Friday 6 November 2015

This week's smiles.....week 144

Hello to all who drop in to share smiles....either to share mine or to link up their own at the bottom of the page.  You are all very welcome and a big thank you goes to all those who join in each week by sharing their own happy moments.

I am featuring something that really made me chuckle last week...Jo's chicken feet over at JoZart.  Only Jo could make such a fab pair....I'm sure it's a talent we could all make use of ;-)  Thanks for sharing them Jo. 

My smiles this week were triggered off by a request to show the layout of our bungalow by several of you and now we are nearing the finished line with the building work I have snapped the before and after LOs.

The bungalow as we moved into it...

The parts you will have seen pics of are...
The bungalow layout now [nearly!]....
  • The old garage is now a bedroom and new bathroom [when the bathroom is fitted and the bedroom ceases to be a store room for all the building materials and gets a lick of paint, curtains and carpets]
  • Proposed bedroom 2 is my new sewing room.....wahoooooo all finished.
  • Proposed kitchen/dining room....just needs its new doors/side window panels fitting.  The kitchen has been ordered and should arrive on Friday 13th....just hope this isn't a bad omen!
  • The old bathroom is still in use until the new bathroom is complete and that will then be stripped out and new shower/toilet/washbasin fitted.
  • The old kitchen [tiny and intimate that it is] is still in use as a kitchen until the new kitchen is fitted but that will become our day :-)
  • Old porch/front door is still there but we now have the new front door and that is what has had me giggling this week......
Yesterday we had the delivery of our local free Admag.  Last week they had put one through both front doors so I put a laminated notice over the letter box on the old door to say please use new door. This week the gentleman who delivers the Admag rang the door bell [on the old door].  I open the new door and he asked if the new build was a granny flat and did we need two Admags.  My reply was....we are a married couple living here and that it was all one bungalow but we had thought of living in separate parts but that we only needed one thank you.  I did smile when I said it but I don't think he quite knew whether I was joking or not.  :-)
If you look at the LO you will see that there is a door between the hall [by the wet room] and the new kitchen and Hubby and I were having a giggle saying that we could block up that door and have a kitchen, bedroom and living room each but Hubby said there would have to be a hatch for me to pass his meals through and a dog door so Rocky could make his own mind up as to where he wanted to we decided not to bother :-) :-) :-)

I hope my post has made you smile's been a long road but we can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel now.....quite literally as we have had a sun tunnel fitted in the ceiling in the end of the new kitchen... 

The back of the bungalow is south facing so we decided to make the best of what nature provides.....there are no lights on in this pic at all and as yet we haven't had many sunny days but to have the daylight beaming in like this is really wonderful....we love it.
                             :-) :-) :-) :-)

So there you go....that's all from me for this week.  Please leave me a little comment to let me know you've called in and if you have a smile you can share with us please link them below.
Annie x


Twiglet said...

Brilliant - 2 for the price of one. Don't make that hatch too big or he will be climbing through it at night!! x Jo

CraftygasheadZo said...

Wow what a difference. Your plans look fab to me. I can see why you are smiling. I'm off to post my smiles. Take care Zo xx

Lisca said...

Thank you for showing the before and after plans. I am a 'map person' and now i can visualize much better.
You had me giggle at the admag man story. But I am also baffled by the two doors now. In the new set-up there is a door under 'proposed porch'. Is that the 'trade entrance' for clients to your sewing room?
Anyway, it is so exciting, in spite of all the inconvenience. It's going to be just like you want it.
Happy Friday,

Lisca said...

PS Those sun tunnels are very effective, even when there is no sun. When we lived in the UK, we had them fitted in the church hall. It worked very well.

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, I had scheduled my post last night when I got back from the Hobbycrafts event at the NEC but have only just got round to visiting and linking so sorry about that. However, I'm here now though I have to go and catch up with the jobs that should have been done yesterday.
The plan looks good and I am off to have a better look before doing the shopping and ironing, sadly!.
Take care and Happy Friday, Angela x

Hettie said...

Yeay!! Thanks for giving me something to smile about today. needed that this week. Looking good. That Admag story sounds a hoot!!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Annie,

Wow - I didn't realize the extent of your renovations until I saw the blueprints. Very cool. In the first blueprint I noticed a room called a Snug - what is that? A fancy sitting room?

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, brilliant! What a difference in the two plans ... it's going to be absolutely fantastic when finally finished. Love your light tunnel - our friends had one put in their kitchen and what a difference it has made too. Loved your little joke with the admag man ... can just imagine what he went away thinking :) Have a great weekend. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

Robyn Oliver said...

Happy Friday I'm so excited for you - your plans are amazing and it will be sooooo nice for you when it's all finished and lovely lot of more space to spread out. That's our plans too and yesterday (Fri) one builder came with his quote and so now we wait for the other - but we still have a long way to go but yes it's at least started...the new sink and stove was me being frustrated a bit I think so we've decided to start a few mods we can handle ourselves in rooms that aren't being renovated. Have a wonderful weekend - hope you have before and after pics to share when it's all done Hugs Robyn

Christals Creations said...

WOW. Amazing. Here's to getting it all finished. xx

mamapez5 said...

That building looks wonderful Annie. You have made a lot of changes, but it will be lovely to have it just how you want it. I had to smile over the delivery man. poor man. He is probably still wondering whether you were serious or not!
have a good week. I am sure the kitchen will arrive when it should. hugs. Kate x

Anne said...

Hi Annie - sorry I'm so late commenting. I linked up and then other events took over. Love your new layout and plans. Had to smile about the man and the Ad Mag :-) Have a wonderful weekend. Anne x

Creative Cardiology said...

I have to giggle as sometimes I wish that Mr R and I had separate living areas in the same home--when he snores for instance! LOL
It looks like it will be lovely and big when it is finished--can't wait to see the pics.
Have a great week!

Neet said...

Looks wonderful. Just two words needed from me after reading this post. Thank You!
Hugs, Neet xx

BumbleVee said...

Well, thank goodness the dining area will be less than a two mile dash when done.....good grief.... why was it sooooo far from the kitchen? Who would ever have trucked all the grub that far? ...not me .....