Friday 29 September 2023

This week's smiles....week 532

 Hello all.  This week's smiles have taken some searching to find.  

If you called by on Wednesday you will have seen that our weekend away had to be cut short with me coming down with shingles :-(  It's behind my left ear and I've had a very painful gland up on the back of my head...I guess it's my body dealing with the virus.  I had shingles many years ago in my right ear so recognised the symptoms straight away and managed to get to a Dr and have antiviral meds which I'm sure have helped....The little blisters that I could feel under the skin havent come out and the gland is getting smaller thankfully.  I will say that the worse has been trying to sleep with the pain so I'm feeling pretty shattered.

I have turned down all my customers until next week, when I hope to feel rather better, and we have only had one day of Grandparent duties...

These photos were taken yesterday.  It was Louie's first time playing with the brio train track and we all had a good giggle at him launching the trains off the bridge.

He usually likes to nap snuggled on one of us but at nursery on a Friday they are trying to get him to have his nap on a mattress like the other children so, as he had fallen asleep on his way back to ours after we'd dropped Theo off at school, we lifted him out and managed to get him to finish his nap on our settee....doesn't he look cute?

He insisted on hoovering up the crumbs from under the table with the hand held hoover.....of course we encourage him to earn his keep :-)

I did manage to snap a couple of photos while we were away.  The Red Lion is the pub in Llanidloes and it was the first time I noticed just how scary the lions face was made me chuckle.

The bottom pic is Milly sleeping off one of her walks....she really loves life in the caravan, as do we, and it was our favourite campsite so we were all disapointed to have to come home early.

Of course it wouldn't be Friday without a few funnies...they made me chuckle so hope they at least made you smile.


Annie x

Wednesday 27 September 2023


 What's on my desk today? truth not a lot because although we planned last weekend away on our favourite campsite near Llanidloes things all went to pot when I developed Shingles and we had to come home early :-(   Since then I have had to turn down sewing and have been struggling to sleep because of the pain from a swollen gland in the back of my head...the shingles is behind my left ear.  I'm hoping that, because I recognised it from having it once before many years ago, and acting quickly to get to a Dr to have anti viral meds that they will help....please keep everything crossed for me.

I have updated my Memory bear folder with the photos of my latest bears and this brings my number up to 721 now made...and that has made me smile to think that there are so many little bears giving love and comfort all around the world....I have pending orders for another 20 plus too :-)

This is a rather staged photo of my desk because I am not feeling like doing much of anything at the mo.

I had to buy two new balls of chunky wool while we were away for a little C project but have done very little as yet.

The book is the one I picked up at the coffee morning in aid of Breast cancer and it's a good read...especially in the middle of the night to take you mind off pain while you cant sleep.

Sorry there's nothing very interesting to see today...hopefully by next week things will be different.  Thanks for calling in.  I will do my best to pop over to see your desks at some point today.


Annie x

Friday 22 September 2023

This week's smiles.....week 531

 Here we are at our weekly catch up of smiles to share with friends ....I'm sure it makes the world a happier place.

It's been a busy week here at Sewing by Annie's and the thing that's made me smile most is that I have now completed the huge bag full of factory trousers and it was collected that is the end of another era. :-) :-)  I have had several other customers and have completed their sewing too so it makes me smile lots because we are off on another adventure this morning :-) :-)

We have had two lovely days with grandparent duties...

Louie is becoming more independant every day...he is now sitting on a booster seat at the table because he insists he is far too big to sit in a high chair :-) :-)

He has had a really nasty cough and has needed lots of hugs and cuddles this week....its horrible to see him poorly but I have really enjoyed the extra cuddles.

Sam was performing in Spongebob the musical at Theatre Severn this week and we went to watch him on Wednesday night.

It was an amazing show with so many very talented young people....we really enjoyed it and I think Sam was rather sad it had come to an end.

I thought you would all like to see the flowers that are still making us smile in our garden....I'm guessing as it gets colder we will loose many of them but it's so lovely to enjoy them while we can....and share them.

Finally I have a few funnies to share with you...I hope they raise a smile.

I will do my best to pop round to see what you've been up and hopefully I can leave you a comment...if not then please forgive me.....I will hopefully be making memories and finding lots more to smile about.


Annie x

Wednesday 20 September 2023


 What a week it's been here at Sewing by Annie's.....not a spare minute was had :-) but I'm still smiling because I completed the very last bag full of factory trousers....all 40 pairs of them!!!  On top of that I have filled and emptied my 'to do rail' full of customer's sewing....I have no photos of any of that but I do have a few happy photos to share with you....

I finished the pair of patchwork cushions made for charity ...I showed you the fronts last week.

I sent a quilt, a rag doll and other items for a coffee morning to raise money for Breast cancer and in total they raised £ was good to feel I helped.

The latest Harry Johnson trust sale raised £85 with the things Jo and I made....every little helps.

Saturday was another fun day with Phoebe and Lulu.  They asked if we could all make little frogs like the ones I made for Harry Johnson....of course they wanted to make ones to match their bedrooms....frogs do come in all colours you know :-)

We had a really fun afternoon and were joined by their Mummy and Great Aunty Jo for a while....lots of happy memories were made.

Lastly I am sharing my beautiful flowers one of my customers bought me....they were just too pretty not to share they with you.....I hope they make you smile too.

Yesterday was a Theo and Louie fun day and today is another Louie I'm guessing there will be no sewing done.   I will do my best to pop over to yours once I've finished having fun :-)
Annie x

Friday 15 September 2023

This week's smiles...week 530

 We are here again at Friday's round up of the things that have made us smile.  I'm sure that sharing smiles makes the world a better place so feel free to share your smiles by linking up at the bottom of the page.  I have had lots to smile about so will share a few pics with you...

Last Friday was Louie's first day at nursery school and the pics on the right are the things his daddy was given as he dropped him off...what a lovely thing to do eh?...if you click on the pic you should be able to enlarge it so you can read the poem.

I should say Louie had a lovely day.

We have had two lovely days looking after the boys again this week although both have nasty coughs.

I love these photos.  Louie loves to copy Theo and is growing up so quickly.

I'm sure you will wonder what this photo is of and why it makes me smile...This is the LAST bin sack full of factory trousers that I will be replacing the zips in [and that def made me smile] .  After a day of looking after Louie on Wednesday my darling hubby helped me take all 40 old zips out ready to put the new ones in....we finished just in time to go to bed :-)

Of course I had to find some funnies to share with you...I hope something here makes you smile.


Annie x

Wednesday 13 September 2023


 It's been another busy week here at Sewing by Annie's and I'm buzzing.  I also have something special to share with you today.

Since I was here last week I made these three gorgeous little Memory bears.  They combine clothing that belonged to a much loved Mum and Dad that both died last year and I was thrilled with how well the fabrics was my customer.

I was then looking on Pinterest for a new project for the charity I support and as you can see on the logo there is a little frog and I thought I might make a few little frogs for them to sell.

Harry's mum Sally called in to collect all the latest things Jo and I had made for 2 up and coming sales and I mentioned to her that I had cut out 10 little frogs to make for the charity.  She could then tell me why there was a frog on the logo.....2 weeks after Harry died she had found a drawing that Harry had drawn in his bedroom drawer hence the design.  She then told me that they give a little frog to every newly diagnosed child with cancer and they had previously had searched the internet to buy them.  I asked how many newly diagnosed children they normally had and she said it was 10-15 a year so I'm thrilled to be able to supply the next ten with my little frogs [and am more than happy to make more when needed] was as if I knew :-)

Of course with all the fabric I have there was little or nothing in green to make them with so I had to buy some...these were the best I could buy and I have to say I am pleased with the results...

I always said I was as mad as a box or frogs and now there's no doubt :-)

I've managed to use up some of the donated fabric to make these cushion fronts.....just got to find something suitable to back them with now.

Lastly, but by no means least,  I just want to share this photo of the latest puppet Sam made this week....I just knew he'd enjoy making his own dalmation with that fabric :-)

I'm such a proud Nanny :-)

I hope you have enjoyed you visit this week and will leave me a little message to let me know you've called in and I will do my best to pop over to see what you've been up to this week....but please bear with me as it's a Louie day today and I do have another huge bag full of factory trousers to replace the zips in [this will be my last thankfully because I retire in 39 days...not that I'm counting :-) ].


Annie x

Friday 8 September 2023

This week's smiles....week 529

 It's been a manic week here at sewing by Annie's.  I've had more customers this week than I had during all of July and August put together and every one that came wanted more doing than originally planned....I'm buzzing and have even managed to fit in 2 days of Nanny Annie duties.

I have lots of photos to share with you so I promise I will be quick....

It's back to school week for our Grandchildren this week.

Theo is now in year 2 and is looking so grown up don't you think?

Stephen has started at the same secondary school as his two big sisters.....and he's enjoying it so far.

The twins have also started secondary school this week.

I thing all 6 look really smart in their proud of them all.

I love these photos....Louie was so pleased to see his big brother when he came back from school.  He wouldn't leave his side and they both enjoy rough and tumble play together.  Theo is so loving and patient with his little makes my heart sing.

We have really enjoyed our play days with Louie....every time he comes to play he's changed so much and is such a happy boy....we are blessed.

Yesterday was Theo's 7th birthday and I really love the collage Gina shared with many precious photos.

Of course I have found a few funnies to share with you all.

I hope you will all leave me a message so I know you've called in and will then link up your own smiles at the bottom.


Annie x

I couldn't resist sharing this one ;-)

Wednesday 6 September 2023


What a difference a week makes eh? From slow slow slow with work I'm now running at full speed plus we are back with Grandparent duties.  We have Louie all day on Wednesdays now and then we have Louie and Theo on either a Tuesday or Thursday each week...this means getting up at silly o'clock and travelling 20 minutes, taking Theo to school, bringing Louie back to ours [in case I have any customers], then fetching Theo from school, bringing him back to ours for tea and then bath and into PJs ready to go home when mummy finishes her very long day at school.....a long but very rewarding day filled with laughter and the making of lots of memories.

 So today is a Louie day but my 'to do' rail is heaving with work ...and it probably wont get done until tomorrow :-) :-)

What have I got to show you today?....

The first strip quilt I made and showed you last week has already gone to raise money with a rag doll, 2 patchwork cushions and a covered tissue box for a breast cancer charity.

This is my helper on his knees helping me put the backing on the next strip quilt......

....and here it is completed.

I've really enjoyed making these and have more strips already cut from the donated fabrics to make another one but it will have to wait until I clear my workload....and that will probably be started tomorrow unless Louie has a nap today and gives me a few minutes.  :-)

I made this Memory bear for a returning customer [and I love it when they love what I do so much that they come back for more]. He's in memory of a grandad using his dressing gown and his favourite blue tie.

I also made these two in memory of a man who used to work with my dad...and it always makes them more special when I know the person concerned.

They are made for the gentleman's wife and daughter using his favourite shirts....each one has a little pocket on the front because the man always loved a shirt pocket and the blue ribbon is in the colour of his football team.

That's all from me for this week...there may be a little delay in getting to see what you've been up to but I will do my best to pop over when I get a minute.


 Annie x

Friday 1 September 2023

This week's smiles....week 528

 What a lovely week it's been here at Sewing by Annie's....mainly because I haven't been here most of it :-)

We left last Friday morning so for those that linked up early I was able to pay them a quick visit before we left but the others sadly didn't get a comment from me because where we went to had a really poor internet signal....but it was really lovely.

We booked in for 4 nights at The Three Castles campsite near was a tiny site with only 12 pitches but the facilities were one of the best we have ever had to was a communal block with 4 wet rooms and was spotless.  

On the sunday morning we had a visit from...

...a large group of TVR cars at the field by the campsite plus a cooked breakfast to raise money for a local Farmers Minds charity....a great time was had by all.

We went for a ride to Abergavenney to look at their local market and as we approached it from the car park we came across this treasure........I have been ordering zips etc from them for years for my sewing business but didn't realise they had a shop in Abergavenney so it was a really lovely surprise.  I went in and introduced myself and was greeted like a long lost special.

We took another ride out to Upton Bishop.  This was the little church where my Mum and Dad got married and is really beautiful....I could just imagine Mum walking up the aisle in her powder blue dress :-)

While we were away Gina took the boys with a group of friends to our local sunflower fields...what gorgeous photos :-)

Of course it wouldn't be Friday without a few funnies...I hope these make you smile.

Please leave me a little message so I know you've called in and I will do my best to pop over to yours to see what you've been up to.

Have a great week.


Annie x