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Friday, 21 May 2021

This week's smiles....week 422

 Another week has passed and it's been a really busy one for me with sewing so there's been lots of happy customers and many smiles for me....I know I'm very lucky to love the job I do and get a lot of job satisfaction out of each and every sewing job.

I've just a couple of pics to share with you today as life is pretty hectic.

Lexi is showing me the huge bruise she has on her face but you will be pleased to know it's just makeup for her to play the part of a moody orphan in her performance of Annie....she really loves all her dance and drama classes and we are so proud of her. :-)

The other photo I have to share with you is this one of Phoebe, Lulu and Steve. They are all growing up so quickly and are such gorgeous children...inside and out.  One very proud Nanny Annie here.  :-)

That's all from me for this week.  Hopefully I will have more to share with you for next week and maybe a little more time to do the sharing too.  :-)


Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

One proud Nanny Annie, indeed. Have a super rest of Friday and a great weekend.

Twiglet said...

Lovely photos - yes I chuckled at Lexi's "bruise" - great make-up effect. xx Jo

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, great to see the children growing up into such lovely people. Well done to Lexi, I know what the theatre did for my confidence. I notice you mentioned Maisie in your comment. If anything the medication is improving her walking but she is nearly thirteen and one of her legs has Arthritis and we do go for quite a long walk so a little rest is good for her though not sure the taxi agrees Lol! Better get off now as we need to walk the dogs and then I'm at the hairdressers before popping over to mum's to see how she went on at the hospital. Take care and have a nice weekend, Angela xXx

mamapez5 said...

Lexi is becoming a very attractive young lady isn't she. They grow up so fast. I am glad to see she is getting so much enjoyment from her dance group.
And the other three are just such a lovely family!
I have seen some lovely bears on Facebook that you have made recently. Well done. Kate x

Lisca said...

You certainly have been busy. I also read your Wednesday blog and I got quite emotional reading about the bears made of mum's wedding dress. Especially as our daughter in law has gone through this very same thing. It is heartbreaking.
What lovely grandchildren you have! Lexie is so good doing all this theatre stuff. Acting helps you see things from someone else's perspective when playing a role and it is also very good for your confidence.
Phoebe is quite a young lady now, and the twins are a real bundle of fun. Yes, you can be very proud of them!
Have a lovely weekend,