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Friday, 28 May 2021

This week's smiles....week 423

 Here we are at our weekly catch up of the smiles and news.  It's been another wet week but so far today [I'm writing this Thursday morning]  the sun is shining and it's warm....wahoooooo

We had a lovely day with Theo on Tuesday....he's so ready for school now and is such a delight to spend time with.

We are making a dinosaur world on the tray with some chick peas, lentils and rice....so much fun was had ....he has an amazing imagination.

It was an early start so after his lunch he wanted a snuggle up with his Grandad under one of Nanny's quilts....I was taking bets as to who would be asleep first :-) :-)

Milly is very cuddly too at the mo and she loves to sit on the arm of the settee and rest her head on my chair next to it....she's a mummy's girls really and, if she can, she sits between me and the arm of my chair [not much room there!!]

My other share for today is a collage I've made of all the colour in our back garden.  The rain has affected many of the plants but they are now fighting back.....It's beautiful.

Even our new pots of strawberries are blooming and the first strawberries can now be seen....we just need some sun now.

That's all from me for this week.  Thanks for calling by and for leaving such lovely comments each week.


Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Theo has really changed this last year. He looks SO grown up already. You have a ton of color in your garden. I have nothing but green and brown for the most part. I love the collage of the flowers you have created. Beautiful flowers and great looking strawberry plants.

Lisca said...

I've not been able to put together a blog last night as my Blogger keep coming up with an error message. Very frustrating. But I'll re-boot my computer and try again when I come back from the gym later this morning.
It's lovely to see Theo grow up. Too fast really. You'll miss him when he goes to school.
Your flowers are spectacular.
We´ve had a heatwave and I've been praying for rain. Well, it seems we are in for a week of bad weather. (Be careful what you pray for they say)
Have a lovely weekend, I hope you have good weather. The sun has to be shining somewhere!

Lynn Holland said...

Good morning Annie.
It’s always nice to see the lovely Milly and I’m always amazed how much Theo has grown. He and grandad look very content sat together.
We met a new puppy this week, Orla a golden retriever/poodle. She belongs to a friend of ours. What a bundle of joy she is and very good for her age.
Have a lovely bank holiday weekend. At least we can move about now.
Lots of love
Lynn xxx

Twiglet said...

You certainly have green fingers! Fab garden and that Peony is lovely. Love the pic of D with Theo. xx Jo

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Beautiful family photos Annie. Everybody looks very content there today even Milly. The strawberries look as though they are doing well too. Hope your weekend is just as good. Sending hugs, Angela xXx

mamapez5 said...

Theo is growing up so fast. It is lovely for you to share thiese last few precious days with him. It is never quite the same once they go to school.
Tango is my close up and cuddly animal. Of them all, he is the one who claims my lap every evening. They don't have much idea of 'space' do they.
Your garden is lovely as ever. Very pink this week. Kate x

Olde Dame Holly said...

Your post does indeed make me smile. So nice to see families enjoying the day (families includes the pets of course!), and what an imagination with that dinosaur world. Your flowers are just gorgeous.