Friday, 17 September 2021

This week's smiles....week 439

Well one things for sure is that I never get two weeks the same here at Sewing by Annie's.  Last week my feet didn't touch the ground with all the work that came in and this week I've had no sewing to do at all.....think my customers are all away on holiday.

We did make the best of the lull and we went on a days adventure to Aberdovey on Tuesday....but sadly I took no photos.  The sun was shining and it was a really lovely day.

I've enjoyed time in the garden and have sat renewing my love of crochet with my new crochet hooks...I put a photo of them on my post on Wednesday and what a difference they make.

I have a couple of photos to share with you and, as you can see, I have used one of them as my new header pic....aren't they gorgeous?

The garden keeps on giving.  The fuchsias are huge now and covered in beautiful little balerinas.  The sunflower plant is a self set seed that has grown from the bird feeders....I guess that's one way to grow more food for the birds and we can enjoy the flowers on the way.

This orchid was a tiny plant when I was first given it and when I last planted up some of my orchids it was put in a bigger pot and has gone from strength to strength since has sprouted several new small plants that I have potted up and the one I gave Jo has already flowered.....It just keeps us smiling.

That's all I have to share with you for this week so please leave me a little comment to let me know you've called by and then link to your own smiles at the bottom.


Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love your latest blog banner. LOVE the sunflowers, my state flower. You are SO lucky to have orchids. I have always wanted one, but where I live, they start at about $40.00 (USD). You have no idea what a prize you really have (or maybe you do). Have a super Friday and a great weekend.

Catriona said...

Amazing sunflowers, Annie, and all the rest if your flowers are beautiful too. I was given an orchi a few weeks ago and it is so beautiful to look at from every angle. Happy weekend to you both. X

Lisca said...

What a beautiful header! I noticed it immediately. So colourful.
And your fuchsia's are spectacular. What a joy to behold!
You have green fingers and it shows in your orchid too. Most of us have had orchids, but yours is really gorgeous and has grown so much. You can be proud.
My mum has an orchid at the moment and it is in its 'bare' phase. So I told her not to throw it away as it will start doing something after a rest. She has now put it in her guest room where she doesn't see it. When I come to see her in December I might find it is flowering and mum hasn't noticed, lol.
Have a lovely weekend,

Lynn Holland said...

I love the new header. Sunflowers are a lovely reminder of my auntie Gladys and your beautiful garden reminds me of the hours I spent with her discussing what had come up and what was to come.
Over winter we would study books and magazines and decide on the theme for the following year.
Thanks for bringing back fond memories Annie.
Lynn xxx

mamapez5 said...

Well Annie. You know me and sunflowers, so I just love your new header. Make sure you grab the seed heads before they get too 'soggy' and dry them off to ripen indoors and the birds will love you!
Your orchids are beautiful too. I have never successfully kept one, but when we were in Thailand a shopping mall had an orchid festival and everywhere you looked there were huge sculptures covered in orchids of every shape and colour imaginable. It was amazing.
Of course I had to look back at your new crochet hooks. I am glad you are finding them easier to use. I have several different shapes of handles in the soft polymer, and the ones I like best are thinner and flatter than these. but all of them are much more comfortable to hold than the old style metal ones.
Fancy you having a week with no sewing. That doesn't happen very often. No doubt you will have a flood of Christmas orders soon, so enjoy a little break. Kate x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, I'm later than usual today as we've been sorting stuff for my mum this morning and forgot to schedule the post too. Pleased you had chance to get away it must be a real pleasure and just wish we could, just a walk in the park is a pleasure. The sunflower they really brighten the garden. I have to get back to stuff now but will get round everyone later. Hugs, Angela xXx

LA Paylor said...

ahhhh sunflowers. We saw some mighty sunflowers in someone's yard yesterday so big and wilting in the 90 degree heat of colorado