Friday 3 September 2021

This week's smiles....week 437

The weeks are flying by and we are already in September....what happened to August?

I've had another busy week here at Sewing by Annie's and I've had lots to smile about....

 A fun time was had by the twins and Theo with their parents this last week as they finished off their school holidays at The Wave near Bristol.

It was just a couple of nights away but they all seemed to enjoy their surfing.

I think Milly has decided Christmas is getting closer because she has dug her Christmas reindeer out of the bottom of her toy box....she does make us laugh.

The twins started back to school yesterday.  They are now in year 5 and look so grown doesn't seem 5 mins since they were born!!

Stephen started back to school yesterday. He is also starting year 5 and is now the only one of Amy's three at the junior school as today Lulu joins her big sister Phoebe at the secondary school.

It was a big day for 'little' Theo yesterday as it was his first day at school....doesn't he look so cute in his uniform?  I'm sure he will settle in well because he is more than ready for school.

Finally, for those that enjoy an update of the colour in our garden, here's the latest collage.  As you can see there is still lots of beautiful flowers making us smile.

Please leave me a little message to let me know you've called in and then, if you can, please link up to your own smiles below.


Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

It still amazes me that the twins are that old. Seems like just yesterday they were curly haired toddlers. And of course, Theo is so grown up looking too. I can't get over the fact they all wear uniforms, something only private schools in the states might possibly require. Public schools have requirements, like mask mandates and no jeans can be worn below the hips, but that is basically it.

Your flowers are still stunning. Mine either never bloomed or are now dead. You must have perfect weather, because ours is HOT, hot, hot! Have a super Friday and weekend, Annie.

Lynn Holland said...

Good morning Annie
It’s so lovely to see all the children returning to school. They all look so smart in their uniforms.
My biggest smile goes to Theo, he looks so happy and ready for his first day, bless him.
And as for Miss Milly and her Christmas reindeer, tell her to put it right back in her toy box it’s far to early.
Then you can give her a big kiss from me
Have a lovely weekend all of you
Lynn xxx

Catriona said...

What beautiful photos of the grandchildren starting / back to school. There’s something really special about those pristine school uniforms and happy smiles. Christmas sewing will soon be with us as I received an email yesterday from the charity where I volunteer asking for ideas and help to sew items for sale! Happy weekend. X

mamapez5 said...

All the children look very happy to be returning to school. Don't they look grown up in their uniforms. I hope they all settle in well with their new school/classes/teachers.
The flowers are lovely as usual. You do have a very colourful garden. I do love the Chinese anemonies. They tried to take over one bed of our UK garden, but I love them anyway. And Fuschias always remind me of my dad who loved them and grew many different varieties.
Tell Millie to slow down. It can't be Christimas time yet!
Hope you have a good week. Kate x

Lisca said...

Oh those kids are having fun at the Wave. Did they stay in one of those tent/chalets?
All of them look so very smart in their new uniforms. There is always so much excitement about going back to school. Looking forward to seeing old friends again and the excitement of new things, perhaps a different teacher. I was always so excited to go back to school.
They look ready, especially Theo. I hope he doesn't get bored as he is so intelligent and already can do many things.
Your garden is as pretty as a picture. I love the fuchsias. When we lived in the UK I also had Chinese anemones. I loved them.
I had to smile at Millie. Christmas reindeer? No, like Lynn says: put it back, it's way too early!
Have a lovely weekend,
Keep smiling,

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie just got back from Dog walking and gardening, thought we'd better get it done while the weather was okay, pond sorted too. It's amazing how the time goes when there are children around I think it's even more noticeable as they grow and develop. The flowers are still looking gorgeous though I suspect that wont last much longer, I've been cleaning up leaves on the lawn already. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

LA Paylor said...

I bet the teachers love to see those smiling faces! I'm ready for cooler weather too Milly... cute pic with your find

Karen said...

Hi! I love the uniforms and the happy faces :) Your garden collage is lovely ~ glad to be able to pop by and catch up ~ Enjoy the weekend!

Helen said...

First day at school pics are great and can be stored up for 21st birthdays and weddings! so cute.... Have a fab week