Wednesday 29 April 2020


Another week of lockdown has passed and it's been a very busy one for me.  So many of my customers are wanting masks because they are thinking as lockdown ends we are going to be asked to wear them and our Government is struggling to provide sufficient for the NHS so we may be asked to make our this space as they say.

So my sewing room is a chaos of fabrics and masks in every process of making them.  I've really enjoyed pulling out batches of my fat quarters, pressing them [see pic below!!] and them combining matching/contrasting fabrics to make up the masks.

Yes I have pressed some of my fabrics but the rest have been done by my trusted assistant...we make such a great team.

Im my spare time I was asked for some headbands for one of my customers who is a nurse in our local hospital so of course I ran her 6 up so she has some to share with her friends.
I also made another head band for another of my customers when she dropped her uniform dress in for me to shorten...she had been issued a new dress but it was 12" too long so I shortened it for you do :-)

Whilst making all the masks my reel of elastic was under great demand so I searched the net for some suitable elastic to replace it [it's like looking for hen's teeth!!].  As you can see it's now run out but thankfully I managed to get some more eventually.  I'm sure many of you saw Jan had put a competition on to guess how much thread she had ordered so I thought some of you might like to guess how much elastic I managed to buy...and win yourselves a couple of masks of your choice....please leave your guess in the comments and I will let you know next Wednesday who's was the closest guess. [I can only post to UK addresses sorry].

My last share for this week is the Luna Lapin rabbit I made for our daughter Amy.  It was her 36th birthday on Sunday and I was able to let her have it when she dropped off some shopping for us.

She really loves it so I'm thrilled that I have been able to spread a little more love in our family.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit today and will leave me a little comment to get your name in the draw for the masks...good luck and remember I like to think big ;-)

Annie x

Friday 24 April 2020

This week's smiles...week 368

Hello all and a very happy Friday to you all.  I'm here to do my little bit to make the world a happier place by sharing a few smiles with you.  Of course, we are all still in lockdown so my smiles come from the things around me and what my family share with us over the net....but, as always, there's still plenty to keep us smiling.

I will start off with my family's smiles...

Theo has been camping and enjoying the seaside in their back garden....he did say that he loved playing in their garden seaside but was really looking forward to going to the real one when they could :-)

Amy's three are doing their school work each morning and then really making the best of their garden each afternoon.
The two pics at the bottom is a game they play to learn their multiplication tables :-)

Lexi has had to share pics of when she started her dance lessons and at the stage she's at now....oh how she's altered in that time...from a little shy toddler doing her first ballet classes to a confident 8 year old doing tap, jazz and contemporary dance and also musical theatre classes.

Our raised vegetable bed is sprouting and every row of seeds is now's so exciting.  Nature really is amazing.
The potato bags are growing really well and so is the courgette plant.

Here's the latest bloomers in the garden....and there's even more coming into bloom now.  Nature seems to be trying hard to make us smile.

I hope you have enjoyed my shares for this week and will link up to your own at the bottom.
Keep smiling and stay safe my friends.
Annie x

Wednesday 22 April 2020


Its a conveyor belt type sewing post for this week.  One of my customers asked me to make her some face masks as she was struggling to buy any for her family so I made a few and put them on my Sewing by Annie Facebook page....within a couple of hours I'd sold them all and requests were coming in fast and furious so I've spent my week delving into my stash and doing my best to keep up with's been rather hectic but I'm buzzing.

I have a system worked out where I iron all the fabrics first [or my darling hubby irons them for me] then I cut out all the required sizes [I've made batches of adult and children sized masks].  I then cut all the elastics for each one and pin them in place on one side of the mask.  I back each one in a contrasting/matching fabric and sew around each one before turning right sides out, pleating each one and sewing around a further twice to securely hold everything in place....what fun I've been having.  I have posted out many orders and others have been collected by local customers while they have been on their daily walks with a strictly contactless transaction....what a hoot!

I'm really missing the friendly interaction I have with my customers but in these difficult times we can do anything if only we try.

I'm pleased to report that Elizabeth is making good steady improvement each day.  Her husband, Alan is making slower progress as he is still convalesing from his surgery too but he's gradually moving in the right direction keep those positive vibes heading their way folk and we will get them there.
Annie x

Friday 17 April 2020

This week's smiles....week 367

Another week filled with smiles's a quick round up of family smiles before I share the last collage with you...

It's been Lulu's 10th birthday...a little different this year of course but still filled with lots to smile about....she's had a new desk and chair for her bedroom from her mummy and daddy and we treated her to a couple of  'how to draw' books as part of her present from us because she loves to draw.

More crafty activities from the twins....they painted each others faces [and mum's] and made themselves keep the virus away :-)

Theo's saying cheers with his glass of homemade fruit smoothie.  He sent us a miss you kiss in the second photo and it looks like all the family enjoyed a bike ride together.

Our garden continues to give us lots to smile's the little things that matter eh?...the tiny violet in amongst the forget me nots and the tiny cowslip in the middle of the London Pride.  The crab apple blossom is looking gorgeous and was covered with busy bees and insects.

We have had lots of butterflies too and in just 10 minutes I'd seen a peacock butterfly, an orange tip butterfly and a small blue butterfly to name but a few.

Our biggest smiles of today are because it's our 38th Wedding Anniversary.  We all look so much younger back then didn't we...and Doddy even had hair :-)  In the top right photo you can see my much older sister [on the far right]  and on my right hand side is our Dad who would have been 100 today.  He was a very special dad and left us far too soon but I'm sure he's watching us and will know we will be raising a glass to him later.  A very Happy Anniversary to my wonderful's in difficult times like this that you really appreciate just what you've got that's for sure.

Annie x

Wednesday 15 April 2020


Good morning to all my self isolating creative friends this morning.

I would firstly like to send lots of healing hugs to our blogging friend, Elizabeth and her husband up in Scotland.  Elizabeth had been looking after her hubby who was convalescing following his op to repair the broken leg after falling in their kitchen and she has now caught the couldn't happen at a worse time [not there's ever a good time!].  They now think Alan is getting the virus too now so please send them both lots of healing vibes.  It's a b****** isn't it?

I hope the rest of you are keeping well and coping with life's challenges.

We have been keeping busy here.  There's been lots of gardening, sewing and creating going on here.

Nanny rabbit has now got a new dress [thanks Jan for suggesting she needed to be colourful...thought this fabric was perfect for her].
Phoebe suggested that Nanny rabbit should have a sewing machine so my darling hubby cut me one out in wood and with the addition of a needle, couple of buttons and a lick of paint I think we've done a good job between us :-)

I managed to get the rabbits to the grandchildren for their Easter gifts and they have all sent me photos and videos to say thank you....I believe they are all much loved.

Milly was in need of her Spring trim so between us [Dod holding her and me clipping] we have given her a first lockdown hair cut....I'm rather pleased with the results as it was the first time I've trimmed her and she's loving feeling cooler too.....In the afternoon I did the same for hubby too.  I normally cut his hair so he's lucky but mine! now that's another matter.  He has said he will run the clippers over mine for me but, as yet, I've declined.

I hope you enjoyed your visit....I will be round to check out your's ASAP.
Big hugs,
Annie x

Friday 10 April 2020

This week's smiles....week 366

Happy Friday to one and all.  I'm here to share a few of my smiles from the last week and hoping you will all share yours by linking up below.  In difficult times I'm a firm believer that smiles help to get us through each day and know that smiles are even more contagious that this coronavirus so lets get spreading something good in our world.

I will start up with a few of the photos shared with me from our isolated families....

Theo has been enjoying making and doing and spending time in the garden in the sunshine.

I love his Elmer the elephant he's made from an empty milk container...recycling at it's best I'd say eh?

Lexi has been doing her dance classes on the decking...just wish I could get into some of the positions she can ...don't you?

Both twins have spent a lot of time Facetiming us [that's what they are doing together on the seat].  Modern technology is a blessing isn't it?

The top left photo Lexi is showing me the snake very long worm she found in their garden...the wicked look on her face was cos she was teasing her mummy with it :-)

Phoebe, Lulu and Steve are blessed with having a huge garden [plus two large fields to run and play in] and their mummy and daddy have filled their swimming was apparantly very cold but they enjoyed an hour swimming and playing in it wearing their wet suits.

As a child I loved the water too and can well remember going swimming in a deep part of our local brook and being told off when I got home because it wasn't safe, clean water and my elder brother who was supposed to be looking after me couldn't swim!!

Here's a few of the latest treasures making us smile in our garden....I just couldn't resist changing my header pic.  I hope you enjoy the tulips.

And finally here's something I saw on Facebook that made me smile.

I think the message is 'stay home and safe'.

I hope you have all found something here that has made you smile today and will help me to spread the smiles by sharing yours too.

Annie x

Wednesday 8 April 2020


Another week of self isolation has passed and we have been enjoying some really lovely sunny days in the garden.  No weed has felt safe in our because the minute he pops his head up he's pulled out....our garden has never looked better :-)

I've moved a lot of the fabric off my desk and have even put some of it away to make room for the activities of the moment.....

I know it's far too early to mention the C word but I decided now would be a good time to do some painting while I can get it all out and leave it on my desk until I've finished what I'm doing with having no customers to disturb me.  At the begining of the year I ordered some wood slices to make some tree decorations with so that's what I have been up to.  It's something that I will enjoy dipping in and out of over the next couple of weeks.

I have also been sewing but as they are for birthday presents later in the year I can't share those with you yet and we have both enjoyed a few baking/cooking sessions together....

...fruity flapjacks and naan breads this week.  I think like most of you we are using up things from the store cupboard and finding recipes to adapt if we don't have all that's needed.  The naan breads were made without yeast as we didn't have any.  We found a recipe using baking powder instead and I have to say they were really yummy....and what we didn't eat were frozen and are ready for the next curry we's surprising what you can do when you try eh?

That's all from me for today.  I hope you are all staying home and are well and happy.
Annie x

Friday 3 April 2020

This week's smiles...week 365

Here we are at another round up of all the smiles from the last week....and there have been many :-)  It's so wonderful that in difficult times the smiles keep on coming.  Please join in if you can by snapping a few of your smiles and sharing them with us by linking them up below....we really can't get enough at the moment.....just remember smiles are contagious.

My smiles from my family come to us on a daily basis...

Amy's three have been keeping busy by cooking, planting seeds, making models of the football stadium, power hosing the slabs to name just a few of their activities....they are lucky enough to live in a house with acres of land around them so can enjoy den building, playing football etc all very safely.

The twins have been enjoying camping in their play room and taking a bath pretending they were on holiday in the pool drinking coctails :-)
Lexi has been able to keep up her dance lessons because her dance teacher has been doing them on their Ipads....modern technology really does help at times like this.

Lego has featured in our son, Mark's house...but I'm not sure whether he was building it or Theo.  Mark really loved his Lego when he was a little boy and I'm pleased to say he still does.
He's also been building a raised garden in their back garden to plant their vegetables in [looks like a can of beer helped the progress too].

I've surrounded myself in fabrics in my sewing's been so lovely to make a creative mess and not have to tidy it all away for customers....there's a positive to every negative.

Our back garden keeps giving us more to smile at every day so here is my latest collage to make you smile.

We have also spent one afternoon this week planting up all our veg seeds in our raised bed.  We have covered it in bubble wrap to warm the soil up to get them germinated.
We also have little potato plants popping their heads up and the tomato, courgette and cucumber plants are all growing well.
When it all grows we will be a little closer to being self sufficient....maybe chickens next?....if only the stress of a little Milly barking at them all day would encourage them to lay eggs :-) :-)

I really hope you have found something to smile about during your visit today and will now link up to your own smiles below.
Stay stafe my friends.
Annie x

Wednesday 1 April 2020


Here we are at another Wednesday catch up with our creative friends from all around the world.  I hope you are all managing to stay well and happy and are finding plenty to occupy your days....we are and I'm nowhere near bored enough yet to feel like doing housework  :-)

I managed to finish the Luna Lapin rabbit that I was making for Gina's birthday but I wont be sharing that on my blog until after her birthday in September and I have also dressed Nanny rabbit....although I do have a few ideas for her to come yet....

I can proudly say my room has had a lot of use this week and I have really enjoyed getting lots out and not having to keep tidying it away for customers.....bliss.  So I have snapped it from various angles and am sharing it in all it's glory this week....

Feel free to click on the collage if you want a closer look....and don't be afraid to ask if there's anything more you want to know about it.
We have also enjoyed several baking sessions together and I thought you might like to help yourselves to a freshly baked scone with your cuppa today...

I have now been asked to make rabbits for Michelle and Amy for their next birthdays [hence why my room is in such a mess ] so there will be lots going on here that I wont be able to share with you for next week and I will have to work extra hard to find things I can share.....that is if I can still move as we did the Joe Wicks workout for Seniors this morning and plan to do it each morning to keep us fit!!....give it a go because it really caused a chuckle here.
Annie x