Friday, 20 May 2022

This week's smiles...week 473

 Another week has flown by and it's been another one filled with smiles...

Last Sunday Mark and Gina had a wedding to go to and no children were invited [apart from breast feeding babies] so Theo came to us for the day...and what a lovely day we had.  He really loves crafting with us so the table was filled with stash and we had a fun time.

Gina had managed to express some of her milk so I was able to feed Louie on one of their visits...there's nothing quite like that close up feeling with a baby....he feeds well from a bottle so it's lovely that daddy is able to experience that closeness from time to time.

I was treated to a bunch of flowers by one of my customers this's so special when they go above and beyond being grateful for what I do....they were just too pretty to not share them with you.

We have had a new greenhouse this week and after hubby built it in the garden he has now filled it with our tomatoes.  I love being able to potter in a's only 4'x6' but that's plenty big enough in our little garden.

Talking of the's the latest collage of our garden flowers.  Just look at the size of the Peony blooms now...they are soooooo heavy too.

And finally I'm finishing off with some funnies.  I really hope you all have a wonderful week filled with smiles and can share some of yours by linking up below.


Annie x

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

WOYWW...13th Year Celebrations

 It's been a manic week here for me but I have still managed to make my ATCs for the swap...I think Jo has a list of the ones wanting to swap because we are both sending them out together. 

Since last week I have....

Made this lovely Memory bear out of a wonderful husband's favourite shirt.

Made these three Memory dogs in memory of a 19 year old little dog that died of old age but was a very special friend for it's owner.  They are made out of the dogs toys and blankets.

Made this Memory cat in memory of a much loved Mum.  I was asked to put a lock of her hair inside when I stuffed it so I made a little fabric heart shaped pocket to keep it safe inside.

On top of all that I have 

  • shortened 5 shirts, 
  • let out 3 pair of trousers,
  • shortened a coat,
  • put a zip in a gents hoody
  • and adjusted a pair of surgical support pants [yes I do get asked to do all sorts here].
I have also..

Raised both these two bridesmaids dresses at the shoulders and shortened the one.

My next job is to shorten the 4 hems on this gorgeous prom dress so that's what I will be busy doing today plus...
  • I have more memory bears on their way and 
  • another dress coming for me to work my wonders on this morning.

As you can see the fun never ends here for me and, as always, it never rains but it pours.  I will do my best to call on as many as I can this week but for now...
Happy 13th year celebrations to you all and here to many more.  Thank you all for the love and friendship over the years.
Annie x

Friday, 13 May 2022

This week's smiles.....week 472

 Here we are at another catch up of the smiles from the last week.

Here is a collage Gina made to celebrate the first month of life with little Louie....can you believe that it's a month since he arrived?

He's brought so many smiles to our family.

Here's my collage of the latest blooms in our garden.  It just keeps on giving and I know some of you enjoy seeing it.

Now here are a few funnies from the week.  It's a quick post from me for this week because of my heavy work load but I hope you have found something to make you smile and will leave me a little message to let me know you've called by and will link up to your own smiles below.


Annie x

Wednesday, 11 May 2022


 Hello all.  Did you miss me?  I was MIA last week while we had a few days away in our motor home on a wonderful, adult only campsite in was one of the many Tranquil Sites that can be found around the country and it was simply perfect.

I'm back this week and have been playing catch up with all my sewing.'s been coming out of the woodwork this week so I've been kept very busy.

These are the latest 3 Memory bears I've made but still have two on my desk waiting to be made and many more due to come very soon.

These three were made from a Grandma's favourite jumpers/tops.

I was asked to repair a seam on a settee but as you can see it would only stand on it's end in our hall because of it's size and I had to sewing it by hand, with a curved needle and using extra strong thread.....never again I say!!

I have also, in my spare time, been working on my ATCs for the up and coming swap.  I have made about a dozen so am willing to swap with anyone wanting to [first come first served].  Jo and I will be sending our swaps together to save on postage so please anyone who wants to swap please send ours to either Jo or I...we wont fall out as to who gets them :-)

Please send your addresses to to save me hunting out the details.

That's all from me for this week but I must say the system here has been playing up for sending comments and there have been several blogs that I have visited that wouldn't let me leave a comment....I promise I do try.


Annie x

Friday, 6 May 2022

This week's smiles...week 471

 Hello all.  I was MIA this Wednesday because we were making memories and sharing lots of smiles.

We had our first trip out in our motor home for a long time.  We went for a long weekend to a beautiful, adult only campsite in Llanidloes, mid Wales.

It was a spotless, well run site that we could highly recommend if you're ever in the area and while we were there we went to Clywedog dam and these photos were taken at the side of the reservoir where we stopped for lunch.....stunning views.

Our little fur baby, Milly came with us of course and here she is sleeping off one of her many walks....she loves this camping life.

Whilst we were away Mark and Gina had a photo shoot with the boys and I've been given permission to share a few of their gorgeous photos with you.

Here's my latest collage of the flowers around our garden this week and...

...the wisteria needed a photo of it's own...I so wish you could smell it.

Finally here's a couple of collages of funnies that I've found this week.  Hope they make you chuckle.

I hope you have found something to make you smile and will share your smiles by linking up below.


Annie x

Friday, 29 April 2022

This week's smiles....week 470

 Happy Friday to one and all.  Here we are at the catch up of smiles from the week and, as always, there's been a few.

Big brother duties are settling down is Theo reading a bedtime story to Louie.  I have a video of it all and Louie does seem to be listening closely to his big brother and Theo's reading is amazing now.

I really dont like having my photo taken but these two made me so aware of the difference in the last 5 years and now more than 3 stone down.....yes I'm smiling.....lots!!!

The first photo is when Theo was little and the one on the right was taken this week with Louie.

Finally I have 3 collages of funnies for you this week....hope you enjoy them.

Annie x

Wednesday, 27 April 2022


 Hello all.  I've had another week filled with sewing jobs but I'm sharing pics of my, now finished, Luna Lapin [now called Louie Lapin] first...

I really enjoyed making my latest little rabbit for baby Louie.  I adapted the patterns for his clothes to make him look more like a baby rabbit and am thrilled with how he's turned out.

These are the latest two Memory bears I have made.  I had to use a fluffy dressing gown that belonged to a much loved Grandma and it has made gorgeous bears...I love the colours.

That brings my Memory bear count up to 562 now....and I have at least 5 more to make this week  :-)

The other pics I'm sharing very proudly today are these ones Phoebe sent me of the pencil roll she made...all by herself.  I'm thrilled to see my grandchildren using their sewing skills...especially when they are so successful.

That's all from me for this week.  I have lots of sewing to do now...and most is coming in today and is needed tomorrow  yesterday!!


Annie x

Friday, 22 April 2022

This week's smiles...week 469

 Another week has passed and it's been one filled with celebrations and smiles.  I will quickly show you a few of my pics that I can share....

Theo shows his baby brother Louie off to his cousins.

I'm thrilled to say both mum and baby are doing well and the little family has been enjoying quality time together while Mark is on paternity leave and Theo is on his Easter holidays.

For our Wedding Anniversary we went for a ride out in our motor home to Alderford Lake.  It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed several walks with Milly but sadly they couldn't find wetsuits to fit us so we had to miss out on the water slides ;-)

Amy and Dave printed us out a new family tree for our Wedding Anniversary to go in our living room with little Louie added on it. :-)

We treated ourselves to new patio furniture [bottom right] and our little garden is just gorgeous now with so many beautiful flowers coming into bloom.

Finally here are a few funnies to make you smile.

I hope your week has been filled with smiles too and you will share them by linking up below.

Annie x

Wednesday, 20 April 2022


 Happy Wednesday everyone.  It's been a week filled with celebrations here at Sewing by Annie's and, what with a new grandson, our 40th Wedding anniversary and Easter, there hasn't seen much action in my sewing room.

So today I am sharing a different desk...

I am busy making another Luna Lapin rabbit for our latest grandchild.  All the other 6 grandchildren have their own Luna Lapin rabbits so this one is for Louie.

I have lots of work that is supposed to be arriving this week so it has been really lovely to enjoy the break and lots of family times.  I hope you have all enjoyed the long weekend and have rather more to share than me this week.  If you leave me a little comment so I know you've called by I will do my best to pay you a return visit as soon as I am able.


Annie x

Friday, 15 April 2022

This week's smiles....week 468

 Here we are at another round up of the smiles of the last week and believe me we have had lots to smile about...

Little Louie Oliver arrived at 7.37pm on 12th April weighing 7lb 15ozs
Theo is so thrilled to have his baby brother and we are so very proud of Gina and Mark for all the hard work they have gone through over the last very difficult weeks to get him here.

He's simply gorgeous.

Our garden is blooming everywhere we look and giving us so much to smile about.

I'm really loving all the Primroses that are in full bloom because.....

 .......they bring happy memories back from 40 years ago when this young couple got married.  It's our Ruby Wedding Anniversary this Sunday 17th April.

The man I married, as you can see, had ginger hair and glasses....alas he has neither most of the time now as he often wears contact lenses but I love him as much now as I did back then.....3 wonderful children and 7 gorgeous grandchildren are our legacy to the world.

I'm leaving you now with a few funnies to make you smile ....if you aren't already :-)

Hope you all have a great Easter weekend.


Annie x

Wednesday, 13 April 2022


 I've had a busy week one way or another. I always write my WOYWW post on a Tuesday and at this moment in time Gina is progressing well in labour...eventually! She was admitted to hospital on Sunday with a high blood pressure which was thankfully lowered/controlled with meds for her to go into labour.  I promise to Update if there's any more news so watch this space....

I’m thrilled to say that Louie Oliver arrived safely  at 7.37 last night weighing 7lb 15oz......more to follow on Friday 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

I've had another busy week with bridesmaid's dresses, prom dresses etc etc but have also made this...

It's a snuggle cushion with a pocket on the one side that I have put reading and activity books in for idea is that he can snuggle up with Gina when she feeds the baby.

The other thing I have to share with you is my gorgeous box of sewing threads that came with my new industrial machine....I'm guessing it's like a new box of pens to most of you....I'm excited and will probably admire them for a while before I use any lol
I actually needed a pale turquoise green thread for a job on a skirt and there wasn't the right colour thread in this box.....or my drawer full of threads!!!

That's all from me for today my friends.  To be honest I've spent the last few days running on adrenaline with very little sleep and yesterday was spent looking after 4 of our 6's what a day off is meant for isn't it?  :-) :-)
I hope to catch up with as many of you that I can....but it may take me a while to get there.
Annie x

Friday, 8 April 2022

This week's smiles....week 467

 Here we are at the end of yet another busy week catching up on what's made us smile....and there's been plenty to smile about here and I hope with you too.

Theo is proudly showing me the award he was given at's for Maths and he was awarded it for 'challenging himself to think of different ways to make numbers using addition and subtraction and for describing his favourite shape, a nonagon.''s so easy to forget he's only 5!!

He had to make an Easter bonnet for school too and thought he'd pull a face in the photo he sent me....he's so funny.

This has to be one of my favourite photos....and of course as Gina is to be induced on Monday there wont be many more photo opportunities like this.

Gina has rested lots all week and is now uncomfortable all the time so I'm sure she will be glad to get it all over now....but hopefully not until Mark has a negative Covid test!!...I really don't want him to miss out on the birth of his second son. It's so exciting.

This really made me smile [and no I wasn't just sitting watching him!].  On Wednesday morning we gave my sewing room a deep clean...I do make an awful lot of fluffy dust! We got it finished just in time to find a home for my new industrial machine I have been given.  The old one we bought just wasn't up to the job we got it for sadly.

Finally here's a couple more collages of Friday funnies to share with you all.  I hope you've had a good week and will share the smiles you've got by linking them below....we can never have too many smiles and everyone is welcome.
Annie x