Friday, 5 June 2020

This week's smiles ....week 374

Another week has passed and although the lockdown restrictions have lessoned in hasn't made a huge difference for us as yet [nor do I expect it to].  I've still had a steady flow of requests for face masks so that is keeping me ticking over but on top of that I also had an order for face masks from Barclays Bank in Chelsea, London....and there may be more of the same to follow for other branches of the put a huge grin on my face.....Fancy that!  Little old me!!!

Now for my round up of the pics I can share with you....

It seemed a while since I shared a photo of the girls...they lead busy I asked Amy to snap me a couple.  They really seem to be growing up so quickly now....real young ladies now.

Lexi has been enjoying musical drama/dance classes and of course has to be dressed appropriately for each session.. clockwise from top left is Matilda, Dog trainer, Mouse from Nutcracker and Jasmine.

She has gained so much confidence through her drama group and is always singing and dancing now....beautiful.

Gina sent me this pic of Theo this week.  She said he'd wanted to play out in the paddling pool while she was getting tea so she filled the sink and popped him in there instead...she said he'd looked like her as if she's gone mad but he had actually had a real fun time there for nearly an hour.

I just said that all children should be bathed at least once in the kitchen sink...I have such happy memories of mine doing exactly the same at some point in their lives.

My darling hubby has been baking again...2 coconut cakes this week....and they taste every bit as much as they look.

Amy's three have been creating rainbows with fabrics.  Aren't they lovely?

Here's my round up of this weeks new blooms in the never fails to keep giving and makes me smile every day.

The vegetables are doing really well too....we have enjoyed 3 means of new potatoes, our first courgette and the first two beetroot as well as salad leaves and radishes....and all really yummy.

Finally I just wanted to share a few of the giggles I've had this week [I'm sorry if any offend you].  hey really made me chuckle so hope they make you laugh too.

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Annie x


Helen said...

the children are all growing so fast! Love the pic of Theo in the kitchen sink especially. have a good week. Helen

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Congrats on getting the contract to make masks for the bank. Good for you. The children look so happy and yes, so grown up. Your flowers are incredible. You certainly have a green thumb.

Twiglet said...

Yes - I bet even you had a kitchen sink bath once upon a time! Such lovely photos. They are growing up so fast! xx Jo

Lanniesmum said...

Terrific to see how much all the children have grown and how active they all are. That man’s a keeper when he can bake like that. Happy sewing for your new clients. Catriona

mamapez5 said...

You are right. They are young ladies now. They have a happy home and loving family and it is reflected in the way they are growing up. lexi reminds me of our boys when their life revolved swimming, gymnastics, tampolining, judo, etc. And it is so good for them. As you say it is also a great confidence booster. Even singing in my choirs does that for me!
You garden is doing you proud still. How nice to enjoy your own veggies too.
Kate x

mamapez5 said...

I meant to say, all my boys got bathed in the sink too, and later enjoyed just playing in it. x

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, I am here but late due to stuff! The boiler decided to start leaking so we've had the plumber in today, then I was trying to sort out what was happening with my mum as we had a phone call yesterday from her social worker saying they were sending her home today which actually wasn't the case and then we had to pop out for some shelving for the new cabin but I'm here now! Loving all the photos of your lot especially Theo in the sink. Flowers looking good too and obviously the funnies made me smile and I need it after today. Sending hugs, Angela xXx

Lisca said...

The children are growing so fast. The girls have become lovely young ladies. I had to smile at Theo in the sink. We've all been bathed in the sink, I suppose and it is great that he was allowed to sit and play.
Your flowers are gorgeous. Well done you. And congratulations on getting a contract (if you can call it that) to make face masks for the bank.
Your funnies really made me chuckle. No I'm not offended. As a retired nurse I've seen enough willies to last me a life time.
Sorry I'm late. I've been out all day.
Have a lovely weekend,

Karen said...

I loved your post ~ the children make me smile, and the bread looks wonderful! I wish you lived closer so you could make me a mask too! Mine in too tight and I need to find another ~ Thank you for reminding us to smile! Blessings & love, Karen