Friday 15 August 2014

This week's smiles...week 82

This is an automatic posting as all being well we are hoping today will be a busy one for us....we are moving houses today!! Yesssssss it's finally happening :-) :-)  As you can imagine we have lots to smile about today.

Thanks to those who joined in last week....I hope you are happy to make use of Mr Linky below to share you smiles with others in my absence.  I'm sorry to say that I may be without the internet for a week or two so won't be able to do a weekly smiles post til we are back up and running again but I promise you I will be back  :-)

I have a few smiles to share with you today...

Here is a pic of Amy's three all dressed up ready to go to their two little cousin's christenings.....don't you just love the expression on Steven's face?  :-)

This pic I'm sure in years to come he will bless me for sharing but it made me chuckle.  Sam is now out of's take him rather longer than his twin sister.....I'm sure that's just a boy thing!
If you haven't noticed those are his pants on his head!!  I think he has a few things to learn yet :-)

Of course he does have a good teacher as to what he needs to do and here she is showing him how to dispose of the contents of his potty down the loo  :-)

They are such a funny pair and give us all so many giggles during a day.

I hope my pics made you smile today and you will link your smiles up below.

For now thanks for joining in the fun...I will be back to host our weekly smiles as soon as I'm able.
Annie x

Wednesday 13 August 2014


Hello all.  I'm loading this up as an automatic post as I hate to miss out on the Wednesday fun.  Life here is pretty manic as you can imagine.  We have spent all day Monday and Tuesday chasing up the others in the chain of our house moving fiasco...we were told last Friday that we were all ready to move but of course there are three others involved in the chain.  We contacted our removal company to be told they were fully booked on the day we were hoping to move but thankfully they managed to rejig other jobs on that day and said they were able to move us.  But then others in the chain were unable to work as quickly as us and as I type this we are still awaiting conformation that our move can go ahead this Friday....I have no nails left and have spent many hours pacing up and down the floor like a caged polar bear!!!  If I hear more and can still access a computer I will update you later....if not I will ask Jo to do the honours for me as I know many of you are waiting to know.

So want to see my desk?....

I had drawers full of threads so here I'm in the middle of bagging then all up.

Bags filled they have been put into boxes and now they are all sealed up ready to go....what a lot of reels of thread I have lol

Here's a shot looking one way....boxes , boxes and more boxes!!!

Turn round and there are yet more boxes!!
My industrial machine has been drained of it's oil and all my other machines are now boxed and ready to go.

And, just in case I didn't have enough fabric to move, I had another visit from the gentleman who gave me bags of fabric before who came with another 4 bags full of fabric for me to use.  I feel so blessed to have it all and will have a fun time in my new home sorting it all and finding items I can make to make money for charity with it.

There you go....see?  No desk in use.  Just a lot of boxes but hopefully before too very much longer we will be in our new home and I can set up a new craft room to share with you all.

I have been informed by my darling other half that we may be without internet for a week or more so please forgive my absence....I will be back  :-)

Annie x

Friday 8 August 2014

This week's smiles....week 81

Oh wow what a week it's been.  I have had sooooooo much to smile about.  Please scroll down to the last post to check out why.

Life here is simply manic.....Wedding, parties, packing, phone calls to organise everything for the move yessssss it's nearly here...just keep everything crossed that nothing gets in the way this time.

I would like to thank all that shared their smiles last week and say sorry but I'm not featuring just one this week and may actually not be able to write a post at all next week....depending on availability of internet ....and of course time to actually write a post :-)

And for now I just leave you with this one pic......this is what you get when you give a two year old page boy [all dressed in his suit and shiny shoes] a pudding of dunking donuts with chocolate sauce....

I dare you not to raise a smile!  :-)
[What is it about this boy and chocolate? ]

He's such a character and loved the fact that he could make so many people laugh    :-)....I wonder who he takes after?

Hope you have enjoyed your visit this week and will share you smiles with us by linking below.  Please forgive me if I'm missing in action for a week or maybe more.
Annie x

Wednesday 6 August 2014


Just a quickie from me today to say....guess what is on my desk today?

Answer....nothing cos its all packed up and in boxes. There is nothing on my desk cos there is NO desk  :-)

We have had a really busy few days closing down Sewing by Annie's ready for the move [yes it's getting close now! ]....oh and of course there was the little matter of a wedding on Monday :-)

So for today I thought you just might like to share a few wedding pics instead...[didn't think you'd mind too much :-) ]

One very proud Mum and Dad with our two gorgeous daughters. :-)

Our youngest daughter, Amy with Dave her hubby and their three gorgeous munchkins. :-)

One extremely proud Nanny Annie with her 5 amazing grandchildren  :-)

The proudest couple in the whole world having an amazing day celebrating their little boy's wedding day. :-)

Yep this is me and that much older sister of mine, Jo enjoying a tipple or two in the sunshine. :-)

Our eldest daughter Shell [Michelle!] and her hubby Brent with our twinnie munchkins. :-)

And of course last but by no means least here are the happy couple in the door of the cathedral where they had just become man and wife. :-)
So there you go.  No apologies for the lack of's been an amazing few days.  So many very proud moments and lots of happy tears have been shared.

Hope you have enjoyed your visit.  I will now say I'm not sure what next Wednesday will bring as we are hoping for a moving date next week oh and if I don't manage to return the visit this week it's cos we are having a couple of days chilling out together before the mayhem next week  :-) :-) :-)
Annie x

Friday 1 August 2014

This week's smiles....week 80

Hello to all who call by to share their smiles and to those who just drop in to find something to smile about.  You're all very welcome.

Thanks to those who joined in the fun last week.  I'm featuring Mrs D's post about home educating....I had a real chuckle at this.  I recognised many of the sayings but the scary thing is I have a feeling I've actually said some of them too :-) Thanks so much for sharing it Mrs D.

There is always lots to smile about here [ sometimes I have to focus my thoughts with all that's going on with the house move...or lack of it!!].  It really does help in difficult times to spend time concentrating on the good things in life.  My little twinnie munchkins have had a week with their Mummy and Daddy down in Cornwall with their Aunty, Uncle and two older cousins and from the photos have had a whale of a time. :-)

Here they are with their shades and life jackets on posing before they go out on their Uncles speed boat....guess the boat they are stood their is how they get out to it. :-)

This is the life! Sam at the wheel...looks like he's loving every minute of it. :-)

Another new experience...a chocolate fountain!  

Looks like fun. :-)

Sam certainly enjoyed it and wasn't going to leave all that chocolate on his plate :-)

I'm sure my little munchkins have raised a few smiles this week.  Why not snap your smiles and share them with us by linking yours below?  I promise I will call by at yours to check them out.

Be sure to call by next week cos I just might have a snap or two of a happy day on Monday when my baby gets married :-)  Exciting times. :-) 
Annie x