Wednesday 29 June 2016


Here we are at another Wednesday....the last week has simply flown for me.  The first thing I have to say is sorry for the lack of visits I made last week. What with twinnie school runs, sewing in between plus all the puppy duties my blogging time just disappeared....please believe me when I say my intensions were good and I will do my best to do better this week.

So what is on my desk today?

Yes....what else did you expect?  It's yet more gorgeous fabric.....and yes it is more new fabric but I'm allowed to buy this because it's for a very special project.  These are the fabrics I've bought to make a little quilt for the moses basket I am setting up ready for the next little family member due in September.  I love the colours...what do you think?

I'm wadding the lining for the moses basket but keeping the lining neutral in colour so it can be used for any future babies.

These are the latest swapped ATCs I have received....aren't they simply gorgeous?  I have had so many, each one different and each one made with love.  Thank you to each and every one of you....I really feel blessed to have so many blogging friends all around the world.

Of course I know you will all want to see how little Milly is settling she is after a hard days sewing stretched out in her fav place....on the leather settee in the living room!!  She gets away with murder as you can see and is totally spoiled. :-)

That's all from me for today....I will do my best to call over to see what you've been up to as soon as I'm able.
Annie x

Friday 24 June 2016

This week's smiles....week 175

Hello all.  Firstly I want to say how lovely it was to see so many of you joining in last week.  Thank you all for making the effort and sharing your smiles.  I really do appreciate your support.  Between us we are making the world a happier place to be.

I would like to feature a blogger who made me really smile by the simplicity of the post....if you didn't see Jo's post from last week then it's worth popping over the see the gorgeous little self seeded pansy she noticed by the road side.  That little pansy really made me smile as I'm sure it will you.  Thanks for sharing it Jo.

My smiles this week have been many even though it really hasn't been the easiest of weeks.  On weeks like this it's really good to focus on the good things so here goes.....

As many of you will know three of my little grandchildren are starting school in September and all three are starting a few taster days this term.

Steve was getting for his first afternoon yesterday....he's just checking out how smart he looks in his uniform and giving his hair a final tidy up before he went.  :-)

Shell took the twins to the school shop to try on some cardigans and jumpers to order them ready for September but when she got there they were actually in stock so she came away with them....not sure her emotions were quite prepared and mine certainly weren't when she rang the door bell because they insisted on showing Nanny Annie what big school children they looked in their new is it the school song goes?
'One more step along the road I go'....yes, it made me cry when it was my own three meeting these milestones but when it's the grandchildren it's no easier lol

Of course as you can see from this pic my friend took yesterday there is another little friend who's giving me lots to smile fact she couldn't have arrived at a better time as she sure does lift the spirits :-)

I have to say 'I'm in love' but wouldn't you be?  Our little Milly is a really little poppet.  She really has made herself at home here and is already getting the hang of going outside when nature calls :-)

One of the advantages of being a sewing lady's assistant is that there are lots of trinnings from the bottoms of trousers and they make perfect 'rats' to shake and play with.  :-)


And when it comes to sitting out in the garden these garden seats have just the right little seat for new puppies :-)

There you go.  That's a few of my smiles.  Please share yours by linking them up below....and don't forget everyone is welcome to join in....the more the merrier.

Annie x

Wednesday 22 June 2016


Hello all.  It's that time of the week again when you pop in to see what's on my desk today.....but I bet there is something else you have really come to see today :-)

I have shared a few pics on Facebook but for those who haven't seen them here's a few pics of what you have really come to see...

Meet our little Milly.  She is a 9 week old little cairn terrier and we fetched her from Doncaster [yes I know it's a long way but she's worth it!] on Saturday and as you can see she has already made herself at home.  Neet commented that maybe there wouldn't be much sewing done once Milly had arrived but so far so good.  I did a full day's sewing, between toilet trips to the garden, on Monday and this is where my little apprentice has decided to lie...

She already has quite a fan club and has already her her first parcel through the post [addressed to Milly herself] from our blogging friend and fellow WOYWWer, Lynn Holland...Thanks Lynn, she loves it.

I have had several more ATCs but as yet haven't shared them with Jo so can't show and tell as yet but I do want to say a huge thank you to Laura  from Beads Buttons and Birds for the gift that came with her ATCs.....

It's a threadgehog and as you can see it's already been put to good use....Thank you so much Laura, I love it.

And as they say, that's all from me for today.  There is never a dull moment now our new house guest has arrived but I will do my best between twinnie school runs and toilet stops for Milly to pop along to say hello as soon as I'm able.  I must say sorry for the failed visits to a few of you from last just got in the way and although my intentions were good there just wasnt enough hours in each day.  Thanks for calling in.....hope you have a great week.
Annie x

Friday 17 June 2016

This week's smiles....week 174

I have had several blogging friends asking about my Friday smile post so I thought I would put a few details here hoping to find a few new bloggers wanting to join in the fun.  Every Friday I do my best to look back at my week to find happy moments and smiles to share on my's usually very easy thankfully as I have lots of reasons to smile during each week.  What I then ask is that as many as possible will do the same and link up their smiles at some point in the week [it doesn't have to be on the Friday].  We can never have too many smiles and I'm a great believer that sharing our happy moments make the world a better place to be.  I do my best each week to feature one of the posts from the previous week ....So come on folks take a look at the smiles in your lives and share them with us.

So here goes....  My featured blog from last week is Di's post with her gorgeous little garden visitors....go on follow the link to find out more if you missed it last week.  Di hasn't joined in for a while so it was really lovely to see her sharing her smiles....thanks Di.

My smiles for this week.....

Whilst the men were watching the football [yes there is rather a lot of it on the telly at the mo isn't there!] Shell and I enjoyed a bit if nail fun.  She has put nail wraps on some of my nails and then used toning nail polish on the others....what fun they are too.  I love them so thanks Shell.

The twins really enjoyed watching the Queen's official birthday celebrations this week and as you can see Sam has done a brilliant job of drawing the Queen after seeing her on the telly.

Here's Amy's three all dressed up as Superheros for a charity fund raising day at their school.  I'm such a proud Nanny and as you can imagine they are always Superheros in my eyes :-)

So there you go.....those are my smiles for this week.  Please share yours by linking below.  Everyone is welcome to join in the fun....the more the merrier so please ask your friends to join in too.
Annie x

Wednesday 15 June 2016


Another week has passed and here we are at another Wednesday full of fun and friendships.  You're here to see what's on my desk today so here's a pic of my sewing rail....

It's been a busy busy week here for me.  I've...
  • Altered things to fit
  • Repaired tears to much loved items
  • Shortened trousers and jeans
  • Shortened straps on a summer top
  • Made two pretty dresses fit then...
  • Tackled a gents suit by shortening a pair of trousers and the sleeves on the jacket and much much more.
As you can see my rail is now full waiting for their owners to collect....and I'm thrilled to bits that business is really picking up.

 I've had another two gorgeous ATCs from Lynn Mizera and Bridget Larson....thanks girls I love them.

That's all from me for today.  We will be picking up our new little puppy Milly on Saturday so life will change a little and crafting and creating just might have to take a back seat for a doubt I will share a pic or two of her to make you smile :-)
Annie x

Friday 10 June 2016

This week's smiles....week 173

Well hello again.  I know I'm late posting this week but I do have an excuse reason.....but first I would like to thank Angela, Kate and Neet for helping me spread a few smiles last week.  Some weeks the numbers joining in drop and I did have a brief moment last week when I thought I would stop doing a Friday smile post but then I had so many smiles during the last week that, if for no other reason other than to record them for myself, I just have to share them.  If my posts just make one other person smile then I've acheived my goal. 

So?  What's been making me smile?

Like the twins, little Steve will be starting school in September and he tried his uniform on to show me what a smart boy he will be.....I just love this photo, it really shows Steve's character.  

There will be one very lucky teacher getting this young man in their class....and one Nanny feeling rather emotional about this next step in the lives of three of her grandchildren.....just as well little Bert will hopefully be putting in an apearance in September too eh? [that's the affectionate name I have given to my next little grandson until his mummy and daddy anounce his real name :-) ]

You will all know that we moved into our new home less than 2 years ago and we inherited a well establisted totally overgrown and neglected back garden.  We have really enjoyed finding out what was growing there and moving many plants to make the garden ours.  One of the plants remained a mystery until last weekend mainly because everyone that saw it suggested that we could be growing our own canabis.  :-)  We have waited to see what would develop and whether it would flower but until now it hasn't so last weekend I took several pictures and a cutting up to a garden centre to see what they thought it was.  We had such a chuckle whilst there but thankfully I was released on bail as it was confirmed to be a Stinking Helebore that at some point should have green flowers in the Winter/Spring.....and it certainly lives up to it's name.

Finally my reason for my slowness at posting today.... Our laptop has automatically upgraded to Windows 10 and it's a real pain to get used to the seems slower or is that just me?  It has taken me til now to upload the next batches of pics!!....and in my eyes at least they are worth seeing cos they have given me so much to smile about [in more ways then one lol].

Yesterday I had two gorgeous firemen here all day....No they weren't putting out a fire [but they did cause me to get a little hot and flustered at times :-) ].  They were here laying us a new patio in readiness for the arrival of little Milly....the step out of the back door was too high for her to climb out of [I struggled!!] and we had managed with just a bit of hardcore up til now.  So here you go.....the before pics....

....and after....
We have re-used all the slabs that were here before so they need cleaning but we really love the finished results.  All we need to do now is to finish off the steps / slope / bank on the right side of the door for ease of access the the lawn but we have made plans for that ....and no doubt I will share a pic when it's done :-)

There you go....those are my smiles for this week.  Please share yours and help me to make the world a happier place to be by linking them up below.

Annie x

Wednesday 8 June 2016


Firstly I want to say just how thrilled I was to hear Julia's op went well and she was discharged from hospital over the weekend....but that means home to rest!! Of course we want you back to normal life Julia [what ever that is] as soon as possible but I'm sure it will take time of rest to allow your body to heal and recover so listen to your body and don't be tempted to do too much too soon.  We will all be rooting for you my friend and sending you lots of healing hugs.

Now onto my desk......

As promised last is a quick snap of the bunting I was making.  It has now arrived with Joshua and his mummy says he loves it....I'm just hoping the bit of Annie's magic I sewed into it will help with the awful treatment he has to have.

Another finished project to share...a little cardigan for my expected grandson when he arrives.

And finally.....last but by no means least.  Here are the gorgeous ATCs I've received for the 7th year anniversary swap.  Aren't they all just gorgeous?  I'm still ooing and awwwing over them but will make a book/folder to put them all in together when the last ones arrive.  Thank you so much to each and every one of you who wanted to swap.....I really to treasure your friendship.

Annie x

Friday 3 June 2016

This week's smiles....week 172

Wahoo wahoo wahoo.....I'm back.  Present and correct this week my friends.  It was so good to see that at least some of you still linked your smiles in my absence and for that I thank you lots.

I am pleased to say I had a wonderful week's holiday in Albufeira and our week was spent doing just what the Dr ordered....Lots of eating, sleeping, reading, walking, relaxing, chatting, laughing and generally enjoying our time together.  Since we have returned home we have new energy to tackle a few more jobs around our home and garden and that has given us even more to smile about :-)

The pics I'm sharing today aren't from our holiday but they are from the holiday our little twinnies have just returned from with their Mummy and Daddy....simply because I am sure they will make you smile as much as they did us.

I know I'm rather biased but aren't they just gorgeous?  They never fail to make us smile.

Now, I've shown you my smiles for today so please link up yours below and I will pop along as soon as I can to check out what's making your smile this week.  Thanks for calling by.
Annie x

Wednesday 1 June 2016


Well, that fortnight went quickly [but doesn't it always when you're having fun?].  I've been missing in action while all the celebrations were going on last week but I have to be honest and say a week in Albufeira was just what the Dr ordered.  It's been a very busy 12 months for us with getting all the work on our bungalow done so it was really lovely to have nothing at all to do but eat, sleep and read an occasional book or two for us both [and for those that follow me on Facebook you will have seen the occasional ice cream eaten and glass of Sangria drank!....well you just have to don't you?].

Before I share my desk today I want to say that I really hope Julia's surgery went well yesterday and today is the first day on her road to a good recovery.....I'm sure we were all thinking of her yesterday and really hope all our love and positive thoughts carry her through this difficult time.

On to what is on my desk today....

I was challenged by one of my blogging friends to make some special bunting for a very special little 5 year old boy who's in hospital having treatment for a brain tumour.  He loves superheros but I don't have any fabric printed with superheros so I set to to design my own.

I covered my desk in fabrics in the appropriate colours.

Did rather a lot of planning, pressing and snipping and cut out all the pieces needed.

Here's my desk mid planning.

And here's all the flags with the designs bond-a-webbed on the front and today I will be stitching them all in place before I back all the flags and stitch the bunting together. :-)
If I can remember I will snap a pic of it when it's finished to show you next week.

That's all from me for today.  I have received a few ATCs from the swap but Jo and I need to get together to swap and share them yet so I will try to snap a pic and thank all next week.

Here's hoping our dear friend and blog leader is back in the driving seat before too very long but until then I would like to thank Jan for holding the fort for us.

Biggest hugs to all,
Annie x