Friday 26 February 2021

This week's smiles....week 410

What a lovely week it's been here at Sewing by Annie's.  The sun has shone several days and we have even had to doors and windows open at times.  Spring is on it's way and I actually do feel we can see light at the end of the tunnel with the new hopeful rules that will be coming in in the not too distant future. 

My sewing machine has been none stop all week too so I really have been buzzing here.  I hope to be able to show you what I've been making on my next Wednesday's post so keep your eyes open.  Because I've been so busy I only have a couple of pics to share with you this week....

I popped out in our back garden and snapped our first daffodils coming out, the snowdrops and our first crocuses......Spring really is on it's way folks and that always makes me smile.

The other thing I have to share is a few funnies I've found that made me chuckle this week....I hope they have the same effect on you.

Sorry it's a bit short and sweet this week but there really haven't been enough hours in my days.

Please share your smiles by linking at the bottom and keep smiling.


Annie x

Wednesday 24 February 2021


 Another week has passed and what a busy week it's been here at Sewing by Annie's.  The little Memory bear I showed you last week was loved so much that the customer ordered two more.....

I love getting repeat orders....satisfied customers are good for my business :-)

The Fox I showed you last week is now rather smartly dressed but he's now tucked up in his box until Mark's birthday so I'm sorry I can't share him with you yet.

I've been making more Memory bears...still in the making so I can't share them with you yet and I have another 6 on their way in the is picking up thankfully.  

The other thing I can share with you is my now completed Freya fawn...

She has been really fiddly to make but I've really loved making her. I had to add stiff interfacing to her antlers and her eyelashes and spots are all hand felted in place....something I haven't done recently [to the point that I had to search out my felting needles!] but I really enjoyed doing .

She's rather pretty don't you think?

That's all I can share from this week and trust me when I say I really will be head down sewing fast and furious all week but if you leave me a little message I will do my best to pay you a visit as and when I can.


Annie x

Friday 19 February 2021

This week's smiles ....week 409

 It's been a week of mixed emotions with losing our dear friend Shaz but I just know she would say that life must go on so now is my time to focus on what's made me smile this week.

Firstly we have invested in a treadmill and I have used it every day this week....I've started slowly and increasing a little each's got to be good for me.

Tuesday my darling hubby had his Covid vaccine and I have mine later there must be light at the end of the tunnel.

Sam has always enjoyed drawing so for his birthday we bought him proper pencils and sketch book.  He's been putting it to good use and this week he sent me a photo of the latest drawing he had done.  He's been learning to shade and I really think this is brilliant.

I'm certain dogs pick up on our moods because Milly has needed to be close to me this week.  I was sat sewing so she couldn't get on my knee so she has sat across the gap between the settee and my chair with her head on the arm of my chair....I love her so much.

In the far corner of our back garden we have a pile of old logs and our wormery and our snowdrops have been blooming their hearts out...they seem to have shot up everywhere this year and always make me smile being the first signs of favourite time of the year.

Finally here's a few funnies to make you chuckle...

I hope you have found something to make you smile and will share the things that have been making you smile by linking them below....everyone is welcome.

I would like to send my love to Lisca and her hubby out in Spain. Lisca's hubby is in hospital waiting for surgery so I really hope that comes soon and he makes a good recovery afterwards.


Annie x

Wednesday 17 February 2021


 This week as you will all have heard we lost one very special part of our WOYWW gang to cancer so it is with a heavy heart I'm writing my blog today.  Shaz was loved by us all and the world is now missing a wonderful lady.  We blogged together for many years before we actually met at the crop in Wales so by then I was meeting a true friend....and I was not disappointed.  She was warm and loving and everything I had grown to love....and of course she came with Doug, her devoted, caring hubby.  We gelled immediately and enjoyed to many giggles together including meeting up at the Salop Caravans craft fair in Shrewsbury to enjoy lunch together.

I will really miss Shaz's blogs, everything from her enabling to her 'and finally' each week.  I will also miss her following my little sewing business and liking and sharing the different things I put on my Facebook page....she really did help my business grow when we moved to our new bungalow and for that I will always be grateful. Rest in peace Shaz....and Doug never forget you are part of our gang too and we are here for you always.

I'm a great believer in keeping busy when I'm feeling sad so I do have a few things to share with you today...

Theo has been enjoying some U-tube videos about a little mouse called Theo so I made him his own little mouse to play with. I found the pattern on Pinterest and reduced the size of it to make it a little hand sized mouse....I put pipe cleaners in his arms and legs so he could bend them into shape.

I had a request for a memory bear this's for a little girl who has moved into the area to remember the happy times at her old school in Skegness.....that's another new school to put on my list.

The best bit is she loved it so much that she's ordered two more....and that's what I will be doing today :-)

Our son, Mark, has asked me to make him a fox for his birthday so here he is waiting for his clothes.....they will have to wait until I've finished the memory bears [work much come first of course].

I had to wait for a delivery of felt before I could make the fox and I also ordered the felt to make the deer....I've already started making her so you will see her soon I'm sure....she's rather tricky with lots of little pieces to put together plus I have to needle felt some spots on times.

That just leaves me to say if you leave me a little message I will do my best to pop over to yours later.
Annie x

Friday 12 February 2021

This week's smiles....week 408

 It's been a difficult week to get through with the news of our blogging friend Shaz but at times like this I feel we have to dig a little deeper and look for smiles to get us through.  

I've found a few pics that made me smile and have a few funnies at the end for you so here goes.

Lexi had a day of dance lessons on Saturday. ...everything from tap and jazz to ballet and had a change of clothes for each lesson....she [and her mummy] loves it.  Then on Sunday her dance teacher organised a zoom meeting for the family and friends of the pupils she teaches. .....there were 9 of them and it was brilliant.  They each performed their dances in their living rooms for us all to watch.

Theo was playing busses on the bed and his mummy snappy a pic to share with us....just look at that cheeky face amongst all the toys!

It was the twins daddy, Brent's, birthday at the weekend and the twins cooked him a birthday tea.  What a lovely way to enjoy a lockdown birthday.

Here's a few funnies to raise a smile or two.  The last one is certainly a sign of the times don't you think?

Please note I saw him first and he may be a while fixing all the little jobs I can find!!

I hope I have found something to raise a smile or two and you will share your smiles with us by linking them up below.


Annie x

Wednesday 10 February 2021


 Another week of lockdown and I've had very little work in still so I've had another week of sewing for doesn't pay the bills but it does fill my days happily.

Hugh Dog now has a lovely wool coat and he has become the favourite of many that have seen pics of him....he's a bit of a cool dude don't you think?

Ramsey Sheep is now finished and I've made him a lovely red jumper using the back of a jumper one of the grandchildren has grown out of.

The little jumper went together like a dream and I'm really pleased with the results.  What do you think?

Almost as soon as I put him down he found love....Daisy moved over to hold his hand.

Please note at this point I still hadn't made him any trousers so will now have to keep an eye out for the patter of tiny lambs in the future!!

I quickly made Ramsey a pair of cargo pants with functional side pockets to keep his maps in....I think he likes to go walking over the hills.

I hope you like what I've been up to this week.  If you leave me a little message I will do my best to pay you a return visit as soon as I can.


Annie x

Friday 5 February 2021

This week's smiles....week 407

 Happy Friday to you all.  We've all got through another week of the lockdown.  I'm hoping you're all keeping well and happy.  I will be glad when the lockdown ends so I can get back to working but for now I'm making the best of the few bits I'm getting through Covid safe methods and am using my time well sewing for's too wet to get out in the garden yet.

Theo's mummy cut his hair this week and he wanted to show us what a handsome boy he was :-)

The photo on the right is to show me the floor mat I made Theo to keep his cars in [it has roads etc. on it so he could drive his cars round it when flat but also has a cord around the edge so it can be pulled up and made into a bag to hold everything in].  He is now using it for all his Lego as he loves building more now he's older and it keeps it all together and makes picking up easier.

Milly loves it when I pull out one of my fabric boxes to search for what I want to use next.  She jumps straight in and snuggles down...I think she thinks she's helping :-)

It wouldn't be Friday without a few funnies.  I found these ones on Facebook this week and thought they would make you smile.

Finally.  We have had to have photos taken to apply for new passports this week....I didn't realise they would be used to create new garden gnomes!!

I hope they have made you chuckle.

Please link up to your weekly smiles to share with the rest of us.  I'm sure a few smiles really helps us all get through these trying times.


Annie x

Wednesday 3 February 2021


 We've got through another week of lockdown unscathed thankfully.  I've had a little work since last week so have been filling my time with more sewing for pleasure in between.

I made this little Memory bear for a lady and posted him to his new home in Sutton Coldfield and when she received it she was so pleased with him that she ordered.....

.....This one for another family member using the same 2 shirts only in the different colour way and with a blue ribbon instead of the grey ribbon.

I do love it when I get repeat orders.

I have also made this gorgeous red check dress for Daisy sheep [she is also wearing pants ;-)] and I am in the middle of making Ramsey sheep to keep her company...and because I enjoyed making Daisy so much.

I've managed to get fabrics to make Hugh Dog's clothes out of too so by next week he may be able to show you what I've made for all depends on how many customers put in requests in the meantime of course.


Annie x