Friday 30 December 2016

This week's smiles...week 201

Phew....another week has passed....and what a week eh?

Many thanks to all who joined in last week....I really do appreciate you taking time out of your busy lives to link up your smiles.  I know it does me good to spend some time focusing on the happy times in the week so hope you all feel the benefits too.  I guess it's the age I'm at now but I  have lost many friends and family members lately [two more this week!] so time spent thinking about the good things is what gets me through the sad times.

I have a few smiles to share this week....

Shell enjoying Christmas morning with the she said 'what more could she ask for?'

Big Pud with his little pud enjoying a book.

Steve digging up a dinosaur fossil....making a mess and having the time of his life [and yes it was part of his Christmas present from us].  :-)

Our newest family member, Theo in some of his Christmas outfits.....he's such a cutie.

Our 'family together' celebrations on 27th....I just love it when we can be together [sorry you couldn't join us Shell but glad you enjoyed your pantomime].

That's some of my smiles from this week.  Hope they have made you smile too and you will now link up your own smiles below.

A very happy New Year to you all and here's to linking up many more smiles in 2017.
Annie x

Wednesday 28 December 2016

WOYWW...and a catch up of my Christmas makes

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are now ready to see in a New Year.  2016 has been a difficult year of losing many good friends and close family members so I'm really looking forward to closing the door on 2016 and starting fresh in 2017....hold close those you love and tell them you love them often.

So? You are here to see what's on my desk are you?  Well, I only have clutter on my desk today and no sewing has gone on since last week so I have decided to do a round up on all the sewing/making I did leading up to Christmas that I can now share with warned it is picture heavy so I will understand if you don't reach the end and will now wish you all a very Happy New Year before I start.


A fabric book and it's pages that I made for little Theo.

Two dolly 'baby carriers' I made for the twins.

A little rabbit in dungarees I knit for little Theo.

Two different table centres I made as gifts....the one is adapted from a pattern Jozarty shared with us.

The Sylvanians are modelling some of the clothes I made for both Shell and Amy's families.....I filled a little three drawered chest with clothes for each family....dresses, trousers, shirts, knitted gilets and knitted hats.

Plus made 5 teepees for the Sylvanians to go camping in....and I made two sleeping bags for each tent.  :-)

And last but my no means least these are the three Christmas cards I made for out family.....made in felt, stitched and beaded.

So there you you can see I kept busy here and I know each is loved and will be played with/treasured for many years so that makes all the hard work so worth it.  I hope you enjoyed my catch up.

Here's to a very Happy New Year ahead of us with lots more linking up, fun and friendship in 2017.
Annie x

Friday 23 December 2016

This week's smiles....week 200

Wahoooooo I'm back and just look at the big number at the top of the page! That's certainly something to celebrate eh?

 Firstly I have a few thank yous.....
  • To all who have joined in each week by sharing their smiles....I just know sharing smiles make life easier for others.
  • For all the lovely comments each week....your support is very special to me.
  • To the very special blogging friends [you know who you are] who contacted me last week to check I was really are very special friends even though many of you I have never met in person.  We had gone AWOL to spend a few days away with little Theo and other family members to celebrate his first Christmas and spend some very quality time together.
 I'm back with recharged batteries now and am sharing a few festive smiles I've found on Pinterest with you.....

Of course....what else would I be doing?  

Hehehe  Only joking darling....but some new fabric always does make me smile.

Apparently they can't arrest you for it.

Which just leaves me to say a very Happy Christmas to you all and here's hoping we can enjoy many more smiles together over 2017.

Much love to all,
Annie x

Wednesday 21 December 2016


Well?  Did you miss me?  I was AWOL last week enjoying a few days away with family at Centre Parcs.....and a fab time was had by all :-)

So? What's on my desk today?....'s a Christmas wrapping station.  :-)

....and every surface is covered in wrapped parcels but I shall be working today so these will all have to be hidden away in the spare bedroom for now.

Some of you may remember last year Shell and the twins had Bob the elf move in for December and all the antics he got up to?  Well, this year he has brought his girlfriend Betty with him and here are a few pics of what they have been up to.

Of course Nanny Annie likes to play along so yesterday morning I spent some time making outfits for the mischievous pair....[Bob and Betty of course not the twins! :-) ].

....and on my desk you can see 2 mermaid tails, 2 ballet tutus, a nurses outfit and some troll wigs I've made for you do!  :-)

That's all from me for today.  I just want to say Happy Christmas to one and all and wish you all you wish for yourselves for 2017 but first and foremost that it's a happy and healthy one for you all.
Annie x

Friday 9 December 2016

This week's smiles...week 199

Hello all.  Here we are at another Friday catch up of happy moments of the week.  Many thanks to the 5 who joined in last're all very special people giving up your time each week to share your smiles.  I really do appreciate your efforts.  I'm not featuring just one of you this week because when there is only 5 of you it doesn't seem fair.....just big thanks to you all.

I have spent a lot of time over the last month or more on Pinterest searching for ideas for Christmas gifts and found a few funnies I thought might make you smile this week.....

The grandchildren have all been writing their letters to Santa and I thought maybe this one should be mine  :-)

This one really made me chuckle.......I've been so busy making that my 'nest' is full to overflowing.

And this one is for all you animal lovers out there.  So far our decs have survived the mischief of Milly.....shes looked but not touched.....yet!

That's all from me for today.  Please leave me a little message so I know you've called in and if you can then link up to your own smiles.
Annie x

Wednesday 7 December 2016


So you're here to see what's on my desk today are you?  Well here it is in all it's glory but it would be a shorter list to say what isn't on my desk today....

There is.....
  • a pile of felt
  • a box of beads
  • a pile of now written Christmas cards.....and most have now been posted
  • a box full of fabric....too big to throw away but too small to fold
  • a diary
  • a box of note papers
  • a bag of wool
  • a selection of Memory bears
  • a new pack of blue tac
  • my Memory bear pattern
As you can tell it's a busy desk today [but I'm sorry to say the finished projects can't be shared as yet].....and I have customers coming later so guess who is going to have a good tidy up before they come?

 That's all from me for today.  Short and sweet just the way Julia likes it but feel free to have a good rummage on my desk.  Hope you all have a good week.
Annie x

Friday 2 December 2016

This week's smiles....week 198

Hello all.  Thanks to all who joined in the fun last week.  It really does you good to spend a little time focusing on the good things in the week when times are difficult and I really enjoyed sharing the smiles of my blogging friends too.

I would like to feature Robyn's post from last week with her Christmas wreath on it.  I have to say that it by far topped any wreath we have over here...what stunning little birds.  Thank you for sharing it really made me smile.

I have a few pics to share with you this week.....

This is my little boy with his baby boy....yes Mark you may be 29 years old and a daddy but you will always be my little boy.  Theo is having his first swimming lesson with his mummy and daddy and really loved it.

My little buddy, Milly insists on sitting on my knee while I'm knitting.  She never fails to make me smile....who could resist that gorgeous little face?

 And finally I just couldn't resist snapping a pic of a beautiful sunset we had this week.....I actually think the photo doesn't do it justice because the colours were even more vivid in real life.

I hope you like my smiles for this week and will all leave me a little message so I know you've called by and if at all possible will then link up your own smiles below.
Annie x