Friday, 27 May 2022

This week's smiles....week 474

 It's been such a lovely week with happy mail coming through my door each week from the WOYWW ATC swap and it's been a busy week too...

Sunday I went with my hubby and big sister Jo to the theatre in Shrewsbury to see....

Paul Merton and impro chums.  The show was brilliant with lots of clever improvisation between them all.  We are so lucky to have such a fab theatre in Shrewsbury.

Sunday we were back at the theatre because Lexi was taking part in a dance show.  She was in 6 group dances and was supposed to be doing a duet with her best friend but sadly her friend had Covid so she stepped up and performed the dance as a solo.
Talk about emotions....she was brilliant and performed with such confidence.
It has been so lovely watching her develop from a little shrinking violet at the back of the groups to be now dancing at the front of the stage and even performing a solo.....such a proud Nanny and Grandad.

Monday night we went to watch Stephen play the pouring rain.  It's what you do as proud grandparents and he plays in goals and made some brilliant saves.

Tuesday, while our men went to Arsenal training ground as prize draw winners, I joined Gina for the day.  We did a bit of shopping, and were ladies that lunch....with little Louie.  He was a real star.  I was able to proudly push the pram around [it's a bit like a zimmer frame :-) ] and so many folk commented on how gorgeous he was.....special memories made.

Finally a few funnies....

...and a few more :-)

...and last but not least.  I seem to find so many funnies at the mo and know you like to see them.

Please leave me a comment so I know you've called by and then link up to your own smiles below.  Have a great week.
Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Lexi is incredible. She obviously put om a brilliant solo. I can tell Louie is a good baby because he is always sleeping (grin).

That cat and dog comparison is SO cute. I got a good laugh. Of course I thought they were all cute.

Have a super Friday and a great weekend, dear Annie.

I was looking at your previous post and think your new hanger was quite clever. I save all my threads and turn them into mixed media bird nests. I think yours is clever AND functional.

Twiglet said...

Great post Annie - little Louie is really coming along so well. xx Jo

mamapez5 said...

That theatre has improved a lot since I was there, and is attracting some big names now.
How exciting to watch the dance school and how brave of Lexi to do her routine as a solo. It is great to see how much confidence she has now, and it looks as though she has some great skills too.
I am glad Steven is enjoying his football at Shrewsbury. My great grandson Alfie was training at West Brom Academy but the travelling at rush hour was proving too much for him and his parents, (he is only just 7), so they trasnsferred him to Shrewsbury but he didn't like it there. He didn't know anyone and didn't make any new friends, so now he is trialing with a Welsh team. He is a very talented player but I guess enjoying it is more important at this age.
That sounds like a lovely day out with Gina and Louie. he is doing well. Happy Grandma days. Kate x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Another fabulous week, you have such a brilliant family. Lexi is really getting into that. I believe that any type of stage activity is brilliant for children. Not only does it give them something good to concentrate on but really improves their confidence. Not that she looks as though she needs it Lol! The funnies are great today, really smile worthy. Have a great weekend. Hugs, Angela xxx

Lisca said...

Oh you've had a wonderful week. Going to the theatre as twice! Lexi looks like she did a fantastic solo. Those photos are so dynamic! She's great!
I enjoyed seeing little Louie. He looks like such a good baby and his big brother obviously loves him.
Thanks for the funnies. I hadn't seen any of these before and they gave me a good old chuckle.
Have a lovely weekend,

LA Paylor said...

great photos of dance, I was a dancer and still miss it (too many injuries to do now) and as always the dog jokes ring true!

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Always love your Smile posts. I smiled, the mailman dropped off your ATC's both are just precious and I also love the card/poem. It's been a fun 13 yrs. with WOYWW. (still a dream to visit within next 2 yrs.) THANK YOU we have a 3 day weekend MEMORIAL DAY. Paying tribute of all of our military Veterans. AND we have SUNSHINE AND 80's a long time getting here this year. Hugs ENJOY