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Friday, 2 July 2021

This week's smiles...week 428

 Here we are at yet another round up of my week's smiles.  You may have seen that little Theo fell awkwardly at Preschool last Friday and broke the two bones in his lower left arm.  [The photos are pretty graphic so don't scroll back to see if you're squeamish]  It was a traumatic weekend for all while he went to surgery on the Saturday to have it manipulated back into place but thankfully he's been a very brave little man through it all and, apart from the frustrations of not being able to use it and having to rest and not run around this week, he's doing very well thankfully.

He came to us for a few hours on Tuesday so his mummy could catch up on her jobs and some very well earned sleep.  We found lots of sitting down activities to do together and he was spoilt by being able to eat his dinner on the settee instead of up at the table like we normally do.  He's such an independent little man who likes to do everything himself so having to have a little help with the tasks that need two hands is the hardest part.

The garden is filled with so much colour this week that I've filled 2 collages to share with you....doesn't all that colour lift your spirit?

This photo really made me chuckle.  Amy's two dogs had been for their walk and had got wet so on return Amy had thrown towels over them both...of course they sat here waiting to have their photo taken before being dried....they are such gorgeous dogs.

That's my smiles for this week.  I hope you've all had a great week and will share your smiles with us by linking them up below.


Annie x


Twiglet said...

Ha ha - love the dogs! Well done to Theo for doing so well - it will be hard for him to stay calm and quiet - he's a very normally active boy! Enjoy that gorgeous garden. xx Jo

Lynn Holland said...

Good morning Annie
It’s good to see littleTheo smiling and getting on with things despite the poorly arm. It’s hard to stop them wanting to play at that age isn’t it.
Your garden made me smile the colours are so cheerful.
And look at those two, I bet there’s treats to be had at the end of the photo shoot.
Have a lovely weekend my friend xxx

Catriona said...

Glad to see Theo is managing so well despite that nasty injury. Sorry for lack of comments on Wednesday-so far this week the 3 year old dishwasher has broken and one of the toilets!! I am the sweary man’s helper.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, just back from dog walking again! Lovely photos today and pleased to see Theo managing, it must have been a very worrying time for you all. Dogs are so good how they fit in with the crazy things we make them do. Have alovely weekend with lots more smiles. Hugs Angela xXx

mamapez5 said...

Poor little Theo, That was a nasty break, and quite unusual for one of his age. The little ones usually only get a 'green-stick' break, but his was much more than that to distort his arm so much. I hope it heals without the need for surgery. That is not what you want for the start of the summer school break.
Love the dogs with their towel drapes. It makes them look like blood hounds!
Your garden is gorgeous again. I love the big pink poppy and the nasturtiums close up reminded me of our hibiscus, until I realised what they really were.
Have a good week. Kate x

LA Paylor said...

those pups are so sweet. I love labs, my first companion a black lab-radaughter had the same sweet face. Her best friend across the street was a yellow lab. It rained here yesterday and Milo ( my standard poodle) was wearing a towel for a while too.
thanks for the positivity!LeeAnna

Lisca said...

Oh dear, I hadn't realized this had happened with your little man. Poor Theo! He must have had quite a fall, as children don't usually break bones easily. The have 'green stick' breaks which aren't real breaks. Poor chappie. ASs you say, it's not easy to keep a four year old down.
Your garden flowers are absolutely gorgeous!
And the dogs really made me smile. They are so sweet.
Have a lovely weekend,

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I didn't play today because I had my link up party I hosted. I stopped by to say hi and read your blog post. Glad Theo is doing what the Dr. wants, but I am sure he is frustrated. Lovely floral shots, too.

Olde Dame Holly said...

Those dogs should have their own calendar, so cute! Your garden flowers are just lovely, and so many of them!