Friday 29 March 2024

This week's smiles....week 367

 Here we are at another catch up of the smiles from the last week...and there's been many thankfully.

I shared a collage of all the lovely outfits Lexi wore at her dance competitions last weekend on my Wednesday post....I steamed them all for her so it was really lovely watching her put to good use....she is a beautiful little dancer now.

I'm hoping you can see this video of her dancing one of her dances.  I'm loving watching her grow and develop ....she loves her dancing.

Here she is with her best buddy with the medal for the third place they were given :-)

I thought you'd like to see more of the Spring flowers in our garden now.

Of course there has to be a few funnies to share with you to raise a smile or two.

I hope you will leave me comment now before linking to your own smiles.


Annie x

Wednesday 27 March 2024


 Here we are at another catch up with our creative friends all around the world to see what they have on their desks and a little of what's been going on with them over the last week....I love my Wednesdays.

On my desk today is a box full of 10 little frogs waiting for their eyes [buttons].  A group of frogs is called an army and I feel this is most appropriate as these will be going to children newly diagnosed with cancer and I really hope they will help them in their fight.

Those 10 little frogs used up most of my green fabrics so I contacted Denise from Cabin Crafts and told her what I wanted the fabric for.  She then searched through all the fabrics she had and sent me pics of all she thought were suitable.  These gorgeous fabrics are not only lovely quality and are reasonably priced but they arrived at my door within a couple of days.....brilliant service Denise, thank you so much.

I thought some of you might like to see all the dresses that were hanging up in my sewing room, needing steaming, last week.  Lexi put them all to really good use last weekend....and I can proudly say I was thrilled to be able to watch her dance.

Lexi is now one of the youngest in the group she dances with, as she is now 12, and was thrilled to bits to come away with a third place....she loves her dancing.

I hope your week has been as lovely as mine.


Annie x

Friday 22 March 2024

This week's smiles...week 366

 Hello all.  We come here every Friday to catch up with the smiles we have had from the previous week and I hope you've had lots.

Lexi gives us lots to smile about at the mo...she entered dance competitions on line by recording her dances at home and sending the videos in.  I saw her videos and wow what a lovely little dancer she is now.  It's been so lovely watching her grow and develop.  Here she is holding all the awards she got....3 firsts, a second and a very proud of you Lexi.

I steamed all her dance dresses on Wednesday ready for a weekend of more dance competitions...and we are going to watch some of them too....more smiles :-)

We had Louie all day and Theo before and after school on Tuesday this week.  It's so special being able to spend quality time with them both.

They are here for tea on the days they come and both really love their food including lots of fruit and vegetables....they are a pleasure to cook for.  In fact little Louie [not yet 2] kept saying...Nanny this is delicious :-)

Our garden is filled with Spring flowers now and this week I can now includ the first of our tulips coming out....there's loads more to come out yet too :-)

Of course before I finish I have to include a few funnies...I hope they make you smile.

Please leave me a comment and then link up to your own smiles at the bottom.


Annie x

Wednesday 20 March 2024


 Hello all.  I hope you've all had a good week and have enjoyed at least some creative time.  I have a couple of things I can share with you and a sewing room full of gorgeous outfits requiring my attention.

I had a busy time making little Easter cards this week..they are to put Easter money in for our Grandchildren...they have too much chocolate :-)

I have had a busy week shortening a beautiful wedding dress and a few pair of trousers/jeans and in between jobs I have cut out more little frogs to make up for the H J Trust.

My room is now filled with 7 dance outfits for Lexi to wear for her dance competitions at the weekend....I will be steaming all these for her today.

Finally I would like a little help to identify this pretty plant that the twins bought me for Mother's Day....I love it but dont know what it is.

Can anyone help?

If you leave me a little comment so I know you've called in I will do my best to pop over to yours to see what you have been busy with this week.


Annie x

Friday 15 March 2024

This week's smiles....week 365

 Here we are at another catch up of the smiles from the week....and I'm blessed to say there's been lots to smile about...

Last Friday we travelled to South Wales to spend the weekend in a lovely dog friendly cottage....that is apart from the stairs :-)
We live in a bungalow because I don't manage stairs well because of my arthritis....and we now know Milly isn't a fan either lol
I don't think either of us noticed that the cottage had stairs when we booked it was an upside down cottage with living room/kitchen upstairs and the bedrooms and bathrooms downstairs so it wasn't just a case of going down the stairs at bedtime.
Milly refused to go down the stairs and had to be carried and going up was a challenge too.

This was our bed....very pretty but I almost needed a step to get up into it .  

The potty was in the sitting room was very tempting :-)

One of our trips out was to Cenarth was so lovely here.  The water was really noisy and at the right time of the year Salmon jump up the falls to spawn.

We visited Llangrannog beach....such a lovely little beach to walk Milly.

The top left photo is where water was bubbling up through the a spring.

These were also taken at the same beach.  There was a lovely little cafe and I really loved the mosiac in the top left pic.

Milly loves to people watch and I think she looks like King of the castle here.

All around our cottage were signs of beautiful.

It was also next to a small farm with 3 horses, 2 cows, 5 sheep, 3 pigs and several chickens....the owners were very welcoming and happily introduced us to all the animals.

Of course it wouldn't be Friday without a few funnies...I hope they raise a few smiles.

Please leave me a little comment so I know you've called in and, if you can, then link up to your own smiles below.


Annie x

Wednesday 13 March 2024


 Well? What is on my work desk today?  The answer is not a it's a quick of from me today.

 We had a really wonderful long weekend away to celebrate my darling's big birthday.  We went to a lovely dog friendly cottage in South was wonderful [apart from the stairs!!].  When you live in a bungalow because you struggle with stairs it was a bit of a shock to find our cottage had an upstairs sitting room and downstairs bedrooms and bathrooms....more about all that on Friday including a few photos :-)

On my desk today are a few Easter sheep filled with cream eggs....Jo knits so fast and has knitted loads of chicks, sheep and rabbits but I thought I'd knit a few....every one boosts the funds for the charity.

Here are 4 sitting on my little ironing board....I've made a purple one and am half way through a turquoise one now :-)

I've enjoyed knitting them but am slow and have to pace myself because of the arthritis in my hands.

That's my lot for today.  If you'd like to pop back on Friday you can read more about our weekend away.....and why not share a few of your own smiles....all are welcome.


Annie x

Friday 8 March 2024

This week's smiles....week 364

 Hello all. I've certainly had a week filled with smiles this week.....we've been celebrating my darling hubby's 70th birthday and he's been well and truly spoiled.  

We enjoyed family time on Saturday evening....and there was cake eaten [as you can see] :-)

I love this photo.

On Monday Louie went with a couple of his friends to a place called Tiny Town, Newport and as you can see he had a wonderful time.....I wonder what he will be when he grows up?

Yesterday he dressed up as a Gruffalo for World book day...he's so different from his big brother who never liked to dress up at the age :-)

He wasn't the only one to dress up for World Book day :-)  Michelle dressed up as a red crayon.....and yes she is a teacher :-)

This was my exciting news of last week.  I can now share with you that she had been for an interview for a new job and she got it.  She will be starting a new full time teaching job at a lovely little school just 10 mins from her home after the Easter holidays.  I'm so very proud of her.

Wednesday 6 March 2024


It's been a week of celebrations for us because my darling hubby had his 70th birthday Sunday 3rd.  We had wonderful family times on Saturday and Sunday evening we went out for our tea.  He was well and truly spoilt.

Here he is holding the birthday bear I made for just had to be done :-)

The only other thing I have to share with you is the little bear I made to give away for Easter on my Sewing by Annie Facebook page....please pop over and get your name in the draw....good luck xx

That's all from me for today.  I hope you will leave me a little message to let me know you've called in and I will do my best to pop over to yours to see what you've been up to.


Annie x

Friday 1 March 2024

This week's smiles.....week 363

 Hi all. It's been another week filled with smiles..... and some I can't share yet [sorry to tease]  :-)

We had a really fun day yesterday with this gorgeous little man yesterday and his big brother before and after school.  They have so much love for each other [sometimes too much :-) ] and it's so special to be part of their lives and know how much they love us too.

We have Spring bulbs bursting into bloom in every corner of our garden and that makes me smile....I hope they make you smile too.

Of course it wouldn't be a Friday without a few funnies.  I hope they make you smile too and you will leave me a little message before linking up to your own smiles at the bottom.
Annie x