Friday, 7 May 2021

This week's smiles....week 420

It's been one of those week when we have had 'every season in one day' sort of days.

I snapped a pic of the lawn covered with hail.  We had thunder, rain, a rainbow and even blue skies in the evening....all on the same day! could only be England.

We did manage to enjoy a drink while waiting to pick up an Indian for tea one was lovely until the sun disappeared behind the clouds and then it went really cold....but we both enjoyed the drink none the less.

This is a photo that Phoebe sent me this week.  She's been doing optical illusions in art and I really loved how she has drawn her hand...yes it is all on a flat piece of paper!  Proud Nanny Annie moment. :-)

That's all from me this week.  I did go out in the garden but the weather has knocked a lot of blooms off and many of the plants have suffered in the cold wind and rains we've been having sadly.

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Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I was watching a show on TV an totally forgot to link today. We have a saying in Kansas. If you don't like the weather, just wait a few minutes. Sounds like your weather this past week. Sorry about your garden. It got cold here and I am glad I didn't take my plants outside or they would have gotten frost bite.

Aren't those drawings incredible. I saw how to do it a few months ago, but I certainly didn't do as good a job as Phoebe did with her hand and arm. Hope you have a great Friday and weekend, dear Annie.

Lynn Holland said...

I’m mightily impressed with Phoebe’s drawing. Isn’t that good. I might have to have a go myself.
It’s been a whirlwind of a week in the garden Annie. I think we are going to have to strap down our new garden seats before they get blown away.
Have a lovely weekend
Lynn xxx

Twiglet said...

I love Phoebe's drawing - so clever. Enjoy your weekend. xx Jo

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, I checked in before we took the dogs out and then we got caught in another hailstorm and we've only just got dried off. Maisie and Stan are resting and hubby's gone to bed as he's aching after the vaccine yesterday but I think he's just tired as he didn't sleep very well. Phoebe's art work is brilliant and I'll show it to Des when he gets up again as I'm sure he'll love it. We've had the results back for Maisie and she is having a new procedure this afternoon which is a monthly injection so we'll see how it does in a couple of weeks hopefully. Thanks for the visit to mine and hope the weather gets better. Hugs, Angela xXx

Lisca said...

Oh gosh that weather! Never a dull moment! I hope your flowers haven't suffered.
Clever Phoebe. That drawing is amazing!
Lovely that you could go out for a drink (and stay dry). I think most people have missed that. I know I would. Luckily restaurants have stayed open here albeit with restrictions and sometimes a curfew.
Have a lovely weekend,
Keep smiling,

mamapez5 said...

The weather has been very 'odd' over here too but I am happy to say we rarely get hail stones. They can do so much damage to fragile plants. It is settling down a bit here now and the temperature is more what we expect in May, but the evenings are still chilly.
I have seen the technique Phoebe used to draw her hand on the internet. She has done it very well.
I am sure your garden will soon pick up again.
We have no ill effects from the vaccinations. Hope yours go just as well.
Kate x

Olde Dame Holly said...

I guess in England, "If you don't like the weather, just wait an hour or two!" Amazing. I like that 3D art!

Catriona said...

Locked out if Google-hopefully now sorted. Excellent drawing.