Wednesday 31 July 2013


Hello all.  I think a lot of us made the best of Julia's early posting last week and it certainly made a difference to the callers that called in here.  There were lots of new faces calling by so I'd like to say thank you so much to you all for your lovely comments.

So?  What is on my desk this week?
If you had read my post yesterday you will know what my Tuesday was filled with so today I am sharing my table full of my paper crafting with you...

I've printed off background pics to use for my little book like the one Annette sent me.....I say 'like' cos mine really is nothing like the gorgeous one she sent me that you can see here on her blog but mine has taken the design of her book and ran with a head full of ideas I'd got to make little books for my grandies to play with.

I've used jungle background papers to make the book with and attached double sided laminated animals that I've attached to ribbon so the little ones can move them from one section to another in the book and make up stories as they play....and at the end of the day the little animals can be tucked in the little pockets so the book can be closed up and tied.

I thought these could be taken away on holidays with them to play with.  They can be opened up and tied into place while playing, the animals wont get lost and they can use their imaginations to make up stories.

Clever eh?  :-)

Here are my next ideas in the making.....Fairyland, a zoo, a house, a farm, and bugs and insects.  My mind has been doing overtime as you can see so thank you Annette for sewing the seeds and sharing your instructions as to how to make the little certainly caused us a few giggles in getting me to understand how to get the folds right but I've got there in the end.  :-)

The other snap I'm sharing with your today is this one...

Next Tuesday Jo and I are booked into a workshop to 'make a bag' that a friend is starting to teach...we are being used as her guinea pigs!  :-)
We have cut out all the pieces of fabric ready for the day so just maybe next week this pile might look rather more like a bag...I love the colours of my fabric and am really looking forward to the day's fun.

Thanks for calling by today and leaving such lovely comments.  I will do my best to pop by yours to say hello as soon as I'm able but I really hope you all have a great week while you're waiting for my visit  :-)

Annie x

Tuesday 30 July 2013

T for Tuesday...

I'm back to join in with the T for Tuesday and link up over at Elizabeth's for my second week.  I was made to feel very welcome last week so thank you to those who called by to say hello.

This is how I'm starting my day today...

  • My morning tablets and water to take them with.
  • A bowl of nutty granola with low fat plain yogurt...yum
  • And of course my much needed cup of coffee.
I'm hoping this starts my day off well cos I am going to be takling some paper crafting today. Annette from over the seas at Scrap Happens here sent me a gorgeous little book to 'have a go at' making my own version.  If you follow the link you will see just what a challenge she has given this 'not very good paper crafter'.  It has already been the cause of much hilarity and, shall we say I should buy shares in tena lady!  Think I'd have been better at making an origami frog than a book and at one point I had made a lovely pyramid!!  Her gorgeous little book really did get my creative juices flowing though and I can picture a little book for use by my grandies with a theme....picture a zoo, a farm, a house or maybe even a fairy castle?

I hope you have a good imagination and keep working hard on what you imagine it might look like.....I just hope I can come up with something that looks like anything other than the frog or pyramid!!!!!

Thanks for calling by.  I'm in for a day of fun today....that is apart from the dentist appointment I've got in the middle of my day!  Hope your's is a good one.

Annie x

Friday 26 July 2013

This week's smiles.....week 28

Here we are at another Friday when you are all welcome to link up your happy pics and share them with others to make the world a happier place.  You are very welcome to link your pics any time during the week and next Friday I will chose my favourite blog to feature the following Friday.

Lots joined in last week and there was a lot to smile about but one blog stood out especially to me......
Sylvia joined in by sharing a gorgeous pic of a little happy dog.  It was a really cute pic and made me smile but it must have taken a lot of effort on Sylvia's behalf to find something to smile about as she had just lost someone very special to her.  I really hope the pain of her loss is a little easier by sharing our happy posts and send her big hugs from us all.

This week I'm sharing a photo of my little twinnie grandies taken last weekend on the beach at Tenby in Wales simply because it made me smile but this week I am challenging you all to write a slogan to go with it.

I want you to leave a comment saying what you think Sam is whispering to Lexi...they have just learnt to whisper and make us giggle when they do it.  Go on give it a me when I say anything is possible cos they really are little partners in crime now.  :-)

....and I just might chose the best one and find a little prize for you for joining in the fun.

Annie x

Tuesday 23 July 2013


Hello to all my wonderful blogging friends who call by every Wednesday to catch up on the events of my week.

I finished the top you saw that I had started last week and here it is...

I've pin tucked in the middle of the sleeve and used the same machine embroidery to embellish it with and finished all the hems...I'm rather pleased with it too  :-)

Yesterday was my first 'twin free' Tuesday due to the school holidays and my shop was shut so I was able to choose something for me to 'play ' with.

On my desk today is the latest top I'm working on.  I rather like the random colours in this fabric and chose blue to do the machine embroidery in as this colour runs throughout.  It's looking good so far and hopefully I will be able to get it finished a little later this week in between my customers sewing.  :-)

You should be able to click on the pic if you want a closer look.

The other quick snap I'd like to share with you this week is what's on my kitchen work desk

Salmon, broccoli and blue cheese quiche.  It smells wonderful and I'm happy to share it.'s just out of the oven so if you're going to help yourself to a slice please mind you don't burn your fingers.  :-)

It's short and sweet from me for this week.  Hope you have enjoyed seeing what I've been up to and leave me a little comment.  I will pop by to say hello as soon as I'm able.  Have a great week.
Annie x

T stands for Tuesday

I have been reading through the blogs I follow and I noticed that several have joined in with Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday so I thought I would give it a go.

Why?.....cos I can  :-)  

It's the school holidays  here so I haven't got my little twinnie munchkins for 6 weeks [of course I will be seeing them but I know their mummy will want to make the best of her time off to spend all the time she can with them....who can blame her?].  I will still be shutting up shop as normal on my Tuesdays so it will allow me a little bit of me time to do anything I fancy....wahoooooo I'm foot loose and fancy free.
.....but of course I'm missing my little friends like crazy.

So here you go....mine's a coffee in one of my favourite mugs.  It's lined up with everything I've had to start my day today.
  • My tablets....One diabetic tablet, one for my blood pressure, a cod liver oil capsule and glucosamine tablet, both of which I take for my arthritis.....yep I rattle!
  • Eggs benedict on a lightly toasted wholemeal muffin...which fits perfectly into my diabetic diet.  I like to have eggs once or twice a week and this was really I'm still loosing a pound a week so must be getting something right  :-)
  • Plus of course my mug of coffee.
So there you go.  I'm all ready to have some fun now....wonder what I shall do?  :-)
If you'd like to join in the fun pop over to visit Elizabeth and link up.

Annie x

Friday 19 July 2013

This week's smiles....week 27

What a gloriously sunny week we have had....if but a little too hot at times.  We had lots joining in this last week to share their happy posts so thank you to everyone for making the effort.

My featured blog this week for me just had to be Sam's funny over at Hettiecraft.  I think it really appealed to the midwife in me and certainly made me giggle.  I don't know where you find your funnies each week Sam but thank you for linking them up here to give us a giggle.

My week has been full of smiles.  I had three fun day's with the twins on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before the school summer holidays stared for Shell.  I will of course see them during the 6 weeks holidays but I know Shell will want to make the best of every day with them....and who could blame her?  To top our Wednesday off Amy brought her 3 little munchkins to join their cousins for a BBQ tea at ours.  She brought with her their bouncy castle for them all to play on together and I spent the evening watching them all playing very happily together.  It's so special to see them all interacting and they all cause so many smiles so I have made you all a collage to share.....and I dare you to click on it to have a good look and not be smiling when you've finished.  :-)

I hope you have enjoyed sharing my smiles and feel able to snap a few of the things that have made you happy this week to share with others.  Smiling is like a tonic and it really does make the world a better place to live.

Annie x

Wednesday 17 July 2013


Hello to all calling by for a catch up this week.  It's been another manic week here at Sewing by Annie's.  I have the twins here today for their third play day with Nanny Annie this week so will be catching up with you all either later tonight or tomorrow in between catching up with my sewing jobs.

I must thank you all for your love, care and concern for little Lulu and her sore finger last week and just quickly let you know that she went back to the hospital yesterday to have her dressings changed.  The Drs are really pleased with how it's healing.  It's still very swollen, as you would expect, but is clean and dry so they redressed it and she has to go back next Tuesday for another check up.  She was very brave at the hospital and didn't shed a tear even when the dressings had stuck and had to be pulled off....think she's braver than me!!!

So what's on my desks for this week?.....

I have just quickly made you a couple of collages that you can click on for a closer look to show you what I've been up you can imagine I don't have much time for writing at the mo.

My first crafty love just has to be my sewing....

I know I don't claim to be a paper crafter but over the years I have gathered an awful lot of paper crafting stash  :-) out of the closet I come.....

As you can see I'm never idle for long  :-)  Short and sweet this week.

Thanks for dropping by.

Annie x

Saturday 13 July 2013

Just a few questions and answers .........

I found this on Tracy's blog and thought I would join in. I thought it was a little thought provoking and would love others to join in too.

1. Where is your cell/mobile phone? Next to me of course.
2. Your hair? Grey and short.
3. Your mother? Died 15 years ago.
4. Your father? Died 24 years ago.
5. Your favourite food? At the moment..... strawberries fresh picked from the garden.
6. Your dream last night? In a building with many, many floors and having to go to bed on the top floor!
7. Your favourite drink? (hot) Coffee - (cold) Fruit juice
8. Your dream/goal? To move to a bungalow.
9. What room are you in? Sitting room.
10. Your hobby? Fabric crafts mainly but anything creative.
11. Your fear? Spiders and snakes.
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Living happily in a bungalow.
13.Where were you last night? Home after doing the supermarket shopping in Sainsbury's.
14. Something that you aren’t? Tall and slim.
15. Muffins? No  thanks....not allowed on a diabetic diet. :-(
16. Wish list item? A new sewing room fitted with lots of storage.
17. Where did you grow up? In the house I'm living in.
18. Last thing you did? Made a new tag book during a crafty afternoon with big sis.
19. What are you wearing? Cream linen crop linen trousers and a blue summer top.
20. Your TV? 32" flat screen.
21. Your pet? 2 cairn terriers.
22. Friends? Many very special ones.....I'm very lucky.
23. Your life? Blessed.
24. Your mood? Happy.
25. Missing someone? Yes
26. Vehicle? Automatic ford focus.
27. Something you’re not wearing? Anything on my feet.
28. Your favourite store? Fabric/craft shops.
29. Your favourite colour? Blues / Purples / Pinks
30. When was the last time you laughed? This afternoon with that big sister of mine.
31. Last time you cried? Probably at something daft on the telly.
32. Your best friend? I have many and all would come running if I needed them  :-)
33. One place that you go to over and over? Into my sewing room :-)
34. One person who emails you regularly? No 'one' person but many do  :-)
35. Favourite place to eat? Anywhere as long as I don't have to cook.

Now you've learnt a little more about me maybe you would like to join in the fun and tell me a little more about leave me a comment to tell me you are joining in so I will know  :-)

Friday 12 July 2013

This week's smiles....week 26

Wahooooo week 26....that means we have had 6 whole months of sharing our happy posts and making others smile.....doesn't it feel good?

We had lots joining in last week so thank you so much to all of you for joining in the fun.  I am featuring the gorgeous photo Ros shared with us of her gum blossoms.....aren't they just something else?  Such a pretty colour.  She also shared a funny with us that really got me chuckling so thank you Ros for making my day.

This week I am sharing a couple of collages that made me smile.  
Our little granddaughter Lulu had a falling out with a fire door on Thursday night and was rushed to hospital having very nearly taken the end off the middle finger on her left hand.  She had xrays and her finger was dressed while she was there and then sent home for the night.  She then had to then go back first thing on the Friday morning to have an operation to stitch it back on....ouch.  She was such a brave little girl and we are all so very proud of her.

She has to keep her dressings clean and dry for 10 days [hense the plastic bags :-) ] and go back next Tuesday to see how it's all healing.......have you ever tried to keep a 3 year old clean? 
 We are keeping everything crossed here that everything heals well with no problems.

The other collage is of some twinnie fun in the sun....wahoooo summer is here  :-)

You should be able to click on either collage if you want to read the captions or have a closer look.

We have such a lot here to be thankful for and so much in our lives that makes us smile.  Why not snap away with your camera and join in the fun this week by sharing your happy moments?

Annie x

Wednesday 10 July 2013


Another week has passed and life is never boring here.  

It has included....

  • another emergency A and E visit for one of my grandchildren....this time it was Lulu's turn when she nearly took the end of her finger off in a door.  An A and E visit on Thursday and another visit to the children's ward the following day for surgery to have it sewn back on and so far so good as they say!!! to follow on Friday but nothing too gory  I promise.
  • Two twinny days this week....lots of fun and giggles and a trip to see some animals with them Tuesday afternoon cos Granddad was off work too....special memories were made.
  • another gorgeous ATC has arrived from Peggy out there in the Philippines.  Thank you so much....I love it.  You are so very talented.
  • The booking of a week's holiday  :-)  We are heading south to near Trowbridge and hoping to catch up with some very special blogging know who you are :-)   It will be wonderful to put a few faces to the people I have called friends for years.
So on my desk this week is....

A pile of dress making fabrics that I hope to make some new tops with ready for my holidays......
I just need to find the time....does anyone know where it's hiding?

That's all from me for today folks.  I have lots of catching up to do and have a Dr's appointment this morning for another blood test and a weigh in.....wish me luck please  :-)

Update.....I've lost another 4lbs!!!! that's 2 bags of sugar less I am carrying around with me and I have now actually lost the same in weight as Lexi weighs!!!!  Wahhoooooo....doing a happy dance here.  :-)

I will do my best to pop by to say hello as soon as I can but til then....have a great week.

Annie xxx

Friday 5 July 2013

This week's smiles.....week 25

Happy Friday to each and every one calling by here this week.  Last week there was only a few who joined in the fun so thank you for those taking the time to share their happy moments to make the world around them a better place to live.  I know it does me good focusing on the happy moments during my week so why not take just 5 minutes out of your busy lives and giving it a go?

My featured blog this week is my big sister's.  Jo took a photo of a blackbird taking a voyeuristic is that?  hehehe She asked what we thought the black bird would be saying....isn't it obvious?  He was shouting...."Please shut the bathroom door!"  :-)  Both Jo and I get a lot of pleasure from the birds in our gardens.

My smiles for this week....

I have had three wonderful days this week with my little twinnie munchkins so I've snapped just a few of my happy moments to share with you all......please click on to enlarge so you can read the captions  :-)  They bring me such a lot of pleasure how could I not share them?

The other photo I want to share with you is one Shell sent me of Lexi with her favourite book  :-)
It's a book of insects as you can probably see and as her Mummy,  Nanny Annie and Great Aunty Jo are all arachnophobes you will understand how we feel about her choosing this one as her favourite.  :-)  Just to see her little hand so close to that huge spider makes my heart beat a little faster.

I hope my pics have made you smile today and you will try to share a pic or two of your happy moments this week.

Annie x

Wednesday 3 July 2013


 Yet again blogger has played up and is linking WOYWW on Julia's blog to my wrong post!!!

If you have found your way to here on Wednesday 10th July or after please follow this link to my today's posting.

Annie x

Wahooooo  I've been paper crafting.

When you have all picked yourselves up off the floor I will continue.  :-)

On last week's WOYWW I saw the most gorgeous tag book on Jo[zart]'s blog and I left her a comment to ask if it would be possible to make one to hold my 30 plus being a complete novice at anything so clever I really had no idea.  Of course Jo being Jo she set to and straight away made one for me and another for that much older sister of mine.  She is such a kind, generous lady and as yet we have never met in person [but we have had a few lovely chats on the phone :-) ].

This is what Jo sent to me....

A fabulous tag book [she said simply made!!!!] that I really loved and a gorgeous little card with a robin on [so she knew for sure I would love that as robins just have to be my favourite little birds.]  :-)

So I straight away took all my last year WOYWW celebration ATCs down off my cupboard door [you can see the pic I posted last year of the display] and I filled the pages in my new tag book....wahooo I love it.  Thanks so much Jo.

Now I can hear you all saying..."so where is your paper crafting Annie?"  Of course once I'd seen the gorgeous book Jo made for me it gave me the challenge of making one for this year's ATC collection.


Out came some of my stash of paper crafting materials....yes I really do have rather a lot of stash I rarely look at let alone actually do something with....of course it did help that I didn't have any sewing to do!

And here is my very first tag book made using the design Jo had used.....I hope you're proud of me Jo cos now I'm totally hooked.

It includes lots of snippets so I'm linking it over at Di's playground for this week....I'm sure she will be seriously in shock to see me paper crafting to join in the playground fun.

Of course the front cover had to have a dumfed flower picture done with machine/hand embroidery and beading on it ...fabric crafts is really what I do  :-)  The photo doesn't really do it justice but I'm sure you get the idea.

 And of course I have already filled it with all the amazing ATCs I have already received.  It really blew me away to study each and every one of them as I mounted them in my very first tag each put so much love and effort into making them.

It's a real book FULL of love.  :-)

Thank you to each and every one of you and of course especially to Jo[zart]. xxxxx

Thank you for dropping by and leaving me such lovely comments.  I hope you've got over the shock of finding paper crafting going on here today.  I will do my best to call by to see what you've been up to later today or tomorrow cos I have 3 munchkin days this week, today being one of them.  :-) :-) :-)

Annie x