Friday, 27 January 2023

This week's smiles...week 497

 Hello all and happy Friday to you.  I hope your week has been as good as mine.  I've  enjoyed lots of time sewing creatively for the charity but have also had rather more customers this week including another bag full of factory trousers to replace the zips in [ 😩 ]....not my favourite job but as am retiring from doing them in October and I only get a bag every couple of months I wont have to do many more....with my hubby helping, we have already removed all the zips [my arthritic hands are telling me too!!].

I walked around the garden yesterday and took a few photos when I noticed signs of promise shooting up everywhere...

I do love seeing early signs of Spring...there's even a couple of snowdrops starting to bloom in the bottom left :-)

We had the twins before and after school on Tuesday and had a surprise visit from Gina and little Louie on Wednesday so our week has been filled with lots of smiles.  Louie is now crawling everywhere and pulling himself up to feet so I'm guessing will be walking soon....he's growing up far too quickly!!

The only other things I have to share with you are my weekly funnies....enjoy.

I hope I have managed to get all of each funny on this week. I couldn't find the incomplete one from last week to put it on again for you so sorry I missed it.

Please leave me a little comment so I know you've called by and I will do my best to call by to see what has been making you smile this week.


Annie x


Lisca said...

Sounds like you're counting the days to your retirements (or should I say: counting the zips?)
You'll be having snowdrops soon. Spring is on its way! Here the winter starts late and so spring is usually late too. Sometimes it is comp0letely skipped and it will be cold until May and hot in June. So just one month of spring.
I giggled at the funnies.
I have gotten up early, in the dark and cold, to go to the gym. So that funnie about tossing and turning seemed a good idea.
Have a lovely weekend,

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

How nice you got the twins one day and Louie the next. I swear, that child is amazing. Most babies start walking at about 11 ti12 months of age. Is Louie even seven months old yet?

Loved the jokes. I finally got the one with the dogs folding. I didn't see the tail wag at first, Have a super weekend and a great new week, too.

Twiglet said...

The funnies are brilliant - I agree with Lisca on the tossing and turning.😄

mamapez5 said...

Lovely to see signs of Spring in the garden. I do love the little snowdrops.
I hope you do manage to retire, at your own pace of course, but I would sure be glad to see the back of all those zips!
The babes do grow up so very quickly don't they. I saw our grand daughter for her first birthday in April and she was strill a baby really. Now she is a proper little girl, standing tall and straight. She doesn't babble, but says quite a lot of words very plainly. She is a it under the weather today, but hopefully it will pass so they can enjoy theirlast days here. Kate x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, it,s been sunny here some days and I've actually hung the washing out so that must be a sign of spring too. I know it's work but I bet you'll be glad to see the back of the trousers when you retire. I've always loved making things but never keen on the alteration bit. Good collection of funnies too. Pleased the family are doing well and hope you have a good weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

LA Paylor said...

tossing and turning is exercise for me right now. We have so much snow and ice I can't safely go out to walk!

Julia Dunnit said...

I’m late for Wednesday and a Friday this week, sorry! Loving the charity makes, it must be nice to let your creativity loose on non-customer sewing now and then! Glad you have a lovely week I terms of extra grandee time, precious huh.

Kyla said...

ooh loving the signs of spring and TOTALLY with you regarding zips, cant stand them when sewing!! The cartoons did make me smile, especially the street golf one!