie x

Wednesday 29 August 2018


Here we are again at our Wednesday catch up with our creative friends around the world.....if you want to find out more then just drop over to Julia's at The Stamping Ground and why not join in the fun? is addictive :-)

On my desk today is...

I'm making a lap quilt for my cousin who is now in a care home.  I thought it would be my way of giving her a hug on a daily basis and wrapping her in a little of Annie's love.  I just love these fabrics....I think you may have happy memories of them too Ellie.
I've got as far as cutting out the squares but have been unable to make any more progress because of this....

I've had a steady flow of time consuming jobs to do ...
  • A Bridesmaid's dress to alter
  • An evening dress to shorten and re bead....15 rows with either 8 large beads or 18 small beads in each row!
  • A pair of waterproof lined country gent crop trousers to put a new zip in....job and a half!
I still have three pair of trousers to shorten so that's what I will be doing this morning but I also have many Memory bears coming in to make this week / next keeps me out of mischief [nearly!!].

So that's what I'm up to this week.  I must apologise for not getting round to everyone who left me messages last just got in the way of fun.  I hope to do better this week.
Annie x

Friday 24 August 2018

This week's smiles.....week 286

I'm a little late posting my smiles today because I had a really busy day yesterday, when I normally write it and we babysat little Theo last night so here I am writing it this morning.....better late than never eh?

My smiles tthis week have been many.
  • I've caught up with a friend I've not seen for a while [busy lives!] and when she was here we did a lot of chatting, laughing and eating doughnuts! always seems better when we've spent some time together.....must do it again soon and make a habit of it.
  • I've finished all the sewing/making for little Theo's birthday, started a new project and work has suddenly got busier.
  • The lady that won the last gift draw on my Facebook Page has now received her bear and she sent me such a lovely message....

    Thank you so much.  He's arrived and he is gorgeous. It is so uncanny that today at 2 o’clock we put my darling Bob in his resting place which has made my Bobby bear  so much more special so thank you so very much he has made a very upsetting time special. As I said when it is my time Bobby bear will be coming with me in the cofin as he is made of the last gift from Bob to me just a couple of weeks before he died.   I just can’t thank you enough. God bless you and thank you for making a lot of people happy and giving lovely memories to lots of people. You are one special person.
So here's a few snaps to make you smile for this week....

I had little Theo for the morning on Tuesday and he fills my morning with this point we had built a house, done all the first jigsaws and we went on to enjoy come colouring, sticking and making paper dollies dance ......happy days.

My latest little Memory bear was made from a school jumper from the school I went to so that really made me smile.....and the little girl I made it for chuckled when I told her I had been to her school fact many generations of our family also went to that school and my Grandma and Aunty even taught there.

My final pic for this week is this one of Lexi reading her latest book.  Her mummy reminded me of a song we used to sing when she was little....and it's been going round my head ever since so I'm sharing it with you.....

Please click on the link....hope it works for you.

That's all from me for this week.  Please leave me a little hello comment and then link up to your own smiles below.
Annie x

Wednesday 22 August 2018


Here we are at yet another Wednesday catch up with our creative friends.  The crop in Llandudno is fast approaching and I've been getting a few bits ready to bring with me to that plus it's been a busier week for me so far.

As promised last week here are my, now finished peg dolls....hope you like them as much as I'm certain Theo will.

On Saturday afternoon Jo came round to play while our men were at the footy.  As she left I thought I'd tidy up and put my beads back up in the cupboard but alas they didn't make it......and don't beads go a long way on laminate flooring?
They covered the whole of the floor, under all my cupboards too.....I didn't know whether to laugh or cry cos many of my bead containers has shattered!

After a trip to The Range on Sunday to pick up new storage Jo popped round on Monday morning to help me sort the gathered up beads into their new's surprising what you can do over a cup of wasn't as daunting as I first thought.

Since then I've been enjoying cutting into some of my new fabrics.....can you guess what I'm making?

Little Theo has learnt to throw so of course he needs something that's safe to be thrown in the house.  I have previously made our other 5 grandchildren 10 bean bags each and I know they are still played with so I'm sure Theo will get a lot of play out of these.

Of course when you've cut into new fabrics, and Aldi's have some for sale this new pack just had to fall into my trolley at the weekend.....I'm sure fairly neutral greys will go with most things aren't you?
I couldn't resist temptation.

This is my latest little bear.  It's for the lady who won my latest gift draw over on my Facebook Page.  She sent me a really lovely message telling me all about the memories he will hold safe and I just know he's going to a really good home.....sometimes things happen for a reason and this is def one of those situations.

That's all I have to share this week.  Please leave me a little message so I know you've called in and I will do my best to pay you a return visit.
Annie x

Friday 17 August 2018

This week's smiles....week 285

Another week filled with smiles is at an end so I'm sharing a few photos of what's made me smile....

This mad pair are away on holiday and it looks like they are having a good giggle here.

Give a girl some boxes and she will give you a robot.....i love seeing children use their imaginations.

They were missing school so their mummy treated them to some new books to keep their brains working.

I really love this photo.  Theo really adores Milly and we all went for a walk around Attingham Park at the weekend.  Grandad had perched on a cut off tree trunk so of course Theo wanted to sit by him.

Last but by no means least these are the latest blooms in the wild flower area in our back garden....aren't they gorgeous?

Now I've shown you mine so why now share your smiles for the week by linking up below.
Annie x

Wednesday 15 August 2018


I was missing in action last week....I was here but I was busy catching up on my holiday washing and my sewing room had a good clean and dust so I had nothing to share with you of interest.  Since our hols it's been pretty quiet on the work front [I guess all my customers are enjoying their hols too] so I have been finishing the batch of charity bags for Margaret that I had already cut out .....

....all 46 bags are now finished and boxed up ready to take with me to the crop.... and I will await Margaret's instructions now for when they need more.

So what's on my desk today?...

The drawers filled with my acrylic paints are out and so are my Promarkers and permanent felt pens.

What am I busy making?....

Little Theo has a 2nd birthday up and coming [where has that time gone?!!] and his mummy has asked me to make him some little peg people for part of his birthday present.....and you just know how much I love making those so here's 20 in different stages of being made.

If I remember I will take a photo when I've finished them but as I like to make them in stages giving paint time to dry before painting the next colour it may be a while.

So that's all from me for today....a little more interesting than just a rail full of sewing eh?  Please leave me a little message so I know you've called in and I will do my best to call by at yours to see what you're up to this week.
Annie x

Friday 10 August 2018

This week's smiles.....week 284

I was missing in action last week but had posted automatically so folks could link up and share their smiles......I will do my best to check out last week's and this weeks smiles today so I don't miss out on all the fun.  I must admit that I was having a well earned few days away visiting some very special friends in Holland.  We have known them since 2000 and hadn't seen them for over 2 years but, as always, it was as if we had never been apart.  We only had a long weekend together but it was really lovely to see the gorgeous new house they had moved to.  They sing and play guitars etc in a group and on the Saturday night they invited everyone around for a BBQ and then we had our own private was really lovely to meet the rest of the group, make new friends and they even sang Annie's song just for me.

So here's my photos for this week....

Lunch with our friends.....good food, sunshine, special friends....what more could you want?

They made me do it!!  Honest.  I guess the strawberries are healthy?

The sunset while we were enjoying sitting on a boat chatting and eating ice cream.....the end of a really wonderful day.

Reach for the stars my little man.  :-) :-) :-)

This photo really makes me smile.

I hope you have enjoyed my smiles today and will now link up to yours below.  Thanks for joining in the fun each week.
Annie x

Friday 3 August 2018

This week's smiles....week 283

Another week has passed and I have more smiles to share....

Little Theo has been away on holidays with his mummy and daddy  and has enjoyed bike rides on the back of his daddy's bike and rides on his daddy's shoulders during their visit to the Eden Project.....they grow us far too quickly.  It only seems 5 mins since his daddy was that age!

The twins are growing so fast too....but not as fast as their sunflowers :-)

We took photos of our three doing exactly the same when they were little too.
Look at these 5!  Phoebe, Lulu and Steve went, with their friends, to Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury to watch the sing along version of The Greatest Showman as a holiday they are posing for me before they went in. Whilst in there, as part of the show, they asked for volunteers to go on the stage to sing and little Lulu was that keen that they fetched her from her seat at the back of the theatre up on stage and she sang part of one of the songs on her own up on the stage.....what a proud few moments eh?  I have watched the video of her singing many times now....she's such a little dot but she more than makes up for her lack of height in character.

That's all from me for this week.  I hope you enjoy my smiles and will link up below so we can share yours.
Annie x

Wednesday 1 August 2018


I'm not sure where it all comes from but I have so much sewing on my rail today.....

  • 2 bridesmaids dresses....shortened and altered to fit
  • 6 pair of trousers....reduced from 40" waist to 38" waist, pockets repaired, one pair re-hemmed and another pair shortened
  • skirt....shortened
  • dress...taken up on the shoulders
  • the shoulder frills reduced in size
  • 2 nurses dresses....shortened
  • lady's trousers....shortened
Hmmmmm yes I think it's been a busy week here and that means I've got nothing very exciting to show you today but this is what is on my desk...

Phoebe and Lulu's latest 19 badges to sew on their hoodies for Brownies.....have a feeling that will keep me busy for today don't you?

So that's all from me for today.  If you leave me a little comment to say you've called by then I will pop over to yours to see if you've got something more exciting to share with me.
Annie x