Friday 19 June 2020

This week's smiles...week 376

Here we are at another round up of the smiles from the last week.  I have had many, as always, but as it's been raining rather more this week I've not been out to do the usual round up of photos out in the garden for you so here's what I've got I can share with you this week....

After seeing the dog yoga pics from last week Milly thought she would pose for you while she was doing hers :-)
She often lies like this...I guess it cools her tummy on a hot day.

We had a visit from Mark, Gina and Theo at the weekend....I'm so glad our garden is big enough to enjoy a visit but also maintain the social was so lovely to see them again and I remembered to take a photo this time. :-)

As the saying goes...'Behind every dark cloud the sun is shining' and of course that means only one thing.....  We had just had an amazing thunderstorm and were rewarded with this stunning rainbow.

We invested in a wormery this week and these are our new army of workers.  They take a couple of weeks to settle them in and the first couple of nights we had to put the wormery in a large black bag to catch any escape artists [and there were several] but thankfully they seem to have settled in well now so here's hoping we will benefit from the compost they make in the future.

They say a housewife's job is never done don't they?  I was a great believer in getting all three of our children to help with household jobs when they were little and it looks like Amy is following in my footsteps.
They have three toilets in their house so she's provided them each with a pair of rubber gloves and they all look to be doing a great job don't you think?
They are gorgeous children and I'm sure they will all make wonderful housewives/husbands in years to come. :-)

I hope you have enjoyed my smiles this week and will leave me a little message so I know you've called by beofre linking up to your smiles below.
Annie x


Helen said...

Great pics as always... the children could come here if they need practise at cleaning! That rainbow is just fantastic!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I stayed up long enough to link up. I'll be back in the morning to read your Smiles and comment.

Twiglet said...

Well done on the cleaning routine training. Lovely pics Annie. xx Jo

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, I have to go out so I'll pop back later to see what you've been up to. Hugs, Angela xXx

Lisca said...

I have a desktop with a huge screen. Just now I caught my husband staring at your worms, that happened to be on the screen. He is quite enthusiastic about composting and i think he fancies some help, so goodness knows we will have some worms too in future. Let me know how you (or should I say 'they' ) get on.
I love the toilet cleaning training. When children are at home they will see their mother's house work routine. Good for them.
The rainbow is gorgeous, and so is Milly in her yoga pose.
Lovely photo of Theo and his parents. It was great that they could visit.
Have a lovely weekend,

Lanniesmum said...

Lovely photos Annie and I love that the children are being taught that everyone in a house contributes to keeping it clean. I know they already do a lot of cooking. Theo looks so grown up sitting on the lounger-it must be a joy to see him in your garden. Sewing machine is calling so I should probably get on with my day. Scones have been requested so I think I’ll start with that. Catriona (hugs)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Sorry, Annie. I had to get some sleep. I needed to be up early today because I think an insurance guy is coming by (will stay outside with mask on at my insistence). It is great to see that all the youngsters were responsible for certain chores. It's especially important in this day and age where both parents work outside the home, that everyone assume cleaning responsibilities. And during this time of lock down, it seems even MORE appropriate.

Theo looks so grown up in that photo. It's hard for children that age to not understand social distancing and not being allowed to hug. He sure seemed happy, though.

When I was replanting my rose of sharons, I noticed worms in each spade full of dirt I turned over. I must have really good soil, but it took years of composting to get it that way. I hope your worms work out in your new wormery. Have a super Friday and a great weekend, Annie.

Lynn Holland said...

Lovely smiles there Annie. Love to little Milly and how good to see the children doing practical things. Hope we get some sunshine the walkers are missing our outdoor displays.
Take care xxx

mamapez5 said...

Our dogs are always looking for a cool place to lie. They still choose to be outside most of the time, so we rig up shady shelters for them.
I am sure you enjoyed another visit from Theo and his parents, even it was a social distanced one.
It is good to see that little family being taught to do their share of the cleaning. It is a pity more children are taught to do the same.
It is keeping them busy until they get back to school
Wishing for some more sunny days for you all. Kate x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, I'm back for a nosey. Been out for a walk with the girls, first time since November last year, well distancing obviously and then we sat in the garden for a while. I have to say we had only been out about ten minutes when the rain came down but only for a short time so better than yesterday. I can't start to tell you how many strawberries we've had they have gone mad this year but they are very tasty. The position that Milly is in is one of Stan's favourites but Maisie never does it. I think Maisie believes that she is a princess of Schnauzers due to her family heritage (father was an international champion from Sweden) and always sits in a very ladylike way. Stan on the other hand couldn't care less as long as he's comfy usually by sitting on one of us. Nice to see the family getting chance to visit and getting the children involved in the housework. Wormery looks good too. Have a great weekend and thanks for the visit to mine. Hugs, Angela xXx