Wednesday 29 June 2022


 What a week it's been since last Wednesday.  The work has been pouring it and this week it came with more challenges.  Many of you will have seen this in my Facebook page but for those that haven't meet Fred...

He is a much loved little teddy that had been in a fight with a labrador puppy and sadly he came off worse.  I was given instructions to keep as much as I could exactly how he was and not to wash/clean him.

I started by removing his head and rebuilding all I could.  I had to give him new eyes because one had been ripped out and the other was well chewed.  His muzzle was missing so I had to make him a new one and then embroider a nose to match his old one.....quite a challenge eh?

Here he is finished...and I have to say I was well chuffed with the results.....and so was his owner.

I love my job.  :-)

My to do rail hasn't been this full for months.


  • shortened 9 pair of trousers
  • shortened a lined skirt
  • rapaired a jacket and 
  • sewn 6 badges on 2 parka coats.
No memory bears this week but I do have very many on their way to me in the up and coming weeks with it being the end of the school year and lots are wanting school bears making [but of course the children are still wearing their uniforms].

On my desk today is an ongoing project that I'm working on in my spare time [yes I do get a bit lol].  I'm making what I am calling a Fidgety Quilt.  It's for a family member with Altzeimers and I'm hoping it will give her something to fiddle with when she needs to....of course I am loving fiddling with it yet.

Hope you have had a fun week.  I will pop over to yours ASAP and hopefully be able to leave you a little message.
Annie x

Friday 24 June 2022

This week's smiles...week 478

It's been another hot, busy week here at Sewing by Annie's but, as always we have had plenty to smile about.  Hubby's sciatica seems to get a little better every day.  He has physio each Monday and we went swimming on Tuesday...this week acompanied by....

 ...Little Louie and his Mummy and, as you can see, he has found his thumb this week.  Both his Mummy and Daddy were thumb suckers so this didn't surprise us.  I really love this photo.

Theo loves to read to Louie at bedtime and just a couple of minutes after tthis photo was taken Louie was's so lovely watching them grow up together and living close enough to be part of their lives.

I've had my own Repair Shop experience this week [If you don't know its a programme on the telly where prescious items are repaired]....I will be sharing the photos on my desk on Wednesday if you want to drop by to see what it was.

Finally, here are my funnies for the week.  I hope they raise a smile or two.
Please share your own smiles by linking them below.
Annie x

Wednesday 22 June 2022


 Hi all.  It's been a really busy week here at Sewing by Annie's, as always, but I seem to have little to show for it.  I have been altering dresses, shortening other dresses and generally doing lots of little repairs for customers who are getting their clothes ready to go on their holidays but I've also made this pair....

The items of clothing arrived in a large parcel late on Sunday, I made them Monday morning, they were posted out on Monday afternoon and they arrived back at their new home in Birmingham first thing Tuesday morning....that's got to be some sort of record don't you think?

They were really lovely to make and were made in memory of a much loved Dad using his favourite top and  jumper and his dressing gown.

Since I was here last Wednesday we have also changed our car [for a bigger one to have a tow bar fitted], are in the process of changing our motor home for a caravan and have been swimming twice [to help with weight loss for us both and to help ease my darling hubby's sciatica....and it appears to be doing the job too :-) ].....It's certainly all go here.

If you leave me a little message, to let me know you've called in, I will do my best to pay you a return visit and leave you a comment.....I did visit all who called in last week but I'm still having trouble leaving comments on some blogs from my Ipad so I'm sorry if you didn't get a reply.


Annie x

Friday 17 June 2022

This week's smiles....week 477

 The sun is shining and all is well in my world so that's certainly something to smile about.  My darling hubby's sciatica seems to be improving...he's had 2 sessions with a physio and we have signed up and started swimming and it all seems to be doing good so I'm keeping everything crossed.  I have lots to share with you so I will quickly go through my photos...

I'm not the only one smiling....Louie has found his hands this week and is smiling now....he's such a cutie and his big brother is really good with him.

More smiles.  This grandad isn't one to choose to hold a tiny baby but when one is thrust apon him he rather enjoys it...and I love this photo.

Theo is learning to play the guitar...his daddy is teaching him...and that makes me smile a lot.

This photo makes me smile every time I look at it.  Dod is down on the carpet doing his exercises for his sciatica and, as you can see, Milly is joining in....she's such a cutie.

The garden just keeps on much colour everywhere we look and I love it.

Finally here is my round up of funnies for the week.  I hope you will leave me a little comment so I know you've called in and will then link up to your own smiles below....we can never have too many smiles and everyone is welcome.
Annie x

Wednesday 15 June 2022


 Hello all.  It's been a busy week with sewing for me.  I've been altering prom dresses and other holiday dresses and shortening several pair of trousers but I've also fitted in some of this...

A bit of watercolour painting and doodling to make a batch of cards and.....

Ive been sorting my buttons into jars having bought a few new ones last time I went to Ikea.

Yes I do have rather a lot of buttons and I'm struggling to think of projects that will use them....but I will think of something I'm sure....all good ideas welcome.


Annie x

Friday 10 June 2022

This week's smiles...week 476

 It has been a lovely week with all the Jubilee celebrations over the weekend...and I have to say little Prince Louis and Padington bear stole the show for me.  We had a quiet weekend at home in front of the telly because my darling hubby has sciatica....I really sympathise because I have had it twice and know just how painful it is.  He had a session with a physio on Monday and has been doing the exercises she gave him to help but as yet the exercises have just made him stiff and achy....fingers crossed things improve soon.

We had already booked a trip on a canal barge for Friday night but of course sitting for about 3 1/2hrs probably wasn't the best thing to be doing with sciatica.

Our garden just keeps on giving at this time of year.  The middle photo is of our clematis that is growing up our pergola on our patio.  There seems new colour in every corner each week.

Finally here's the funnies for this week....I seem to find so many each week at the mo and hope they make you smile.
Thanks for calling by.  I hope you will all link up to your own smiles below.
Annie x

Wednesday 8 June 2022


 Hello all. Hope you've all had a good week and enjoyed the Jubilee celebrations....ours hasn't been quite as planned as my darling hubby has sciatica.  As I'm typing this he has gone for some acupunture...and I really hope it's helped because he's really suffered since last Friday.  I've had it twice so know just how painful it is so I'm hoping it goes very soon for him.

Since last Wednesday I have taken the scissors to the colourful piece you saw on my desk last week and here the results...

I have really enjoyed being creative and have made a batch of ATCs ready for thr crop in October....yes I know it's a long way off yet but I like to be prepared :-)

This is what I made with the Ikea tray and green sticks.  The holder I made years ago for my bobbins was too small and just didn't hold them and kept getting tangled up so I needed an upgrade....I'm well chuffed with the results too.

This is the latest School Memory bear I've made....he's now on his way to his new home in Scotland...Another new school for me and Annie's love has spread a little further :-)

On Monday Jo popped round for a coffee and catch up and while she was here she cut my hair for me.  The plastic pouch I keep my hair cutting scissors in had perished so when she had gone I took them into my sewing room and with a piece of fabric I had just cut off a dress I ran up a new poppered pouch to keep them in....No pattern, it just came out of my head.  I'm easily pleased and this really made me smile.

Finally last, but by no means least, is my latest ATC from the swap....this one had a long way to come as it's from Susan over in Australia....thanks so much.  I love the thought that our friendship travels so far thanks to our Wednesday link ups.
Annie x

Friday 3 June 2022

This week's smiles.....week 475

 Happy Friday all. I really hope you're all enjoying the Jubilee weekend. I have a few smiles to share with you today...

I am really loving watching the independant love of sewing developing with Phoebe and Lulu.  They have both found a favourite T-shirt, that they had grown out of, and made themselves cushions to go in their bedrooms....I wonder who they take after?

This is the first of our strawberries starting to ripen...and this always makes me smile.

Our garden just keeps on giving...I love the gorgeous colours in every corner at the mo...and just know you will enjoy sharing them with us.

I have lots of funnies to share with you today...hope they make you smile.

I hope you all have a wonderful week filled with smiles and you will link up to yours below.


Annie x

Wednesday 1 June 2022


 Hello all and happy Wednesday to each and every one of you.  I have a couple of pics to share with you today and a mystery.....

I have another couple of ATCs to share with you from the swap..

Many thanks to Neet and Sylvia....I just love them all.

I've two more Memory characters to share with you today...this time an elephant and a cat made in memory of a much loved mum.

I always love how different they all turn out made from all the different items of clothing I am brought.

I've been busy having creative fun with lots of little pieces of fabric and thought you'd like to see how it's turned out so's really a masterboard to cut up at some point but I loved the effect of them all together.

Now here's your mystery....we went to Ikea yesterday and this is the tray I bought [two of them actually and maybe a few more bits fell into our bag too].

What do you think it will be? The sticks are a clue.

I have a mother-of-the-bride and two prom dresses coming for fittings today but will visit you as soon as I'm able to.


Annie x