Friday, 2 December 2022

This week's smiles....week 489

 It was with great sadness that I read the news that Lisca's hubby, Graham, had died.  He was such a lovely man and I had the pleasure to meet him in  real life when they both called in to see me a few years back.  My love and  thoughts go out to our friend Lisca and their family.

Of course you are here to share my smiles and although I have had a heavy heart at  times I have got smiles ....

On Wednesday we had a little visitor for an hour or so after school until his Daddy picked him up.  We don't see him often now he's a big school boy so it was so lovely to have some crafty fun together....he' s growing up so fast.

I was up at 6.30 yesterday and spent a long day sewing because I had so much to do. By 4.30 I was shattered and was drawing curtains and shutting up shop for the day when I had a knock at my door.  One of my customers had brought me this gorgeous bunch of flowers and thank you reduced me to tears.

It's so lovely when you feel appreciated isn't it?

Of course it wouldn't be a Friday without a few funnies. I hope you have something to share with us today and will link up below.


Annie x


Felix the Crafty Cat said...

You are so right Annie, Graham was a lovely man and kept smiling even though he was so ill. My thoughts are with Lisca and her family. I can well imagine how pleased you must have been when the flowers arrived, they look lovely and so does your little visitor. The funnies as always are smile worthy too. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

Iris Flavia said...

I knew Graham only from pictures, but he was bravely smiling till the end.
I went through this with both my parents (and had my Brother at my side, thankfully).
Oh, I feel so... sorry. But we knew this was coming.
Life can be so mean. Actually I´m in tears, despite I never met either of them.

Glad you had such a cute visitor and wonderful thank-you flowers, too.

mamapez5 said...

Yes it was a sad message from Lisca. As they live comparatively closer to me, we did manage to meet up several times, and Graham was such a nice man. He was always busy working on the house, on his allotment or making music for his church and he kept his lovely smile right to the end. His funeral is tomorrow, so I am hoping it all goes smoothly.

Those flowers are beautiful and as you say, it is nice to lnow you and your work are appreciated.
Theo is 'big boy' now. They change so much once they start school don't they.
Have a more relaxed weekend. Kate x

LA Paylor said...

Oh no, I hadn't read about Graham... I never got to meet him but felt I sort of knew him from Lisca's posts and what a wonderful human being. His spirit is still alive of course... oh sad for this world to lose a good man.
your thank you gift is so uplifting. I love those colors and bet it smells lush