Friday 30 September 2022

This week's smiles....week 491

 It's been one of those weeks where I have struggled to find you something to smile about.

I did share some lovely photos on Wednesday of a fun afternoon I had with Phoebe and Lulu and I have to admit that although I was suffering toothache it was a very special afternoon and there was lots of chatting and giggling.

Friday and Saturday nights I was up and down with toothache..... Paracetamol and Nurofen just wouldn't touch it so Sunday found me taking a trip to an emergency dentist who thought I had an abscess developing, gave me antibiotics and instructed me to visit my own dentist ASAP.

Monday I managed to get an appointment at my own dentists where I spent 45 mins in the chair having a tooth drilled out and filled and then he lanced the abscess!!!  It was so painful.  He also gave me more antibiotics which I have been taking all week.

I then had to go back to see my dentist yesterday and guess what?....The tooth is no more.  It was still rather unstable so had to be pulled....ouch!!

Although my face was swollen all week and I was still suffering from aches plus the effects of antibiotics and analgesia I had lots of sewing to get on top of....including replacement of 36 zips!! Running your own business means you have to do your best to keep the work done regardless of how your feeling.  I have also been cooking/baking ready for the up and coming WOYWW crop on that is something to smile about.

The only pics I have to share with you this week are.... Reggie my latest addition to the extended family.  He's the twins little dalmation puppy, a little brother for Jet.  He's such a cutie and Jet is really loving having him around.

Of course it wouldn't be  Friday without a few funnies...I found these doggy confesions and they made me chuckle.

Sorry I dont have more to smile about but hopefully my face will improve now and by next Friday I will have more to smiles.


Annie x

Wednesday 28 September 2022


 It's been one of those weeks for me.  

At the end of last week this lot arrived...

Yes it's yet more factory trousers needing more zips and thanks to my wonderful hubby we managed to remove all the zips on Friday while I also got on top of lots of other sewing jobs.

There was yet more of them stacked on the other side of my sewing was a huge bin bag full!!

By the end of Friday all the factory sewing was tucked away back in the bin bag ready to sew on Monday morning and three of my sewing machines were all set up ready for a fun class on Saturday.

On my cutting table I had ironed all my Christmas fabrics and put them ready too....can you guess who was coming and what we were going to make?

Yes it was Lulu and...

....Phoebe.  They are both able to use any of my machines now and are really keen to learn....bliss.

We chatted and giggled all afternoon.  By the end of the afternoon they had each made 11 bunting flags and we had put them all together.....

....and made a lovely long line of Christmas bunting for them to take home to their Mummy who is desperate to start decorating their house.

They are such lovely girls and even gave me a lovely smile each to show off their train tracks that they both have at the mo.

That was the up side of my week.  Sadly this is the downside.  On Friday night I started off with toothache and by Sunday I was in agony...paracetamol and Nurofen wouldnt touch it... so I had to go to an emergency dentist who thought I had an abscess and gave me antibiotics with instructions to see my own dentist on Monday. By Monday morning my face was swollen and when I went to see my dentist on Monday afternoon he confirmed the offending tooth and drilled it out and filled in then lanced the abscess for me...not an experience I ever want to repeat....boy was it painful!!  I now have 2 different courses of antibiotics and have to go back to my dentist on Thursday to see what will happen next....please keep everything crossed for me.

On top of all that of course I have a business to run and lots planned in readiness for the crop on Saturday....wish me luck folks.


Annie x

Friday 23 September 2022

This week's smiles...week 490

 Here we are at another week's catch up of the smiles from the previous week....and there's been lots.

We enjoyed another long weekend away in our caravan.

This time we had 3 night on the Cheddar Bridge campsite near Cheddar Gorge and these are a few snaps I took while driving up and down the's really spectacular and the photos don't really do it justice.

On the Saturday we went to the Wells street was a really lovely market and we also walked through an arch to take a look at the cathedral....stunning.

The passage we went through had such and appropriate name I just had to take a pic :-)

On the Sunday we went to Weston Super Mare and enjoyed a lovely walk on the beach.....Milly made lots of new friends and enjoyed chasing the seagulls.

I popped out into the garden last night and snapped some of the pretty flowers we still have because I know many of you like to see them.

It wouldn't be a Friday without a few funnies.

I hope you all have had a good week and have lots of smiles to share with us by linking below.


Annie x

Wednesday 21 September 2022


 Hi all it's a quick post from me for this week.  I was away on yet another adventure at the weekend and didn't get back til Monday and yesterday was a full on day because on Tuesdays and Wednesdays we now have the twins before and after school and yesterday was their 11th birthday and also Gina's birthday.  After dropping the twins off at school I made a quick chocolate birthday cake for them for after school and Gina and the boys joined us too so we could sing happy birthday tothe 3 of them.

I do have a photo of the 4 bears I fifnished before we went away to share with you....

These were made in memory of a Grandma who's funeral was on Monday, the same day as the Queen, and these 4 were going to her funeral to be given to her Grandchildren.

I have a wedding dress and bridesmaid's dress to steam today, a handbag strap to repair and a popper fastening to sew on a coat.....never a dull minute here.  I will get my sewing done then pop over to visit all I can later....until then have a great day.


Annie x

Friday 16 September 2022

This week's smiles...week 489

 I'm back to posting my weekly smiles.  I really didn't feel like writing a post last week so I'm sorry.  We had had such a lovely time away in our caravan that I did have photos to share from our trip to Scotland so I am sharing them today.  We travelled North and had our first night on a really lovely campsite near Carlisle to break the journey was the best campsite we have ever stayed on and may well drop in there again.  The following day we travelled up to the campsite by Calzean Castle in Ayr that we have stayed on again to have 5 nights to give us chance to spend some time with Ellie and Alan....our dear blogging friends.  It was 3 years. and before Covid. since we last had time with them and now sadly Alan is unable to drive so we were able to take them out for days and to give them a bit of spoiling....we love them lots xxx

They are in the process of boxing up their home to move nearer to their daughter Juli so it was lovely to enjoy a bit of quality time together....and give them a bit of a break.

We had a dinner out at their local Dobbies garden centre where they like to go.  We took them to see Ellie's younger sister who is wheelchair bound and is in a care home...such a lovely lady and it was so lovely to meet her.

Another of the days we took them for a ride up the coast to Largs and they made me have treated us to lunch and the most amazing icecream did have fresh strawberries in it to I'm sure it was healthy and sugar free ;-)

The views and scenery up there were amazing and enjoying the company of special friends really made it a very well worth while holiday.

We noticed this van while we were made us chuckle.

Finally it couldn't be a Friday without a few funnies.

I hope you will all link up to your smiles at the bottom and have a great week.


Annie x

Wednesday 14 September 2022


 I'm back....we have enjoyed a couple of weeks in our caravan.  We had one night near Carlisle then travelled on up to Scotland for a few days and enjoyed some very special time with our blogging friends Elizabeth and Alan.  Sadly when we tried to catch up with Catriona and Norry they were busy. We then travelled south to a site near Hexham for our last couple of nights.  I planned to share a few photos last Friday but with the death of the Queen I felt it would be inappropriate so will share a few on Friday this week.

On my desk today is.... next order for 4 Memory bears in the making.  I have been really busy already this week with my first customer coming through my door at 8 o'clock on Monday morning and the next one coming very soon after and another two coming before lunchtime!!.....I think I've been missed :-)

I will do my best to pay you all a visit this week and leave you a little comment.  I did visit many blogs while we were away but the internet was very poor on our campsites and leaving comments was impossible.  Hoping you are all well and happy and that many of you are looking forward to joining us at the crop on 1st October [details can be found over at Julias]...If you haven't already done so can you please put your names down either with Julia, Jo or myself so we know numbers for doing the catering.


Annie x

Friday 9 September 2022

No Friday smiles today.

 With the sad news of the death of our Queen yesterday I felt that it would be inappropriate to write a Friday smiles post this week.  I will postpone my smiles until next week.

Friday 2 September 2022

This week's smiles....week 488

 It's a quick automated post from me so that you can all use Mr Linky to share your smiles.  I doubt I will be able to leave you comments this week but I will do my best to pop round you all and read your posts.

My smiles for this week are the wonderful pics I took while we were enjoying a trip on the Sabrina boat on the loops of River Severn around Shrewsbury last Sat night.  The town is very different when looking from the river.  We saw ducks, swans, fish jumping and even little bats flying as the day light was beautiful...thanks Amy and Dave xxx

Of course it wouldn't be Friday without a few funnies.  

Hope you've all had a good week and I will hopefully be able to write a post for next Friday.


Annie x