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Friday, 26 February 2021

This week's smiles....week 410

What a lovely week it's been here at Sewing by Annie's.  The sun has shone several days and we have even had to doors and windows open at times.  Spring is on it's way and I actually do feel we can see light at the end of the tunnel with the new hopeful rules that will be coming in in the not too distant future. 

My sewing machine has been none stop all week too so I really have been buzzing here.  I hope to be able to show you what I've been making on my next Wednesday's post so keep your eyes open.  Because I've been so busy I only have a couple of pics to share with you this week....

I popped out in our back garden and snapped our first daffodils coming out, the snowdrops and our first crocuses......Spring really is on it's way folks and that always makes me smile.

The other thing I have to share is a few funnies I've found that made me chuckle this week....I hope they have the same effect on you.

Sorry it's a bit short and sweet this week but there really haven't been enough hours in my days.

Please share your smiles by linking at the bottom and keep smiling.


Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

We are finally pulling ourselves out of several inches of snow and you are experiencing spring and open doors. Sometimes I think I live in the wrong latitude! Yes, I got a kick out of the funnies, especially the one about the woman and her boobs. If only I were that endowed. Have a great weekend and coming week. I'm off to bed where my fur babies are waiting on me.

Lisca said...

Those daffodils and snowflakes are gorgeous! A sure sign of spring!
The funnies got me going! Especially the breast feeding baby. One of my friends has a toddler who still occasionally takes the breast and pulls her mummy's breast out when she's hungry.
Have a lovely weekend and don't work too hard,

Twiglet said...

It's lovely to see a bit of Spring colour! Had a good chuckle at the funnies. xx Jo

Catriona said...

Wonderful colour in the garden-makes Better days seem near. 💕

mamapez5 said...

I love those little daffodils. You seem to get the sunshine whenever we lose ours,but it is so nice to be able to open the windows isn't it.
I did laugh at you little funnies, especially the little chap in the orange coat!
Keep smiling, Kate x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

The sun is out here today too and the Red Arrows have been going over this week to entertain us. They've moved to Waddington but have to go over us to get to their practice site so we are seeing them just about every day at the moment or hearing them at least. Loving the flowers and the funnies too though they are a bit naughty this week it must be the sun being out that has brought out your cheeky side Lol! Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx