Friday 28 February 2020

This week's smiles....week 360

Hello all.  It's been another wet, windy week here at Sewing by Annie's but my customers seem to keep coming [when they can get through the floods!].  I'm enjoying having a retired hubby here and we have been cooking/baking together quite a lot this week so we've had a good giggle.

I've a few quick photos to share with you that have made me smile...

I tried knitting some cardies for my rabbits but ended up with really painful wrists and cramp in my fingers [old age!!!] so I handed it over to that much older sister of mine and in a flash she not only adjusted the pattern to fit them but she knitted me three lovely cardies for the girl rabbits and here they are proudly modelling them for us. 

Thanks Jo, you're a treasure.

My partner in crime joined me for coffee just as I finished making rabbit number 5's shirt so he had the pleasure of dressing him....even Milly wanted to help :-)

Finally the sun came out so I went out into the garden to snap all the lovely flowers that are making me smile now.

I really love Spring....don't you?

If you leave me a little comment I will know you've called by and then please link to your own smiles below.
Annie x

Wednesday 26 February 2020


Hello all.  I really hope you are all surviving the floods and gales we have been having lately.  I'm pleased to report that although Shrewsbury has been having the worse floods in 20 years plus we have managed to keep many homes and businesses have been damaged and my heart goes out to them all.

I've had a steady flow of customers and have been kept pretty busy with alterations and repairs but have also found a little time for rabbit dressing so that's what I am sharing today....

Rabbit number 5 now has a call back in Friday to see why he made me smile.

Rabbit number 6 has now got a rather smart cord lined waistcoat, matching trousers and a green check shirt....he's rather happy with his new outfit too :-)

I have been busy sewing for one of the other rabbits too but thought you might like to play spot the difference to see if you can see what I've made.

I will tell you what it is next week if you can't see. :-)

I mentioned a few weeks back that I would be happy to take orders for rabbits if anyone was interested and our Queen of WOYWW mentioned that they may have copyright.  I checked in the back of the book and sure enough she was right [she's such a wise woman :-) ].

Since then I noticed that one of the ladies, that sells in one of the craft groups I'm in on Facebook, was offering to take orders to make some so I have looked further into it and apparently I am allowed to sell up to 15 a year as long as I don't sell them on line and that I credit the designer...which of course I am more than happy to do.

Sarah Peel from Coolcrafting designed Luna Lapin...she is a very talented lady so deserves all the credit she gets.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit this week and will leave me a little message so I know you've called in.  I will do my best to pay you a return visit ASAP.
Annie x

Friday 21 February 2020

This week's smiles....week 359

What a week of rain and gales we've had here but thankfully we have been safe and warm in our bungalow so that is certainly something to smile about.  I have found a few pics to share with you that make me smile.....

Theo drew this for his Aunty Shell and it really made me smile....not bad for a 3 year old is it?  He loves all art and crafts :-) :-)

Little Jet has been up to all sorts of tricks lately and here's a couple of pics to make you laugh.

Shell says she doesn't realise she's the wrong colour to be the andrex dog.

Shell had to point out where Jet was in the second pic...I had focussed  in her cage not on the top!!

Amy, Dave had their three are away for a couple of days down in Cornwall during the school half term holidays.

It really made me smile to see them playing Scrabble together because it's a game we have all loved over the years.

Finally these are a few cartoons I found about floods and wet weather that made me chuckle.

Our back lawn has been like a sponge with all the rain but I do remember my Dad always saying the rain was good for the garden!

Thankfully it's too early to be mowing the lawns yet!

I really do feel for those affected by the floods but I'm sure it's better to laugh than cry about it.... maybe this is an idea for them?

I hope you have found something to smile about this week and will link up to your own smiles below.
Annie x

Wednesday 19 February 2020


Hello to you all.  I'm really hoping you are all safe and dry and not been too affected by the awful flood and wind damage throughout the country.  Shrewsbury was almost completly cut off by the floods.  Thankfully we were not affected but out hearts go out to those who have been.

The weather hasn't stopped the steady flow of customers I've had this last week and this is what my rail looks like....
Since you were here last week I have...
  • Shortened 7 pairs of trousers
  • Put a new 26" open ended zip in a jacket
  • Shortened the sleeves on a dress
  • Shortened a lined dress
  • Sewed up the splits in another dress
  • Sewn a badge on a fleece jacket
And made another School Memory bear...

This one was a special gift for a little girl going to her new adoptive home to remember happy school days when life had been tough.

For those that like to be kept up to date with how many I've made....this one is number 314.  What a lot of love I've managed to spread around the world eh?

You may have noticed in the first pic that the last Luna Lapin rabbit I made was lying down across the legs of the others [that's what you get when you've had little visitors checking out their progress].  He's still waiting for some clothes but you may be able to see that here on my sewing maching today is a little shirt being made for rabbit number 5 so when I've finished this it will be rabbit number 6's turn to be fitted out :-)

Over on my other desk I have a pile of new felt waiting to be made into coats for the girl bunnies....of course when you pay a visit to the local fabric shop you just have to buy something new....don't you?

That's all from me for today.  I hope to catch up with as many of you that I can at some point.  Stay safe and warm my friends.
Annie x

Friday 14 February 2020

This week's smiles....week 358

Another week, another head cold but still plenty to make me smile thankfully.

I like to take a little time out of my busy life to focus on the good things in my life and to share just a few of them hoping to make others smile too.  It does me good and I hope it rubs off on all those who visit each week....please feel very welcome to share your smiles too by linking up at the bottom of the page.  With all the doom and gloom in this world we live in I like to do my bit to share a little happiness.

Shell shared this photo with me this week of their puppy, Jet watching the telly.  She sent me a video too and it showed Jet empathising with the corgi in the made us all chuckle [I'm sorry but I'm unable to share the video with you].

Little Jet is growing fast and is such a lovely little dog now.

My smiles have mostly focussed on the signs of Spring around our garden.  There seems new life everywhere I look so I popped out with my camera to share a collage of what I found with you....Spring is on it's way....wahoooooooo.

Or is it?

I found these few funnies on Pinterest to make you smile....

Looking at our garden...this one seemed appropriate :-)

Then....with all the bad weather we've been having maybe this one is right?  :-)

Thankfully we haven't had a lot of snow and what we have had hasn't stayed long but this one made me chuckle.

Then I found this one and, as today is the last day of the course we have been having at the gym and we can't afford the £800 plus they want for another year there, I thought maybe this one might be right for me?

Sadly this head cold has included earache and vertigo so we have been unable to got to our last few sessions at the gym but hopefully it's given us the insentive to get and stay fitter....fingers crossed.

Annie x

Wednesday 12 February 2020


Oh wow these week's seem to fly by when your're busy don't they?  I will quickly run through my week and what's been filling my desks...

It's been another busy week making special memories for some very special people....I'm so blessed to be trusted with special items of clothing to make the bears and to be taken into the hearts of each and every one of them when they share who the bears are being made in memory of.

Since last Wednesday I have been pretty rough with my head cold/cough returning...I seem to hear of so many having this happen to them....and now I would really like to be free of it all.

While I dosed myself up with paracetamol and rested/slept over the weekend I managed to make rabbit number 6 he is sitting with his cousins on my desk while he waits for me to find time to make him some clothes.

You might notice that rabbit number 5 is now wearing trousers and a matching lined waistcoat but is still waiting for his shirt.

And finally you might like to see why I do what I do.  This was written by one of my latest customers that I made several Memory characters for.  She is only 18 years old but such a lovely young lady and this was part of a post she put on her Facebook reduced me to tears.  Her Grandma must have been so very proud of her.

Thanks for popping by today.  I must say sorry to a couple who visited here last week that I didn't manage to pay a return visit to ....I will aim to do better this week.
Annie x

Friday 7 February 2020

This week's smiles...week 357

It's been another really busy week here at Sewing by Annie's so I have had to sit back to think what smiles I've got to share with you today.  This is the first chance I've managed to get on the computer for a few days so after I've written this I must try to get around a few of the WOYWW blogs that I've missed to visit.
So here quickly are a few smiles for you....

Gina took this photo of me and Theo this week and it really makes my heart sing.  There is so much love going on here....that's what makes my Tuesdays so very special.

One for you dog lovers out there...
Our little Milly loves to make herself at home as you can see....I hasten to say that is a play table she is lying on not one we eat off....she's in seventh heaven up there as you can see.
The bottom photo is one showing how she likes to lie on the floor.  One of our other dogs used to lie with his legs out behind him like this and it always makes us smile.

Finally just a few funnies I've found on Pinterest that made me chuckle.

This woman has superpower!!

We are still visiting the gym and trying to improve our fitness but I really wish this one was true.....I'd be sooooo slim if it was.

This one always makes me chuckle....I'm now sat here wondering how you see me :-)

I hope I've made you smile and you will link up below once you've left me a little comment so I can see what's been making you smile this week.
Annie x

Wednesday 5 February 2020


Here we are at another Wednesday round up of the creative desks around the's my favourite day of the week.

I will be having a busy day today cos my first customer is coming at 8 with a pair of trousers she needs shortening and all being well I should also have 5 Memory bears to make so it should be a head down sewing day for me....and I love it :-)  This week I've been busy with my rabbit making in between jobs because it was a quieter one for me so that's what I'm sharing today....

The little girl rabbit I finished last week has now got a pretty lacy pair of French knickers that I made from a lace edged doily Jo gave pretty.

I've also made her a pretty pale blue dress with tiny pink flowers and a little white collar.....Each little rabbit seems to take on a different character.

The next one that was all cut out ready to make is now finished...and he's definitely a boy rabbit isn't he?

I have already made his trousers and lined waistcoat too so now he just needs his shirt making.

The grandchildren are all watching the development of the rabbit family and are making suggestions as to what each one needs now so watch this space.

I have already made a start on the last boy rabbit....he's a lighter grey felt and has a starry pattern on his inner ears and feet.....he might be ready by next week but it depends how much 'me time' I get.  :-)

I am really enjoying dipping into my fabric stash for the rabbit clothes and I saw this on Facebook and really think it was written for me.  :-)

I hope you have enjoyed your visit and will leave me a little comment so I know you've called by.  I will do my best to pop over to yours ASAP to see what you're sharing this week.
Annie x