Wednesday 30 November 2011


Wahooo. It's been another productive week for me.  

My customers keep coming and, as always I've had lots of new folk coming to my door for sewing bringing my customer count up to 1131 this week.  So many new 'friends'..... if only I had a good memory for names!  My 'to do' rail has filled and emptied several times since I spoke to you last week but I won't bore you with those pics  :-)

My crafting table has also filled and emptied a few times too so that's what I'm gonna share with you today in my 'show and tell'.

I had a very special visitor who called after having had an accident....I think he fell off his sleigh on one of his practise runs.  As you can see he had bumped his head so had called in at Sewing by Annie's to be fitted with a protective hat [think someone told him I used to be a nurse].


I measured him up and set to and knitted him a nice warm hat ready for Christmas eve. 

I then did more snipping, turning, stuffing and stitching up of the second collection of little stuffies for the second ABC bag that Jo[zarty] bought for one of the new babies here.....Yes much coffee was drank too  :-)  As I like to say 'Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can, often found in women but never in a man'...and thankfully it's one I have plenty of.

My next job was to make the two ABC bags with all their pockets to hold all the little stuffies.  So  I filled my table and ironing board with all the ingredients to make them.  There was interfacing, stuffing, 4 zips and wadding and with a lot of deciphering of the instructions [I wouldn't suggest you attempt making one of these without lots of sewing experience] I got to work.  It took me a whole weekend of crafting time but I have to say I am truly thrilled with the results.
Here is the front and back of the one completed bag and..... you can see that when the 2 zips each side are opened out fully it will hang up to show all the little pockets holding the stuffies.

I'm sure you will agree with me that it was well worth all the hard work and that I have some of the luckiest little Grandies in the world....they are gonna get lots of fun out of these [and so with the grown ups too  :-) ].....and yes I have now completed both bags  :-)
Thanks so much Jo.

 Now folks it's time to leave me a little 'hello comment' and then I will let you pop over to Julia our 'Queen of snoop's blog' to join in the wonderful WOYWW fun.
Thanks for calling in.  Have a great week.
Annie x

Friday 25 November 2011

Your Friday's smile....Is this really what I wore?....

Last Saturday I took M to look for her wedding dress ready for their wedding next July and after trying on very many dresses and lots of ooohing and awwwwing she found THE one.  We could tell it was THE one because it fit to perfection, looked amazing and I had to find a tissue....think I had something in my eye :-)  The dress was bagged up for us and we brought it home.  Since then it has had to be tried on several times already and if B doesn't get to see it before the big day it will be a miracle because M is just the worst at keeping of course she is so excited about it all.  :-)

I'm sure by now you will all have picked up that she has a wicked sense of humour and while she was here on Wednesday I had got my Wedding dress and veil out to show her.  She was amazed that the train on the dress was so long and the veil was even longer.  30 years ago it was all long sleeves and high necks and this caused her much hilarity.....and yes I actually made it too. 

Of course she just had to try it on and get me to take a picture of her wearing it [yes I really was a size 12 back then but obviously not as tall as M cos I wore it with high heels! ]......but her fun didn't end there! She sent her picture to B pretending that this was THE dress and she had sent it to him in error....and waited for his reply.  Bless him he had opened his text message and shut it quickly so as not to see it in detail!  I have to admit M was not the only one giggling but was pleased that she did own she put it.... 'just in case it was enough to put him off turning up on the day'!!!!

I hope this gives you a smile on this rather gloomy Friday morning and you all have a great weekend.
Annie x

Wednesday 23 November 2011


Good morning and a very happy Wednesday to you all.  You are saved from a lot of reading here today because life is, as always, pretty hectic.  My 'to do' rail is heaving and I have two little apprentices here this morning to help but with Phoebe being 3 years and Louise only 20 months I'm not allowed to get them working on the machines as yet  :-)'s a couple of hours of Nanny Annie time for me with lots of fun and giggles so I'm doing a quick 'show and tell' in pictures for you.

This is my, now finished, Ark that Jo from Jozart bought for me to make for one of the twins.  Thanks again Jo....I've loved putting this together and the little ones will have such fun with it [and their mummy].  It's now filled with all the little animals too.

Here are the first set of ABC bag contents all stitched, snipped, turned, stuffed and gaps sewn up.  :-)

This is the first 12 Christmas cards I've made with a close up of one of them for you.

Here is the next 12.  Another set made using a scanned x-stitch done by one of my daughter's many years ago.A bit of machine embroidery and a layering up of fabrics and ta da!

And a close up of one of them for you.

There you go.  Hope you enjoyed the quick peep at my desks today.  My 'to do' rail is calling.....I must do some of it before my little Granddaughters arrive so I will try to pop round to do my WOYWW visits later.  Have a great week and stay creative.
Annie x

Friday 18 November 2011

Your Friday's smile.....

'I've heard Nanny is building an Ark.  Do you think my baby bath will float Mummy?'

Louise loves dressing up and the best toys of the day today are an old sun hat and her baby bath  :-)

Who says you have to spend a fortune on expensive toys?

Also for those wondering how her little brother Stephen is getting on here he is.  He, and his two big sisters, had a cold last week but is now thankfully feeling much better.  
Isn't he just gorgeous?....but of course I am biased.  :-)

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday 16 November 2011


Happy Wednesday to one and all.  These weeks are really whizzing by aren't they?  I'm having a catch up day today cos I had a 'Nanny Annie' day yesterday.  M popped out for the day with the twins so the sewing was firmly put on the 'to do' can always wait cos my little Grandies will be all grown up before I know it. 

So  folks whats on my desks today?

Here is my table covered with the gorgeous fabric kits Jo from Jozart bought for our new arrivals so I'm busy working on these in between other jobs....I know the babes will have to be rather older before they will play with them but I really am enjoying all the snipping, sewing and stuffing.

My kitchen is smelling wonderful cos these have just come out of the oven....Parmesan and sun dried tomato rolls today....please help yourselves to one for lunch.

My sewing desk is showing off two new Really Useful Boxes that now hold my cones of thread used for overlocking.....these should keep some of the dust out [that is if I ever put the tops on! ]

Here you can see two lovely pieces of fabric that I intend making a couple of little dresses for little Lexi.  Twiglet took a pattern off a little dress that fits Lexi well and has already made her 3 little dresses so running up a couple more will be easy.

My ironing board is covered with Christmas fabrics.  I have so many!  I plan to make my Christmas cards and stockings using these  :-)
Watch this space as they say  :-)

This is a pot full of Cuttlebugged flowers cut from some of the Christmas fabrics and a sheet of cross stitched little robins.....wonder what these will become?.....even I don't know yet  :-)

And finally for those that like to see how the twinnies are growing here is the latest photo.... awwwwww.  I snapped this quick for you yesterday while they were here with me for the day with their Mummy.
Their Mummy and Daddy are doing such a great job that they now weigh in at...

Sam 9lb 13oz
Lexi 7lb 14oz

So folks that's what's on my 'desks' today.  Clutter clutter everywhere and lots to do on my 'to do' rail too  :-)  Please leave me a little 'hello' comment before you move on to the 'Queen of snoop's' blog and join in the WOYWW fun [and of course to find out more if you are the one person in the world that hasn't heard what WOYWW is yet].

Monday 14 November 2011

The need to adapt and an update...

I'm sure most of you will know that the lovely Jo from Jozart sent me some fabric panels to make up into a Noah's Ark and a couple of ABC bags for my new grandies.  I have been snipping, sewing and stuffing to my heart's content in my spare time making lots of little animals etc but needed some 1/2" foam to make the Ark with.

Last weekend I managed to get to Dunelm but as I was also going there to find a new blind for our 'being decorated' bathroom I managed to arrive home before realising that I had forgotten to look for the's an age thing!

So, this weekend it was a 'try again' and better 'luck this time' shopping trip.  Well, that's what I thought!  They have foam of every description....rolls of 1" and 2", seat pads of 1", 2" and even 3" but.....yes you've guessed it not one piece of 1/2"!!!!!  

So? What did I do?  I bought myself a piece of 1" foam and have spent my spare time over the weekend cutting out the shapes required then I've sliced them in half with a really sharp craft knife!  It's not perfect but as it will be sandwiched between two layers of fabric no one will see it so I'm rather pleased with my all I need is some lining fabric for some of the pieces and I can then make the you didn't realise just how much you would be challenging me Jo  :-).....and I'm loving every minute so thanks again for the fab gifts.

Twiglet will be coming down this morning for our Funday Monday so I'm not sure how much more I will get done today.  Hope your day is full of fun and laughter too and if you're passing our door then please pop in for a cuppa and join in the fun.

Update.......Wahoooo it works too.....

I've not felt very creative today so have been following instructions and have been working on the Noah's Ark.  It's easier to follow instructions than to have to think of ideas for yourself  :-)

Here is a little of what I've been doing.  The hand made 1/2" foam works a treat.  I have made the drawbridge and the little house with it's roof that goes on the top of the Ark.  The roof isn't stitched down yet and I'm not even sure it's the right way round but you will get the idea.......I'm having fun  :-)

Friday 11 November 2011

And the shopping goes where exactly?........

'Hello Nanny.  Mum says we have to hold the shopping or get out and walk!'
Amy sent me this snap to share with you today. Me thinks she won't be doing much shopping this week  :-)  Is there a need for tandem shopping trolleys?  Maybe a bit like a 'push-me-pull-you'.

Thursday 10 November 2011

A special gift from a special friend....

Have I met her?....No.
Could I pass her in the street without knowing?....Maybe. [Her accent might give her away if I heard her speak :-) ]
How long have I known her?....Seems like years.

But one for sure is ....She is one very special lady.

I met her through blogging and have followed her blog and she mine for what seems like years.  She is arty and creative.  She is, like me, a very proud Grandma who knits and sews for her gorgeous Grandchildren.  I've even spoken to her on the phone.  She knitted a gorgeous cardie with ladybird buttons on that I admired when she put it on her blog a little while ago and, today, this is what came through my door....

A gorgeous card....I have no idea how she's made it but it is really tactile and clever.

And a packet with all these gorgeous buttons in.  I am always knitting for our little grandbabies but the shop near us sells buttons for silly prices so I am really grateful for these gorgeous buttons to use. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Know who it is yet?

Yes its that wonderful lady from Liverpool.  The wonderful Jo from Jozart.  I certainly owe you that coffee and cake now Jo and look forward to meeting you in real life.  Hope you are having a really special time with your gorgeous family over from Germany at the mo.  Do give that little Grandie a big hug from me.

Thanks again Jo. x

Wednesday 9 November 2011


Good morning to one and all.  These weeks certainly are whizzing by for me at the mo.  What with sewing, knitting, baking, and the occasional bit of housework of course and fitting all that in between cuddling my gorgeous Grandbabies at every opportunity and enjoying our little Granddaughters 3rd birthday celebrations [see Monday's post].  It's been another busy week for me.  

Here's a few pics to share with you....

 Here's my rail's a sign of the times when it's full of winter coats, warm skirts and thick cord trousers isn't it?
Brrrrrrrrr it's cold.

This was my table on Monday .....lots of fab activity and coffee drinking going on there [thanks for the chocolate brownies this week Jo].  
Jo made a gorgeous diamond wedding anniversary card [she might show you a pic of it on her blog], T made several dumfing creations and I made a little African dress [msg for Jo from Jozart....I know I told you I was gonna make up some of the little animals for my ABC bags but I got what's new I hear you say  :-) and huge thanks for the phone call was so lovely that we could all chat together while [much older sister] Jo was here.....we will meet up for that coffee and cake one day  :-)]

Here is my, now finished, advent calendar from last week just to show you I actually do get some things finished  :-)

Here's little dress number 91 

I failed to snap numbers 88, 89 and 90 before we posted the latest parcel [27 dresses and 5 pair of shorts made by Jo and 10 dresses made by me] to Louise on Monday and they were 3 more gorgeous bright yellow ones made with the gorgeous fabric Tricia sent us....sorry Tricia.  I will try to let you know when Louise puts them on her blog so you get to see what I made with your gorgeous fabric.

Last night my darling hubby took me and that much older sister of mine to see Paul Zerdin at Oakengates Theatre.  Paul is a brilliant ventriloquist who appeared in the 1999 'Royal Variety Show' in the presence of the Queen. and here is a pic of him with the puppets he had with him last night.  What a talented young man he is.  I love the magic world of puppets and have to say I am still grinning.  If you get the chance to see him then I would guarantee you a great evening's entertainment.

Right folks,  I have to get my head down to sew now cos I have 7 flat sheets here that I have to make into fitted sheets today......hours of straight stitching, overlocking and a bit of threading in elastic....not much of a challenge there is there?  Do pop over to Julia's blog to join in the WOYWW fun but not before you leave me a little 'hello' comment.
Thanks for popping by and leaving such lovely comments always.  I will try to pay you a return visit as soon as I can get these sheets made  :-)  Have a great crafty week.
Big hugs,
Annie x

Monday 7 November 2011

Happy Monday to one and all.

Yesterday was our oldest granddaughter Phoebe's 3rd Birthday and I just wanted to share a few snaps of the happy day with you.
We started off the partying at the Ballpool at the Flash in Welshpool for an hour of fun and laughter.  This was perfect because there were lots of little ones and Phoebe was the eldest.

Then we drove back to the house and had the party food and presents.  As you can see the first parcel that was opened was new wellies and she wore them for the rest of the day.  :-)  Here is the birthday girl entertaining us singing 'Postman Pat' on her new mike.

She had a new bike too for her birthday from her Mum and Dad and you can see she loves it.

The birthday cake was made by clever Auntie Gina [my son's girlfriend] and what an amazing job she did with it too don't you agree?

Here is little brother Stephen showing off one of the new bibs that Louise sent me for him.  Thank you so much Louise...they fit to perfect and are a big hit with the family.

Friday 4 November 2011

Hide and seek.....

"Do you think Mummy has seen me?"

Louise loves to get up to mischief and she has got into her little brother's moses basket to hide from her Mummy.  Of course Mummy has failed to see her and has put baby Stephen down for his nap.  :-)  Happy memories.

I hope the pic has made you smile too and you all have a great weekend.

Thursday 3 November 2011

What a brilliant company...

My postman just knocked on my door with a parcel of goodies I ordered from Cari Crafts yesterday.  They never fail to amaze me with the, always speedy and brilliant, service they provide.  Being a dependable company is one of the main reasons I use Cari Crafts because I need to let customers know when their sewing will be ready for collection.  They never let me down and that means my reputation as a sewing business has grown with thanks to them too.

As most of you will know Twiglet and I are making lots of little dresses for the 'Dress a girl around the world' charity and a little while back I asked Adrian from Cari Crafts if he would be willing to donate any spare bits and bobs for the great cause.....back then he sent me a huge bag of trims etc and said he would keep me in mind for any other bits he could find.  My box this morning was not only full of all the things I had ordered from them but he had put yet another wonderful bag of ribbons and trims in for us to use.....What a brilliant company!  Do pop over to their site if there is anything you need for sewing / knitting / crafting.  They are very competitive with their prices and the service is second to none.

Thank you Adrian. x

Wednesday 2 November 2011


Good morning to one and all.  It's another of those wonderful days when we all buzz round the world dropping in on our blogging friends who have exposed all to share their space with others.  Our wonderful leader Julia is still doing a brilliant job of linking us all together so I thank her for that.  Before you pop over to Julia's please leave me a 'hello' in the comment box and I will do my best to pop over to as many of you as possible to check out your spaces.

So? Whats been going on in my space this week?  The answer is always :-)

As promised yesterday this is what is now on my desk today thanks to an industrial weekend and a very busy Funday Monday.  The lovely Jo from Jozart sent me several fabric panels to make up for my new grandchildren and I have been preparing them all...the ABC bags have 26 little pockets for 26 little toys to fit in and each has two sides to cut out, the Noah's Ark has lots of pairs of little animals to make too so it's taken quite a while to get this far  [I need 4 x16"zips, lining fabrics, wadding, some 1/2" foam and some stuffing to complete them so will get to work on these soon].  I have also now nearly finished making one of the new Advent calendars that I bought on just needs wadding, backing and hanging loops. 

This is the latest little knittie I have just needs a button.  Isn't it pretty wool? It's a Sirdar Snuggly Baby Crofter wool and I love the Fair Isle effect it gives.
This is a new top I made this week and a little pic of the machine embroidery detail on the front....of course you will have seen that I have now bought 3 more pieces of fabric to make some more in my spare time.
These are two more little African dresses I managed to make too this week.  These are numbers 86 and 87 for me.  I will soon reach my 100  :-)
This is my 'to do' rail today so I will have to clear this before I can enjoy catching up with you all but I will get there as soon as I can.  Hope you all have a really great week.
Annie x

Tuesday 1 November 2011

This week's Funday Monday...

As most of you will know we plan to have a Funday Monday here at Sewing by Annie's every Monday and yesterday was no exception...In fact it was a rather productive one.

As you can see my table was filled with machines, fabric, threads, reels of elastic and the odd mug or two [we must have eaten the chocolate]   :-)  Twiglet sat busily making little African dresses, our friend T sat dumfing a brooch as a gift for a special Aunt and I sat at the ironing board pressing, snipping, pinning and eventually even doing some sewing.
What a truly fab afternoon we had.  Thanks girls for making my day so special.  It never fails to amaze me how crafting really lifts your spirits.

Here are the 4 gorgeous little dresses Twiglet made while she was here.  Aren't they gorgeous?  Behind my chair and to the right of the picture you can see boxes, boxes and yet more boxes and they are all full of material to be used for the little dresses.....we will be dressing lots of little African girls wont we?

I'm not sharing what I sat doing til tomorrow  There are lots who have asked me to post my makes on my WOYWW post so I'm saving it til then so watch this space.