Wednesday, 1 September 2021


 Hello all. I was MIA again last week and if you check out my Friday post you will see why.  I was determined to not miss a moment so make no apologies that I didn't have time for blogging....I just know you will all understand.....Theo starts school tomorrow so time was simply running out.

Since coming back from Wales I have been run off my feet catching up with work.....

I've a rail still heaving and some of it has already been collected. In two days I...
  • Did fittings and all the sewing needed on two bridesmaids dresses including 5 hems, taking in a bodice and taking one up on the shoulders.
  • Shortened a lined dress
  • Shortened a holiday dress and took it up on the shoulders
  • Shortened another holiday dress and reduced the length of the straps
  • Shortened the straps on a jumpsuit and
  • Shortened a pair of gents suit trousers.
Quite an achievement in 2 days eh?

I've even managed a little time for playing with my paints :-)

I would like to share these paintings with you that our 11year old granddaughter Lulu has been doing.  She is a rather talented young artist and I love to encourage youth with their crafts.  She has a set of painting pens like mine but her mummy has just set her up with some acrylic paints and she has been painting these pics on canvasses...I think they are rather gorgeous too.

Sam and Lexi have been in isolation whilst Sam got over his Covid.  He had signs of a cold and was rather washed out with it but he has now recovered and it was really lovely to see them both enjoying fun in their garden pool.

Whilst at home they both did a bit of wood carving and painted them all up too...Rather good too I think.

I'm sorry my desk was rather boring this week so I hope you have enjoyed seeing a little of the talented grandchildren's crafting's such a lovely way of them choosing to spent their time.

I have another busy week planned...I had a customer contact me asking me if I can make her 14 Memory bears in memory of a much loved Grandmother who has just died and all being well the clothing should arrive tomorrow....oh happy days.


Annie x


Lynnecrafts said...

Lovely paintings Annie, by both you and Lulu!
An impressive amount of sewing done, too. I wished you lived down here!
Take care

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Glad you had a good time away but blimey the work has piled up this week! Great art by your grandchildren, I love it when kids enjoy crafting.
Hugs LLJ 1 xxx

Sarah Brennan said...

What talented grandchildren you have Annie. Reading that list of work made me feel tired so well done on having some time to create too. Hope Theo's first day at school goes well. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #14

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, looks like you've been keeping busy and the paintings by you Lulu are brilliant, looks like we have a new artist in town. Wishing you a lovely woyww, Angela x6x

Twiglet said...

It's so lovely that the grandkids are enjoying their art and craft - you obviously passed down the genes! Gorgeous paintings and carvings too. xx Jo

Diana Taylor said...

What lovely paintings by both you and your grandaughter, and wonderful wood craft too. I'm impressed you managed to find time to paint with all that sewing going on - it sounds quite overwhelming what you fitted in to 2 days!
Diana xx #8

Lynn Holland said...

Nothing boring about your post Annie. It’s always full on at your house and the families and I’m always happy to read about you all.
Well not the poorly bits obviously. Thinking of Theo and happy times ahead xxx

Christine said...

What talented children you have and 'well done' to them for trying acrylics . . . great paintings.
Sounds like you will be needing an assistant soon with all your work.
have a good week
Christine #19

BJ said...

Great memories last week and super paintings this week.

Crafting With Jack said...

Impressive art work by your talented grandchildren. Wow you got through a lot of sewing and it appears loads more to do! Angela #10

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Hi Annie, I was MIA last week too. Good luck to Theo starting school! I still remember when mine started like it was yesterday! I'm sure he'll take to it like duck to water! Lovely paintings and your granddaughter is definitely talented! Glad Sam got over his Covid and that no one else was affected. That's a lot of work lined up for you, but I'm sure you'll do a brilliant job! Don't forget to take a breather now and again! xx zsuzsa #20

Helen said...

Glad you were making memories xx that is a full couple of days.. Helen # can't remember as Julia linked me xx

Neet said...

Lulu's canvasses are fabulous - she must be encouraged with her artwork. Looks like gran has got talent too in the painting world - great watercolouring Annie.
Hugs, Neet 12 xx

craftyani said...

You are so lucky to have grandchildren that enjoy crafts hope they never give it up. Wow you are a busy bee 14 memory bears don't you ever get fed up of the same thing. ANi

Shoshi said...

Your desk is never boring, Annie! I'm glad you've got lots of sewing work coming in, and your flower paintings are simply gorgeous... The kids' art work is also fabulous and well worth sharing. What a talented family you are.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi x #17

Spyder said...

yes1 They did a great Job on the wood carving and the painting. Plus your flowers are perfect! AND the other paintings too. have a Happy Late WOYWW and hope you get all that sewing done in time! ((Lyn)) #22

Empire of the Cat said...

Wow looks like you are very busy! The pool also looks very inviting and fun on a hot day. Happy WOYWW! Elle #11, EOTC

Julia Dunnit said...

Gosh Annie, isn’t Theo like his Daddy! Lovely lovely pics, and I know all of us agree with you, blogging can wait while memories like this are being made, no contest at all! Also, nothing about your desk is boring, in fact the amount of work sounds a bit alarming to me! Love all your arty grandchildren, talk about apples not falling far from the tree.