Wednesday 31 May 2023


 Hello to all my Wednesday friends from around the world....I love my Wednesdays.

I have a few more ATCs to show you this week....some were here last week but were hiding [it's easy to get lost amongst my stash here lol ].

Each ATC is a little work of art and I love them all so thanks for thinking of me.

The other thing I have to share today is my latest little school Memory bear....I must get my folder up to date and see how many I have made now [when I get the time ].
I have altered 2 pretty pink bridesmaids dresses and shortened a pretty navy prom dress this week as well as the normal alterations/repairs so it's been rather a lovely week.

I will do my best to call by at as many blogs as I can in between my sewing jobs so please leave me a little message so I know you've called by.
Annie x

Friday 26 May 2023

This week's smiles....week 514

 We've had such a lovely week here filled with lots of smiles.....

Saturday night I went to Theatre Severn with my darling hubby and my much older sister to see Skerryvore [a Scottish folk band] and they were brilliant....a great tonic for us all.

Their support group was called The Eves....two girls with amazing voices.....I could have listened to them all night too.

Sunday evening we went back to  Theare Severn to watch Lexi's dance show ...she was amazing.  She had danced all afternoon doing a few duets and the evening was the group dances [I have edited the photos to exclude the other children so they have blurred a little].

She really has developed into a confident and talented young dancer and it was thrilling to watch...such proud moments.

Little Louie is growing up far too quickly.  He's walking a little more each day and loves to climb too!!

I had him all to myself on Tuesday afternoon and he was back on Thursday for another play day....we really enjoy our fun times together.

The garden has beautiful flowers everywhere I look now and I know you will enjoy sharing them.

Of course it wouldn't be a Friday without a few funnies...I hope something here makes you smile.


Annie x

Oops I've cut off the last line of this one when I made the collage....thanks for the heads up Angela xxxx

Wednesday 24 May 2023


 Hello all.  What a lovely day of celebrations it was last Wednesday.  I managed to call in on everyone to wish Happy Anniversary to all and have already recieved many wonderful ATCs....

Thank you all so much for swapping with me.  I really appreciate the work you've all put into making then all.  They are all so different but special in their own way.

Here's to many more year of fun and friendship.

It's been a manic week this week and I have already.....

  • Taken in a dressing gown
  • Shortened a lady's top
  • Shortened 2 pair of trousers
  • Rehemed 2 pair of trousers and
  • Taken in a dress to remove the zip fastening
I had little Louie as an extra afternoon yesterday and will be starting my morning today making another Memory bear....Louie was too tired to do it yesterday :-)

Many of you were interested to know what I was making a baby's graduation cap for.  I've been allowed to share these photos with gorgeous are they?
It's always lovely to see how my makes get used.

That's all from me for this week.  I hope you have all had a great week.  I will do my best to call on all I can once I've caught up on my sewing after enjoying my play day yesterday.
Annie x

Friday 19 May 2023

This week's smiles.....week 513

 Oh what a lovely week I've had since last Friday.  I'm sorry I didn't get round to all your blogs to comment on last was because we were on an adventure to South Wales visiting Jan [LLJ] and family and what a wonderful time we all had.  Jan made us so welcome and even little Milly was allowed to explore their house and garden was so lovely to relax.  There wasn't an awkward silence once...I think we chatted and laughed all weekend.

Then of course on Wednesday it was the WOYWW 14th year anniversary ....I managed to drop in on every blog once I had finished Nanny Annie duties with little Louie and juggling work of here is never boring :-)

My photos this week are of all tho wonderful flowers in our garden at the mo...they seemed to all bloom ready for our return from our break away.

We have one flower bed full of granny's bonnets at the mo and there are lots of different's all so pretty so they have a collage of their own :-)

Finally of course I have to share a few funnies with you...hope something makes you smile.


Annie x

Wednesday 17 May 2023

WOYWW 14th Anniversary


Happy Anniversary to you all and a huge thankyou to our Queen of the blogs, Julia for keeping up the group for so long....we have so much to thank you for.

We went on an adventure to South Wales last weekend to deliver our Anniversary ATCs to Jan [of course that wasn't the only reason]. It had been far too long since we had seen her, her gorgeous hubby and youngest son Rhys so, as you can imagine, there was much to catch up on and there certainly were no awkward silences....thanks Jan for making us feel so welcome [including little Milly who is still recovering :-) ].

Being away for a long weekend means I worked yesterday to play catchup with all my sewing jobs and this is the latest very special little bear I have's made from a Grandad's white t shirt and a Grandma's blue stripey blouse [or what was left of it as it had been loved to death and was very frayed].

Well, that's all from me for this week. Sending out lots of love to all our group and hoping we can keep it going many more years.


Annie x

Friday 12 May 2023

This week's smiles....week 512

It's a quick visit from me today with a few smiles from my week because we are off on our adventures again this please forgive me if I can't leave comments because of internet access.

This made me smile this week...if you look closely you can see where the tulips have been but following the rain we had this week all the petals have dropped until next year that's all from them for now.

Little Louie has been with us Wednesday and Thursday this week and, as always he likes to snuggle on his Grandad's knee for his nap but on Wednesday he had almost snuggled down the side of the chair....I'm guessing he was more comfortable that he looked lol

Milly likes to chase the pigeons out of the garden but this week we had a stand off!!  The pigeon refused to move for her and they stood staring each other out for ages.  :-)

The other thing I have to share today is a few funnies.

I hope you have all had a good week and will share your smiles by linking up below.


Annie x

Wednesday 10 May 2023


Hi all.  We are creeping ever closer to the anniversary swap and Jo and I now have names for all the ATCs we have made this year....and I'm even delivering some of them in person wahooooo.

I've been making more bears this week and have another one arriving later today too plus I was given a challenge that I'm also sharing with you...

This bear was made to give a special little girl as a birthday present in memory of her Aunty.


This one made to commemorate Longmynd Adventure camp that was founded in 1958.

I get to make so many bears to remember all sorts of people/events and there are rarely two the same.

This was my challenge for the week.  I was asked to make a graduation cap to fit a baby....I just hope the baby's head is slightly larger than this dolly.

I found a pattern on Pinterest but the instructions were far fron clear....I'm just glad I can sew lol

I hope you have enjoyed your visit and will leave me a little message so I know you've called in.  I have a busy start to my day as we have the twins and little Louie here for breakfast and I have my first customer coming at 8!!!  I am only working today and tomorrow because we are setting off on an adventure on Friday to deliver a couple of ATCs...more about that next week [:-)  I'm such a tease :-)]


Annie x

Friday 5 May 2023

This week's smiles....week 511

 It's been another crazily busy week here at Sewing by Annie' much so that Wednesday morning I had had 4 customers before 9.30!!  I keep ploughing through my sewing though and love that every day has different challenges.  I have a few pics to share with you....

Lulu seems to have grown up so much since she become a teenager last she is all ready to go to the school adventure camp at Arthog last weekend....and she had an amazing time :-)

The blooms in our garden seem to be bursting out everywhere we look....the crab apple blossom looked amazing when I took this pic but has already started to drop like confetti sadly.

Finally of course we have to finish off with a few funnies....and this week there seems to be rather a lot.  Hope you find something to make you smile.
Please leave me a little hello comment so I know you've called by and then link to your own smiles below.
Annie x

Wednesday 3 May 2023


 Two weeks are never the same here at Sewing by Annie's.  This week I've been under demand for my services and with having to close for all these Bank holidays there just aren't enough hours in my days so I allowed a young lady come for a Wedding dress fitting yesterday, on my day off, and spent the day altering her dress and also removed the pockets from a pair of linen trousers because my customer didn't like the way they showed through.

I have also made two memory bears, put a new zip in a waterproof jacket and repaired a tear in a dress....I do love the variety that comes through my door.

I love to see my rail full....especially when all the jobs on there are done and just waiting for collection :-)

This little bear will be going to sit at the head of a table at a Wedding where Grandad would have sat.....I love how special the little bears I make are.

This little bear is made from a Dad's shirts and is being given to a special needs young man on his birthday.

That just about sums up my week so far but I have a Prom dress coming today and have 4 more Memory bears coming before the end of the week too....It's all go here and I'm loving the buzz


Annie x