Friday, 13 November 2015

This week's smiles....week 145

Happy Friday to you all.  You will be here to share in this weeks smiles and hopefully to share your own smiles below so welcome to one and all.  Lots of you joined in again last week and I thank you all for taking the time out from your busy lives to join in the fun....please keep up the good work.

I am featuring Michelle's little care bear from last week over at Studio Scrapworx.....what a cutie.  Thanks for sharing Michelle.....please call back again soon.

My smiles for this week have been many, as always.  Several of you seem to be watching our building developments with interest and I'm sharing some of our latest pics that have really caused many smiles this week......

Our new french windows/doors into our kitchen....aren't they beautiful?

And from inside the kitchen looking out onto the garden.....just look at all that sun shining in.  It's south facing and we plan slabbing a patio outside the doors so I can imagine many happy hours spent with the doors open in the summer.

The bath, washbasin and toilet have now been plumbed in our new bathroom by my multitalented hubby and I have even enjoyed a relaxing bath in there already.....I know, I know it's not finished yet but I couldn't wait. :-)

This is the wonderful new roman blind that my much older sister made for our new bathroom from a piece of fabric we found in my fabric stash....what a lovely job she made and what a great use of the fabric....Thanks Jo.

The other pic I'm sharing with you today is of some of the Spring bulbs that are shooting up in our garden already....I know it's been very mild here but I do hope they survive the colder weather that is bound to come later in the year.

We should have the delivery of our new Ikea kitchen cupboards today.  Yes I know it's Friday 13th but I like to live dangerously so lets hope it all arrives without a hitch :-)

So there you go....those are my smiles for this week [well, some of them].  Please leave me a little comment before you link up your smiles and I will be over to yours as soon as I can.
Annie x


Helen said...

loving the sunny room, with those gorgeous new doors and windows! your bathroom looks fab too - clever hubby.

Twiglet said...

Oh happy dance going on here for you - it's all looking lovely! x Jo

Sue Jones said...

Ohh i LOVE those windows - How lovely to be able to sit out on the patio AND have that sunshine stream in

Barb said...

It's all looking wonderful now. Your doors and windows do look great and your new bathroom too. How lucky you are to have such a handy hubby and clever sister. Have a lovely weekend. Barbxx

JoZart Designs said...

It is coming together so beautifully and it has been lovely to share the progress. Such a sunny room for the kitchen and it will be so special to open out onto a sunny patio too.
Great to have a sis with talent to make things too. Lovely job!
Have a great w/end.
Jo x

Christals Creations said...

WOW! Love it. I love the blind too. I am not sure what colour our bathroom is going to be when it's finally done but I hope to make some kind of blind from my stash too.
We have some tete a tete daffs showing through but the snowdrops are still safely tucked away. I hope they all survive winter.

Neet said...

Fingers crossed for today (the dreaded 13th) but as so much has come together with your new home I am sure it will be fine. Someone is looking down and looking after you.
Lovely progress and what a clever guy Dave is.
Hugs, Neet xx

Lisca said...

What great french doors! I can just imagine the sun streaming in. Your bathroom looks great too. Is the loo in front of the wash basin or is that an optical illusion? That bath tub looks really divine, no wonder you have already used it!
Oh dear, the bulbs.... They think it's spring! They will be in for a shock soon.
The blind is beautiful. It's so good to have a (much older) sister isn't it.
I hope there are many more smiles to come your way this week,
Thanks for visiting,

Elizabeth said...

Oh Annie, I'm already suffering from some serious kitchen envy! I love those French windows/doors - it's a lovely wall of light streaming into your kitchen and I'm sure a patio will be the perfect addition. Love the Roman blind too - clever sister :) Hopefully your bulbs will just be stopped by the cold and will bloom in spring as usual. Have a lovely weekend. Elizabeth xx

Krisha said...

Your new doors and windows are fantastic! I can just imagine sitting in front of them having coffee in the morning, with the beautiful sun shine streaming through........oh I'm so green with envy right now....LOL

BumbleVee said...

Wow... things are really coming along beautifully.... that kitchen will be so nice and light...I love the sunlight shining in through all of my will too...........

Laura said...

Goodness! Those bulbs are bonkers!!
The house is looking lovely and you know that sunny spot just outside the door looks the perfect place for a cup of tea.
Sorry no post again this week, I'll be back soon x

mamapez5 said...

Oh Annie. I know a bath is a bath, but I would have wanted to try out the new one too. I love the patio doors. I like as much light as possible indoors. Your bulbs are up a bit early, but I always found they could survive most things the winter throws at them, so I hope yours do too. Kate x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

No wonder you are smiling Annie, this all looks gorgeous. Hugs, Angela x

Robyn Oliver said...

Happy 'weekend' Annie (I'm late) - your french doors are fabulous, I'm envious, and frustrated that there's been no progress for us on our renos. OOOW a lovely bath - you do have a handy husband and now I hope you have your new kitchen cupboards so the lads will be busy over the weekend installing them...I'm smiling for you...enjoy your weekend Hugs now we'll be looking to see those bulbs in flower.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing my care bear Annie, the little diva will be delighted to have gained fame at such a tender age! :-)
That wall of windows/doors makes for a beautiful bright room. I'm sure you will enjoy many lovely days sitting on your patio.
I wouldn't be able to wait to hop in that lovely tub either. All I have in my bathroom is a shower. I have to sneak into the main bath in order to sink into a tub.
Have a wonderful week!