Wednesday 30 January 2013


Here we are at another of the best days of the week when I can go snooping round all my blogging friends crafty spaces to see what they have all been up to this week.  I have had a great week so far.  My little twinnie munchkins came for their usual fun day with Nanny Annie yesterday and they stayed the night cos I have them again today...their mummy has to work the occasional extra day and today is one of those.  Great Aunty Jo is coming down today to allow me to open the shop up and to enjoy some quality time with the twins.

So on my desk today is what was left on their last night after the twins went to bed.....

My first completed LillyBo quilt.....and I'm thrilled to bits with it  :-)

Here is the's about 70cm x 100cm and I feel it would brighten up the day of any little girl or boy who isn't feeling at their best.

I've joined in the fun over at Pixie's playground with this quilt  because it's made of lots of snippets  :-)

I've made a matching bag for it to go in so it could be used as a pillow to snuggle up on if need be.

The bag is lined with red fabric and has a little pocket inside.....I wonder who this is peeping out?

Meet Scamp.  There is a little Westie on the picture in the middle of the quilt so of course I just had to knit one of my favourite little dogs to go with the quilt.

This will soon be parcelled up and on it's way to Jo over at Jozart who is organising the LillyBo quilt blog.

Hope you like it Jo  :-)

Thanks for dropping by today.  I will probably have to do my return visits later on today when the twins go home or tomorrow in between catching up on my sewing jobs but I promise I will do my best to drop in on as many of you as I can.
Annie x

Don't forget to pop and have a look at the smiley posts this week and link your own smiley pics for the week here.
After all there are always days when we need a smile and it's so lovely to share our smiles with others.  Come on....lets make the world a happier place.  :-)

Monday 28 January 2013

Share your smiles...

Don't forget you can link up any time during the week to share your smiles and make the world a happier place to be.   :-)
Thanks to those that have already joined in the fun.  Some really fab pics so far  :-)
Annie x

Friday 25 January 2013

This week's smiles.....week 2

What can I say?.....thank you so very much for joining in this week with your wonderful photos and what fab photos you all shared.  There were......
  • Children ...smiley faces from MaggieC and those at play in the snow from Caro and Angela. A snap of a little man's first day at school from Tracy.
  • Animals...Lynn's little rescue dog  and  Annette and Elizabeth's cats.
  • Snow....featured in so many this week [I wonder why?].....we had my Jo facing blizzards to snap a little owl in a tree, Elmo was snapped at play in the snow by Bumble Vee and Jozart snapped her winter wonderland of fairies and friends. Of course there was Julia smiling at the amount of snow they had on the roof of their car forcing her to have stay at home time for crafty fun.  Sam snapped her snowy pics and even made a snow chook to share with us. Jen snapped her dogs out walking in the snow but I have to say it was the mug full at the top of her page that did it for me.   Helen linked to the fab pic of her snow covered ghosts.
Every one of them made me smile but the one that gave me the biggest smile this week has to be Gilbert the Gnome over at Marmalade Rose.  Fi has embellished this cheeky little character and all I have to say is ...who wouldn't just love him.  :-)  Do pop over and check him out if you haven't already.

My snaps this week are of my family's fun in the snow.....

Phoebe and Lulu standing proudly by the snowman they made themselves....a bigger one was made later by the whole family but this one was made with love by two little sisters and I love it.

Snow angels are best made whilst lying on your back Steve!

This is how you get around when you're 16 month old twins!  They later went sledging with other family members and really loved it.
[not me I hasten to add!]

Here they are plotting to decide who dares throw the snow ball at their mum.  :-)....not sure what was said but Lexi walked away giggling.

I really hope you've enjoyed my happy pics today and choose to share some of yours this week.  Feel free to link any time during the week and I will do my best to feature the pics that makes me smile the most next Friday.
[I don't promise to link to them all like I have this week but it was my way of thanking all who jumped to join in for the very first week  :-) ]

The world is a nicer place to live when it's full of smiles.

Wednesday 23 January 2013


Firstly I would like to invite you all to each week upload a pic of what makes you smile and to link your happy post to my Friday's smile.  I have had a few teething probs with Mr Linky but all being well those are sorted out now.  You can put any pics here on this post up til Friday or wait til Friday and link up with this week's posting.  Many have already joined in the fun so check out the links if you are in need of a smile on these gloomy wintry days.
 I'd like to thank those who have already joined in but to those that haven't yet......don't forget we can't have too many smiles in our lives and you are all very welcome.

Now.......what's on my desk today?

My latest delivery of wool rovings from Sara's Texture Crafts.  The natural colour is for Jo to make some more wet felted background pieces from and the others are just some of the gorgeous yummy colours that I just needed couldn't resist.  :-)

On my ironing board today is some of the fabric I've been sorting out to make a LillyBo quilt or two.  Jozart launched her new blog yesterday to share with us why she would like as many of us as possible to join in making a few of these so pop over to check out the details.....who would say no?...not me cos I know the difference they would make to one of my little Grandees in that situation.

On my kitchen work surface is the latest batch of bread rolls I've made.....they are Parmesan cheese and sun dried tomato rolls and you are welcome to help yourselves to one for lunch....still warm though so mind you don't burn your fingers.

The other pic I just had to share with your today is of my daft dogs who just love playing in the snow but insist on bringing their snow balls in with them.......on their legs!
I have little puddles everywhere.  :-)

That's all from me for today folks.  Thanks for calling by.  If you leave me a comment I will do my best to pay you a return visit and don't forget to take those happy pics and link them on my Friday's post to help with spreading a little happiness round the world.
Annie x

Monday 21 January 2013


I have cocked up last Friday's Mr Linky sorry folks.  I have saved all the links that have been added and will post these on this Friday's smiley post but for some strange reason Mr Linky has reset itself this morning and cleared all the links.  Please add any new pics to the new Mr Linky for this week and I will add these to the existing ones......many thanks for being patient with the teething probs  :-)
I have contacted Mr Linky and they have restored all the links now so if there are any more to add this week just link them here for me....sorry if this has confused won't happen again....I hope!

Sunday 20 January 2013

My smiley posts.....

I would like to say a huge thank you to my wonderful friends that have so far joined in the 'share a smile' pics.   It would be lovely if as many as possible would join in because we can never have too many smiles and as Elizabeth has said it takes less muscles to smile than to frown so that's got to be good hasn't it?

As I have checked each of the smiley pics out and read their comments it is showing me how many people are willing to go to all sorts of lengths to make others smile and make the world a happier place to be.  So far we have had several venturing out into the snow so provide us with something to smile about....facing snowy blizzards deserves a medal in my eyes  :-)

I would like to say.....
  • feel free to drop in any time in the week to link up [it doesn't have to be Friday]
  • just take your pictures, blog them and link up
  • they can be of anything at all that has made you smile [but please nothing that I need to censor first :-)] ....different things make us wouldn't do for us all to be the same would it?
  • every Friday I hope to drop in a new Mr Linky into my Friday's smile post and to give the heads up to the smiley pic/pics in the previous week that I feel deserves special recognition
  • feel free to drop the smiley button on your side bar and link it to here so your friends know where they can come to to find something to make them smile.....I know we all have days when we need a smile more than others.
  • If you have any questions just shout.
Thanks for linking up and joining in the fun.  You can find this week's Mr Linky here.

Annie x

Friday 18 January 2013

My Friday's smile and maybe share yours too?.... week 1

I have a few pics of Amy's three this week to make you smile.

Creative fun with potato printing

It wasn't me! Honest!  :-)

Steve does like to join in with the messy play but have a feeling there should have been more on the paper and less on his face.  :-)

Hide and seek in the ball pool!

Where's Lulu?

I hope my snaps have made you smile today.

 Spread a little happiness
Several of you regularly enjoy popping here each week on a Friday to see my smiley pics and it would be really lovely if you would like to join in the fun by posting your own happy snaps [they can be of anything at all that has made you smile this week provided I don't need to censor them first!] and linking them using Mr Linky at the bottom of this post. 
I'm hoping to add Mr Linky each Friday so feel free to add the links to your photos at any time during the week and I will try to flag up my favourite ones when I write my next Friday's post. It would be fab if all our friends could drop in here knowing they can find their way to lots of photos that would make them smile especially on cold wet gloomy days like today.  Also if you're joining in the fun feel free to copy and paste the smiley button to pop in your side bar.
After all no one can have enough smiles can they?  And I, for one, would  really would love to see what's made you smile.

Thursday 17 January 2013

Poppies galore....

I have been busy finishing off my latest batch of poppy goodies and have been asked to blog them by a friend who wants to buy one of my cards.  Don't they look fab all spread out on my ironing board?

Here they all are before snapping them to put them over in the shop....the light is awful for taking good pictures at the moment....I've done my best but the pictures really don't do them justice.  Roll on sunny days eh?

I've put two sets of 3 cards and 4 individual cards over on the card shelf and the two little books over on the home decor and little gifts shelf if you're looking to buy some.

Wednesday 16 January 2013


As most of you will know I've been away for a few days to Yorkshire to meet up with Dutch friends that we met in France in 2000.  We do our best to have a few days together every year to enjoy some quality fun time.  I'm starting today's post with a few snaps we took whilst away as requested by that 'much older' sister of mine.  :-)

You should be able to click on the pics if you'd like a closer look.

We called in here in Settle for a coffee but even though I did look very hard I didn't see any!  :-) was lovely coffee though.

Now I'd best show you what you've called in to see and that is.... 

What actually is on my desk today?

Jo and I had a great Funday Monday afternoon dumfing and these are what I made.   I do hope that when I have finished my sewing jobs today I can bead them up ready for mounting onto the fronts of books and cards......I do love poppies.

Thank you for calling in and leaving such fab comments.  I will do my best to drop in to visit you in between my sewing jobs today.
Annie x

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Bargains still available...

There are still 3 bargain goodie bags of Crafter's accessories up for grabs in the January sale over in our blog shop.  We cleared off all that was left on the Crafter's accessories shelf and made up 4 bags with goodies worth over £40.00 each and they are going on a first come first served basis for just £10.00 a bag!!!  Just click here to have a look and email either Jo or I and we will put your name on the one of your choosing.

Don't miss out on a real bargain are only paying for the materials and we would really like it all to go.

Monday 14 January 2013


I've been AWOL for a few days and I have a feeling that blogger has been playing up while I've been away!!

I automatically posted my Friday's smile post for Friday but it failed to show up in my followers side bars for some reason.....and for those that normally drop in on a Friday the picture of Lexi was a good one  :-)

We have been up to Yorkshire for a few days with Dutch friends that we met in France back in 2000 and lots of fun and giggles was had by all....doesn't it just recharge the batteries?

Today has been Funday Monday and as always that 'much older' sister of mine joined me for another day of creative fun.  We have opened up the Valentine's Day shelf in our blog shop and had a wonderful afternoon of dumfing fun.....I'm sure you will see pics of the results at some point.

If you'd like to pop over to the new shelf in the shop you will see the fab makes Jo has been up to while I was away over the weekend......I'm sure more will be added as it is completed so keep a look out.

Friday 11 January 2013

Friday's smiles.....

As always I do my best to snap a photo or two to make you smile on a Friday.  This week I am sharing one Shell too of Lexi.  She doesn't always want to go down for her naps these days and this is what greeted Shell when she opens her bedroom door this week.  :-)

I have  feeling no one is gonna mess with our Lexi!....just look at the folded arms :-)

The other little snap is one of a tiny little pansy that has self seeded on the gravel on our drive.  It is no more than an inch tall but is even in flower.

Isn't nature wonderful?  This little flower really does know all about the fight to survive.

I hope you have enjoyed my pics today and all have a wonderful weekend ahead of you....I do but more of that later.  :-)

Annie x

Wednesday 9 January 2013


It's Wednesday again folks......where does the time go?

Jo and I have had a busy week sorting out our blog shop and would like to give the heads up to all our WOYWW friends that there are 4 goodie bags full [only 3 bags left now!] of Crafter's accessories up for grabs in the January sale.  We have cleared off all that was left on the Crafter's accessories shelf and made up four bags with goodies worth over £40.00 each and they are going on a first come first served basis for just £10.00 a bag!!!  Just click here to have a look and email either Jo or I and we will put your name on the one of your choosing.

 I have emptied all my wool rovings out onto my table today to have a good sort through and decide what colour my next Feltie will be so here's my mess in all it's glory .....

What a table full of yumminess.

I am really loving making my new range of Love Bugs and thought you would like to see them all sat together on my desk today....

You can see the latest addition that has been added after our Funday Monday afternoon on the right of the pic.  Her name is Love Bug Flutter and she has now joined the others in the blog shop.

The other photo I wanted to show you today is my one I am calling.....

 'the promise of things to come'
Everywhere I look in our garden there is new life.  There are bulbs shooting up everywhere and a lot of our shrubs are also shooting out little buds of life.  I love this time of year.  :-)

Thanks for calling by today.  If you would like to leave me a little hello comment I will do my best to pay you a return visit in between my sewing jobs today.
Annie x

Monday 7 January 2013

I'm on a roll....

I have had so many lovely comments about my Love Bugs....thank you to each and every one of you.  I have now finished number three.  

Meet Love Bug Buzby....

He was visiting a flower as I snapped him but was happy to pose for his photo.

Guess what I will be doing during Funday Monday?  :-)

Yes you are right....number four is already in the making.

That just leaves me to wish my big girl a very happy birthday.....she arrived at 5.15pm 29 years ago today and her Daddy had to miss Shrewsbury town playing in a cup match but trust me when I say she was well worth missing footy for.  Happy Birthday Shell.  Love you to bits. xxxx

Sunday 6 January 2013

And then there was two...

Meet Love Bug Lola...

She has a purple/mauve/green stripey body and pretty lime green spotty heart shaped wings and is now sitting on the Feltie shelf over in the blog shop with Love Bug Lucy.

I am really loving making my new designs and the next one is already nearing finishing so watch this space. 

Saturday 5 January 2013

The start of a new Valentine's Day range....

Meet Love Bug Lucy.  She has spotty heart shaped wings at the back and is sat on a felted leaf. 

She is the first of a new set of Felties over in the blog shop with Valentine's Day in mind....but I'm sure she would be loved as a gift at any time  :-)  

If you would like to adopt her email me at or if you have something else you would like, I love a challenge, so just give me the details.

Friday 4 January 2013

The first Friday smiles of 2013....

I hope to find you a few pics each week to make you smile and of course we have had lots of fun family times with all our 5 Grandchildren together over the festive season that have caused us to smile so I have put a few together as a collage to share with you.  You should be able to click on the pics to enlarge them for a closer look if you'd like to.

Here's to many more happy times together in 2013

Thursday 3 January 2013

Meet my Duck.....

I spent yesterday finishing off my latest friend and thought you might like to meet him.....and trust me when I say he has already caused a few smiles.

He is a performer's life size duck with a movable head for use by an entertainer.  I started to make him many years ago when I used to work with a magician [ in my past life :-) ] but for one reason or other he never got finished and when I sorted out my boxes of fabric earlier in the week I found him.  He is made using really gorgeous plush off white fur fabric and his beak, feet and legs are made in leather so look very real.  He was a work of art to design and make so really should be put to good use so I have now finished him and put him on ebay to sell.  If you're interested you can find more details here....

Wednesday 2 January 2013


Happy New Year to all my wonderful blogging friends who take the time to call in every week and leave such special comments.  I really hope we all have another brilliant year of shared crafty fun ahead of us.

I'm starting off my New Year with a good sort out of all my fabric boxes [not something I can do while Sewing by Annie's is open for business as you can imagine].

So today I'm showing you my mess!!!!

Not so messy eh? should have seen it 5 min later!  It's all sorted now and back up on the shelf.  
Yes folks, I really do have 3 huge boxes full of fur fabric [metres of the stuff] so if anyone has any brilliant ideas as to what I can make with it all I'd be thrilled to hear them.

I've had time for a bit of crafty fun playing with one of my Christmas presents.  I haven't done lino cutting since school days but it all came flooding back as I got started....I love the smell of the linseed as you make the cuts.  I still have to finish off the cutting before I ink it up but I'm sure you will see the results at some point.

I would also like to share with you this wonderful collection of goodies that I won over at Carol's blog.... Smile at the flowers.

Not a bad start to the year eh?  I really love the gorgeous x-stitched Christmas hanger and crocheted fingerless gloves that Carol has made.....Thank you for picking my name out. x

Well folks that's all from me for today apart from to repeat my Happy New Year wishes to one and all.  May it bring health and happiness to you all.

Don't forget to pop over to our new Facebook shop and 'like' us so you can keep an eye on our New Year makes.  It has been shut since before Christmas but we do hope to get going again with new ideas for 2013.
Annie x

Tuesday 1 January 2013

Happy New Year....

I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy New Year and thank you all for the wonderful love and special comments you have left on my blog over the last year.  It means so very much to me.
Annie x