Friday, 15 November 2019

This week's smiles....week 346

Another week has flown by because I've been kept busy with sewing here at Sewing by Annie's but I'm never too busy to appreciate all the smiles in my life so here's a few snaps to share with you....

We celebrated Phoebe's 11th birthday this week...she's a beautiful girl inside and out.  Here she is on the morning of her birthday all ready to go to school. 

Amy put a collage together of Phoebe over the 11 years and this really made me smile....oh where did those years go?

On Sunday Sam carried the flag for his Beavers group at the Remembrance parade in Shrewsbury.  He's the oldest Beaver in his group and this will be his last year in the group before he moves up to Cubs so it was really lovely that he was chosen to carry the flag....proud Nanny moments.

Both Lexi and Sam were awarded their next swimming badge and certificate this week....I think Sam's face says it all don't you?

The ceramics we painted for my birthday treat with the girls have now been fired....don't they look gorgeous?

Those are my smiles for this week.  I hope you have found something to make you smile too and you will leave me a comment before linking up your smiles below.
Annie x


Helen said...

Some lovely Nanny memories there, Annie! love the montage of Phoebe... time really does fly!

Twiglet said...

Lovely family photos. Oh I do love your ceramics - very clever! Lots of fun too I am sure. xx Jo

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Annie, I am here at last. Been to gym and the plasterer has been too so it's been a bit busy this morning. I am having heating in the cabin but as yet not sure what it will be. Plenty to smile about at your too. I love to see children who smile when they're ready for school it's always a good sign. Later still the visitors have left! Now where was I? Oh yes Lol! Sam's face is priceless and I know how how feels as I was 25 before I learned to swim and I felt just the same when I was awarded my certificate. Better go shopping next!!!! Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

mamapez5 said...

Hi Annie. Fancy Phoebe being eleven already. i love the collage through her ages.
The twins look very happy with their swimming achievements. Well done to them. As you can see, our little fellow got some this week too.
I bet Sam enjoyed carrying the flag at such an important occasion. I was occasionally chosen to carry the flag for our Girl's Life Brigade monthly parade and I remember how special it made me feel.
I love the ceramics. How nice that they can be fired so you have something that will last.
I only picked up your comment in messenger last week, and was only able to publish it at 'anonymous'. I don't know why they don't come through like everyone else's. But thank you for commenting anyway. Kate xx

Elizabeth said...

Hi Annie, so much to make you smile. Love the collage of Phoebe - belated birthday greetings to her, she's growing up much to quickly. Sam must have been so proud to carry the flag and 'expression of the week' award goes to him too 😀 Great to see the finished ceramics. Have a fabulous weekend. Hugs, Ellie xx

Lisca said...

Happy belated birthday Phoebe! Isn't she a gorgeous girl. They grow so fast. I love the collage of her birthdays so far.
Lots of proud nanny moments with the twins swimming awards and flagbearing Sam.
Those ceramics are beautiful!
Have a lovely weekend,