Friday, 12 June 2020

This week's smiles....week 375

Hello all.  It's been much colder here this week so there's been no sunbathing in the garden but we did have a socially distanced picnic lunch with Gina and Theo in the garden on Wednesday this week...and oh wow how lovely to be able to spend time with them.  Little Theo is benefitting from having his own private teacher at home [his mummy] and is already learning to read...and he's not 4 yet!  We missed our cuddles but until we are told it's safe to do so we are making the best of what is allowed.....and in case you are wondering no I didn't take any photos cos I was soaking up the moment and forgot lol

My photos this week are....

Our raised veg garden is really wonderful now... everything is growing and looking really healthy.  The first strawberries have ripened [but I bet you can guess who had the first bowl full on Wednesday when he visited :-) ].

The garden flowers are making us smile on a daily basis....there is something new blooming almost every day now so It's easy to find some to share with you all.....hope they make you smile too.

Here's a few funnies to make you chuckle.

And finally here's one for you dog lovers out there.  Our little Milly never fails to make us smile.  We gave her a home trim at the begining of lockdown but of course her coat has grown since so she was pleased to hear she can go for a proper trim on Saturday....even sooner than I can but Doddy did suggest I ask if she might trim mine too :-)

I hope you've found lots to keep you smiling and will link up to yours below.  Have a good week.
Annie x


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

So glad you could have some time with Gina and Theo. It's great to read that Gina is teaching Theo to read. I've read if you don't start teaching children how to read by age 5 and if YOU as a parent don't read to them by the time they are three, they will likely not make it through high school, but drop out instead.

Your garden is incredible. I love your raised beds, too.

Had to laugh at the bra joke, but since I don't "do" yoga, the joke sort of went over my head (except for the squirrel, of course). Have a super Friday and a great weekend. Congrats on all those masks.

Helen said...

great pics from your garden, and how wonderful you were able to have (socially distanced) time with Gina and Theo.

Twiglet said...

You really do have green fingers - your garden looks amazing. Love the funnies and No! I won't be making a mask from my bra. lol

Lisca said...

I'm glad you have been able to have a picnic with Gina and Theo before the weather turned. It is good Gina is teaching him to read. If he seems ready for it then that is a good thing. And as Elizabeth says, it is so important to read to children from an early age. They don't do that so much abroad, and it is a shame.
Your garden is looking pretty as a picture. Did you know you can eat the courgette flower? Your flowers are really colourful and I'm sure a delight to the eye every day.
I had to laugh at the funnies. The bra joke would apply to me too as I have huge boobs. And I can identify with taking the mask off....
Giggled at the yoga dog!
Have a lovely weekend,

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

I'm going to have to make these quick today as we are trying to sort out a problem with the care team for my mum as they didn't turn up this morning until, 11.15am and she had been in bed since 7.00pm last night. Loving your garden picks and the dog funnies are a hoot. Sounds like little Theo is coming on well at home too. Have a lovely weekend, hugs, Angela xXx

mamapez5 said...

I am sure Gina and Theo's company was far more important than taking photos of it!
Your vegetables and flowers are all wonderful.
My son Ben's partner had planted several shrubs and perennials last summer before the accident, and now Ben keeps sending me pictures of flowers to ask what they are! It is a nice way of remembering Dave so I am encouraging him to take care of them.
I am sure a lot of children are not missing out on their education at all with lock-down, but sadly not all parents have the skills or knowledge to help their children. All my boys could read before they started school, and at least one of them got into trouble for it because he was way beyond the class reader when he went into year one, and got bored so he played up! I did intervene and he was allowed to progress to a higher 'basket' to choose his own readers. Fortunately the schools are a bit more enlightened these days.
I have been told our dog groomer is working again now but she has a long waiting list. I must get Kim booked in. He is very 'hairy' right now and struggling on the hotter days. I don't think i am brave enough to try to trim him myself. He's definitely not into yoga! Laying full length on the patio is what he does best and Foxy is happy to do the same. Kate x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie,

I showed my first ICADs last Friday. The initials stand for Index Card A Day. My index cards are 3 X 5 inches, but they also make 4 X 6 inches. You may have used index cards to write recipes on in the past. Hope that helps.