Friday 30 November 2012

Friday's smiles...

I have a few snaps to make you smile today.....

The first one is of the twins sat studying a Christmas catalogue to choose what they want Father Christmas to bring them.  :-)

I wonder what goes through their minds?

The second one is of Amy's three in their Christmas jumpers.  :-)  We are all off on the Santa's train ride at the weekend and all 5 of the Grandchildren have new Christmas jumpers for the event.  :-)  
There will be 15 of us going including a new little family member [a new baby cousin for Amy's three].....welcome to the family little Harry...he arrived safely 4 1/2 weeks early [was due Christmas day!] and weighed in at 5lb 13 oz.  Mum and baby went home from hospital the day after he was born and both are doing well thankfully.

Penny asked me to get Lexi to model the little hat I knit for her so she could see how it fitted and of course Lexi is more than willing to oblige.  She loves her new fits to perfection and is really warm and cosy as you can see.

The last pic I want to share with you today is one of the gorgeous angel Jo sent me in her angel swap.  Her name is Mical and she is the angel of miracles so is quite appropriate for some of the days I've had here lately.  I love her to bits Jo and want to thank you for choosing this one for me.

I hope my snaps have raised a smile today and you all have a great weekend.
Annie x

Wednesday 28 November 2012


Phew it's Wednesday again!....where do the other days in between go?

My weeks seem to fly by and every one seems to be pretty manic.  This week I have...
  • Had a table at Marton Craft Fair on Saturday with much older sister Jo and her daughter Maxine [pics below].
  • Been treated to tea out and a night at the theatre in Shrewsbury on Sunday by that much older sister of mine.  We went to see Greg Davies...very funny.  Thanks Jo.
  • Had a FUNDAY Monday with just Jo this week....we talked over ways to sell our hand made crafts and made a display of them in my sewing room for my customers to see.

  • I opened up a Facebook page for our shop to try to advertise it more....if you would like to check it out and maybe 'like' it for us I would be really grateful.  I'm pretty new to it all but it does say we need 30 likes before we can move on to the next step [I think!  :-) ]   Click on this link.  Sorry if this is advertising Julia....we just want to be 'liked'.  :-)
  • I had a munchkin day with my gorgeous twin Grandchildren yesterday....much a fun time was had by all... so today I will be playing catch up with my sewing jobs.
So what is on my desk today I hear you shout....

My latest batch of quick Christmas cards I have made.....yes just a bit of simple paper craft ones this time.

And my latest parcel of gorgeous new wool rovings I have bought from Sara.  What yummy colours they are too....have a feeling I will need to stroke these a while before I will be using them  :-)

That's about it from me for today.  I will do my best to call by to visit all who leave me comments in between my sewing jobs.  Thanks for calling by and I really hope you all have a great week.
Annie x

Monday 26 November 2012

Thanks to blogging friends...

I just wanted to quickly post a couple of photos to thank two blogging friends for their patterns.

Karen posted a pattern for a cute little bear and I promised I would show and tell if I made one so here she is...

The pattern was easy to use and made up beautifully.  With a bit of stuffing and finishing off here she is...

She came to the craft fair with us on Saturday, sat proudly on the middle of the table and was chosen by little Lexi to take home with her.  :-)

The other pattern I was given from a blogging friend was of a hat for Lexi that Penny sent me.  I knit it up in some gorgeous pink chunky wool [it's actually better than it looks in the photos] and am really pleased with the finished hat but have yet to get Lexi to model it for me [that is presuming it actually fits her  :-)  ].  The pattern had little buttons down the overlapped seam but I rather liked these little crocheted flowers.

Thanks so much girls for sharing your patterns.  I've had a lot of fun making them.
Annie x

Sunday 25 November 2012

Craft fair at Marton...

Several of you asked to see our table full of goodies that we set up at Marton Village hall yesterday.  I would like to say thank you to Felicity for organising the event.
  • The venue was perfect...its a new village hall.
  • Our table was in a corner spot with tables at the back of us that we could also display on so that was perfect too.
  • The room was filled with beautiful crafts.... everything from oil paintings and home made cakes to jewellery and fabric crafts [ours].
  • There was a well run cafe area with drinks and refreshments of all sorts.
This was our table...

To the left.

To the right.

And here are the three of us waiting for the sale to start.  :-) 
.......from left to right are Jo, me [note the WOYWW badge] and Maxine [Jo's daughter]

Sadly we barely made enough to pay for the table  :-)  There were several other craft fairs on in the area on the same day and the weather was awful so footfall was sparse most of the day.  We did however have a lovely time meeting other crafters, chatting, drinking coffee, eating buns and giggling and most of my family came along to support us [thank you all] so all in all of course it was worth the effort but it would have been nice to have sold rather more.

Friday 23 November 2012

Friday's smiles....or What they get up to when your back is turned!

As the title suggests this week I'm sharing a bit of mischief with you to make you smile.

Amy popped out of the room for a few minutes and came back to her three having a picnic!  The three of them had got bowls out and helped themselves to dry breakfast cereals....don't they look to be having a great time?  :-)

Think it's called independence!

This pic was labelled...

"anyone would think I don't feed them!"

This one goes to show you can't leave twins with a box of tissues when you leave the room for a moment!

I bet it was like a magic pull one out and another one appears!

It came via a text with the label....

"It wasn't me honest!"

I hope my pics have made you smile today.

Don't forget that Jo and I have a table at a craft fair tomorrow so if you're in the area why not call in and say hello......

Marton Village Hall Craft Fair
Saturday 24th November
10am - 4 pm
(About 18 miles from Shrewsbury on the B4386).

We would love to see you.  Have a great weekend.
Annie x

Wednesday 21 November 2012


Hello to all my Wednesday visitors.  As always it's been another hectic week over here at Sewing by Annie's.

Jo and I were joined by another new crafty friend on Monday afternoon and the three of us enjoyed creative fun, giggles and most of all friendship.  They say most folk can count good friends on the fingers of one hand...well I know I am truly blessed cos I just don't have enough fingers for all mine.  :-)

Yesterday was my day with the munchkins so it was another day of fun and giggles for me.  They are both growing up so quickly and I am loving every minute of watching them develop....for those who like to see them you will enjoy my Friday pics this week....they are up to mischief and were caught in the act!

So for those calling by to see what I've been creating this week here are a few pics....

My table started off like this this week with lots and lots of chosen wool rovings on it and the start of a week of hand dumfing....yes teddies this week.  I buy my rovings from Sara and am now waiting for my next order.  My biggest job was to decide which colours to get next cos she has such a lovely selection.  Do pop over to browse if you're looking to buy rovings.

By the end of my week I had completed a large order of requested felted bears....Aren't they just gorgeous?  Each one takes on it's own little character and I've had such fun making them all.

I was also challenged to dumf a cock and this is the little character I came up with....What do you think?

I was also commissioned to make a special dolly for one of my friend's little Granddaughter.  She had to have curly blond hair and a dress designed to match the little girl's.  I can now share this pic of her with you cos she has arrived safely through the post and I'm thrilled to say she loves her as much as I did.

The other thing I thought I'd share with you today is a shoe box I was given by one of my newest customers.  She said she had been clearing out and could I use any of the contents.  It was like Christmas come early for me.....there are buttons, bias tapes, velcro, safety pins, elbow patches, iron on hemming tape, etc etc  As you can imagine it will all get used here in due course so this was a real gift to me.

Well folks, that's all from me for now.  Don't forget to pop by on Friday to see what children get up to when your back is turned!
If you leave me a comment I will do my best to call by at yours to see what you've been up to this week.
Annie x

Friday 16 November 2012

Friday's smile...

Each Friday I do my best to find you a snap or two of what has made me smile each week and this week I have several photos to share....

The new suction dishes have arrived and work a treat.  As you can see the twins love them too.  :-)

My smiley boy, Steve, has learned to play peek a boo using a towel and is having real fun here.

Phoebe has brought home the school mascot for the Rory the rabbit.

Rory is helping her make bread here.  :-)
...and it looks like they are both having lots of fun.

Lulu is making bread too but mummy thought there might have been more flour on the floor than in the bread dough.  :-)

And last but by no means least...It's a Granddad's job to make the new jigsaws first to make sure all the pieces are present [that was his excuse anyway  :-) ].

He certainly got pretty excited when he finished one and made me smile  :-)

Hope you have enjoyed my happy pics this week and all have a wonderful weekend.
Annie x

Wednesday 14 November 2012


Here we are at another Wednesday...they seem to be flying by don't they?....or is it just me?

This is the day that almost 200 creative folk expose their work/play spaces to the world and then blog hop to see what everyone else has been up to during the week.  If you would like to join in take a picture, put it on your blog and just hop over to Julia's and click to link to your blog.

So? What have I got to show you today?

A lacy bits all pulled out of their jar cos of course the piece I wanted was right at the bottom of the jar!...always the way eh?

I've started working on the front cover of my fabric book.....and I'm loving it so far.

Some snowflakes I've crocheted for the next batch of Christmas cards I am making.

What is actually on my desk this morning!

Yes, it's b****** curtains.  :-)  I have to make 2 pair of lined curtains and a lined door curtain....what fun!  They aren't huge so hopefully won't take too long.

And cos I've also been busy in the kitchen too I've left out my banana cakes so you can all help yourselves to a slice to have with your morning coffee.

Thanks for calling by today.  If you leave me a comment I will aim to call by at yours in between making those lovely curtains [she says through gritted teeth!].  Have a great week.
Annie x

Friday 9 November 2012

Friday's smile...

It's been another of THOSE weeks over here at Sewing by Annie's but thankfully even though there have been a few anxious times [more A and E and hospital visits for the family] they have all passed and we are now hoping for a few weeks free of illness or incidence.....we feel we have had our share of it all now thank you.

I just have a couple of snaps to share with you this week....


Here we have Lexi modelling one of the gorgeous outfits her Great Aunty Jo made for her....she would like to say thank you very much for making all her gorgeous clothes and to say this one has passed the test of a gallop round Nanny's sitting room on her horse  :-)

This one I'm calling 'Independence'.  Lexi found that yogurt makes wonderful shampoo and Sam found it easier to bypass the spoon all together  :-).....all I need now is an extra pair of hands on a Tuesday and some dishes that suction onto the high chair tables [got some in the post!].  It's such a fun time watching them learn and develop into independent little people.  They have been mastering first jigsaws and shape sorters this week.

I hope my snaps have made you smile today.  Have a great weekend.
Annie x

Wednesday 7 November 2012


The easy answer to what's on my work desk today is.....a little more than last week!  Thankfully I am now feeling much better and life is returning to normal [that is if it ever is here at Sewing by Annie's :-) ].

On my desk ironing board and table today is a new project I have been planning.  Having been truly inspired by Maryke Phillips who had a stand at the quilting exhibition Jo and I went to a few weeks back I have been getting my head around making a fabric book.  Maryke makes the most gorgeous quilted books using felts, fabrics, beads and can see them in her gallery over here.  I am really loving all the gorgeous colours in nature at the moment so am planning on calling this book Autumn.  It will be something I will do on Funday Mondays and in between my customer's sewing jobs so will take a long while to make....I don't plan to rush it  :-)

You can even see a little autumn sunshine :-)

The other thing I've got to show you today is a little pair of slippers I made on Monday from a pattern designed by one of my blogging friends Penny.  The pattern is for an up to 6 month baby but I thought it just might fit our little Lexi.  I love this random wool and they have made up really pretty but...... little model is so tiny that they are still too big for her so we will will have to wait for her to grow into them.  :-)  Thanks for the pattern though Penny.

The other thing I'd like to share with you is a photo I took of the sky at silly o'clock on Tuesday morning while waiting for the twins to arrive for a day's fun with Nanny Annie......well worth getting up early for eh?

Thanks to all who called by here last week and left me such lovely get well comments....I'm sure they really helped my speedy recovery....You really are all such a lovely bunch.  

Before you pop over to Julia's to join in the Wednesday fun if you'd like to leave me a little hello comment I will pay you a return visit in between my sewing jobs.  Thanks for calling by.
Annie x

Monday 5 November 2012

Fancy dress for a 4th Birthday.....

Thankfully everyone was returned to full health in time for our latest family celebrations.  For Phoebe's 4th birthday party she had asked if everyone would come in fancy dress and of course no one would let her down.  :-)  We all had such a giggle getting ready for the party and a lot of us had to travel in our outfits to get to the house of course giving all who saw us a giggle too.  I promised to put some of the pictures on my blog to record the party so now you can have a giggle too. There was....
  • A birthday girl fairy
  • Iggle piggle
  • Winnie the pooh
  • Tigger
  • A Smurf
  • The Gruffalo
  • Wally
  • Sponge bob square pants
  • Minnie mouse
  • Oh and an old age hippie of course  :-) name but a few....feel free to click on the picture to enlarge it for a better look.  What a fun time was had by all.  Happy Birthday we will all remember.  :-)

Friday 2 November 2012

Even on a bad week there is always lots to smile about...

Firstly I want to say a huge thank you to all who called by on Wednesday and left me get well messages. I really enjoyed browsing about 110 of the WOYWW desks.....what a clever lot you all are.  I'm pleased to say that I do feel rather better this's a b****** horrid thing this Norovirus and I really do hope none of you get it.  We seem to have had a week of headaches, high temperatures, sickness and diarrhoea....yuck!

Now I am going to share with you some of the many pics that have made me smile while I've been poorly.

My youngest daughter, Amy, has had a fun week with her three getting ready for Halloween.....

They have baked scary buns,
made scary masks,
made a wonderful pumpkin 
and dressed up to have trick or treat fun.

Thankfully the twins are now starting to feel rather better and you can see they are pretty good at re hydrating after their nasty bug.

Lexi thinks their toy garage is a good place to learn to climb mountains!

My son Mark's fiance has graduated......and we are so very proud of you Gina [don't they make a lovely couple?]

And to top off my week my eldest daughter, Michelle, has turned designer and has very proudly made some cosy toes to keep the twins warm in their push chair....following in mother's footsteps it seems  :-)

It seems even on the worst of weeks there is always a lot to smile about.  I really hope my pics make you smile too and you have a great weekend.
Annie xxxx