Friday, 23 April 2021

This week's smiles...week 418

 It's been another lovely week here weather wise and doesn't that make a difference to how you feel?

It was our 39th Wedding anniversary at the weekend and, for the first time in 12 months or more, we were able to enjoy a Sunday lunch at one of our local pubs who had a marquee outside to make it safe....Hubby said his first pint tasted like nectar :-)

On Tuesday we had our little visitor and we managed to have a catch up with our friend in her back garden.  It was the first time that she had met Theo and he was a little star...he melted her heart by greeting her with a bunch of flowers :-)  On the way home he dozed off in the car....there really is nothing as gorgeous as a sleeping child is there?

On Wednesday morning our little fur baby looked like this....she was badly in need of a trim like so many of us.....she went off to the hairdressers and came back like this.....

....she really does look a different dog now and she loves it.  She has her stripes back now and looks much lighter.

That's all my smiles for this week.  Please leave me a little comment so I know you've called by and then link to your own smiles below.


Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on 39 years. Quite a feat. And it's good you feel comfortable enough to go out and eat/drink in public. I'm not that brave yet.

Had to laugh at your comment about Theo sleeping. I think any time a child is sleeping, they aren't conspiring to get into trouble (grin). You can tell I've never had children. Have a super Friday, a great weekend, and continue to enjoy your wonderful anniversary.

Twiglet said...

It's the little things in life that put a smile on our faces isn't it. That pint looks good and Theo - well he looks totally chilled! xx Jo

Lisca said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! 39 Years is a grand old time!I love the photo of hubby enjoying his pint. We were so lucky that the bars and restaurants have been open most of the time (with distancing of course, and we have lots of outside eating and drinking).
Milly looks very smart with her new haircut. I too love seeing her beautiful stripes.
Theo is gorgeous awake or asleep I suppose. (And of course I've never met him either)
Have a lovely weekend,
Keep smiling,

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, we're back from dog walking but got distracted in the garden and before you know it it's 12.05pm don't know where the time goes. I'm happy with the hair cut but in a funny way I had quite got used to having it long Hee! Hee! I love Milly in either style but I'm sure she will prefer a cooler jacket now the weather has warmed up though we could do with some rain too. Mmmm a child sleeping is a good sight, nice and quiet Lol! Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

mamapez5 said...

Happy Anniversary you two. We share the same week as does Virginia on Rocking Your World.
My son is happy to have the bars open again tough he only pops in for a quick pint after work, and doesn't stay when it gets busier in the evenings.
Your groomer does a lovely job with Milly. She looks so different. I guess we will have to think about taking Kim again soon, but he is not so compliant and it can be a bit of an ordeal for him and us!
I always think that children get into some awkward positions when they fall asleep in the car, but they are so relaxed and are fine when they wake up again. You just want to pick them up and hug them don't you! Have a good week. Kate xx

Helen said...

Happy Anniversary! love the pic of Theo in the car! Have a good weekend.

Olde Dame Holly said...

Fur baby looks so different with the trim! Nice that things are reopening there. I hope COVID goes away soon...

Lynn Holland said...

I’m coming in a day late with this Annie but so glad I made it as I’ve got to wish you both a happy anniversary and I get to see the lovely Milly.
Give her a hug from me.
Love Lynn xx

Spyder said...

Love your little dog. I do miss walking all those dogs!