Friday, 3 February 2023

This week's smiles...week 498

 Hello all and a very happy Friday to everyone.  It's been a busy one for me here at Sewing by Annie's but I'm not complaining [well, I'm not now I've finished the latest bag full of factory trousers :-) ]. Work has been very busy with a steady flow of customers bringing me their sewing and many of them have been ones that needed a chat and catch up too [cos it's not just a sewing business I run here lol.]   

Saturday we had our son, Mark and his two gorgeous boys here for a catch up and lunch then our son in law dropped Stephen off so that my hubby, Mark, Stephen and Theo could go to watch Shrewsbury Town play football.  Louie stayed with me until his mummy could pick him up and them Amy dropped Phoebe and Lulu off so all us girls could have a catch up before I had my afternoon of sewing with Phoebe and Lulu [photos on Wednesday's post].

Here's Stephen with his little cousin, Theo ready to watch the football.

Sunday, my hubby and I took Milly for a walk to see the snowdrops at Attingham Park...they are all coming out now but will be a better show by next week.

Tuesday morning we had a fun play time with Louie.....he's teething and was rather clingy with his Grandad but, as you can see, they did manage a nap together.  Louie is 9 months old now and wont be long before he starts walking.

Sam has been enjoying designing on his Ipad and really has a talent for it...this is his Grandad and their dog Reggie.  

It wouldn't be Friday without a few funnies...I really hope your find something to chuckle at.
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Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I've never seen snowdrops, except in photos. These are lovely.

The boys look ready to watch the match. Sorry. I refuse to call it fUUtball.

Thanks for letting us know how old Louie is. Seems he was just born recently. Time really FLIES!!!

LOVED the yoga funny. If my cats could think, they would probably say the same thing (grin). Have a super Friday and weekend, Annie.

Lisca said...

Gosh you have had a busy week! What with the zips and the grand children visiting, it has been fun.
Wow, Louie is growing so fast!
I giggled at the funnies. They're all really funny. Thank you.
Have a lovely weekend,

Iris Flavia said...

Your business sounds great.
My parents and now my Brother are the same. Well, me, also.
We take our time to also talk. Not many do that.

Oh, I miss snowdrops! My family´s garden was full of them! Here in the city... I never see any.
Teething. Yes, I remember my Brother. He drooled a lot, LOL!

Wow on the art!
Love your funnies!

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, pleased you got the trousers finished. It must be a great pleasure to see the children so often and how little Louie is growing too. The crocus are starting to show their faces here too, these little flowers certainly make it feel like spring. Good colection of funnies. The bad dog reminds me of Alfie as his favourite thing at the moment is shaking anything he can find especially if it belongs to us. Big hugs to you all, Angela xXx

mamapez5 said...

Lots of lovely family time with the grandees this week Annie. They are all growing up so fast. Sam has a real artistic talent with his designing app.
I love the snowdrops. They are so delecate but so resiliant and take everything that winter weather can throw at them.
I bet you were glad to see the back of that bag of trousers. Not many folk would take that on. What will they do when you retire!
Your funnies made me smile today. Have a smiley week. Kate x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Annie, I just saw your comment. I thought you would find humor in the elephant fly with a 4 foot zipper.

LA Paylor said...

precious picture of granddad and Louis