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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Passing on some love...

It's nearly Valentine's day and love is in the air. 

I would love all that read my blog to pick up a little love from me.  This is a little dumfed heart that my 'much older' sister made for me a couple of years ago and I'd like to pass on some of the love to all the lovely blogging friends that read my blog and leave me such lovely comments.  It would be really nice if you copied this picture and pasted it onto your own blog so that the love can spread to others.  It would really thrill me to see it appear on all the wonderful blogs I read.  

They say that love makes the world go round and I'm certain it makes it a much nicer place to be.  So pick up some love from me and go and spread some love to all your friends.


WhingingNinja said...

aww that's so sweet! love the colors

Zue said...

Thanks Annie
It is really lovely and a lovely thought from you.
I have taken a copy and saved it.
Now all I have to do is find out how to put it down the side where I actually want it and not where it just decides to go. I am still not good at blog design.
Thank you
Sue xx

Twiglet said...

Lol - I have asked our Turkish friend for a translation! Have updated my blog to pass on some love too.

Tracey said...

I just need some lurrrrve today...thanks! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

karen said...

How sweet! It's on my blog sweetie!

Glenda said...

Love your creations. Thanks so for sharing!

Hettie said...

Aw that is soooo sweet. Gonna try and copy it on to mine, but I am new at this bloggie thing so not sure if I can get it to work.

jude said...

Thanks hun i will pass on to
hugs judex

Dawn said...

Such a sweet idea! I came here from Judes blog! I will copy & post on my page!
Dawn xxx