Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to one and all.  I hope you have all had your cards, flowers and chocolates.  Or am I living in cloud cuckoo land?  Do men like that really exist?  They certainly don't here.  I'm married to a "It's all a commercial racket" sort of man who "tells me he loves me every day so why should he put money in someone else's pocket?".  I really wouldn't swap him for the world.  :-)

If you still haven't picked up my little heart logo from my side bar then today is the day to copy and paste it to your blog and spread some love to all your blogging friends. 

I'm showing you a little more spring today to brighten up your Monday morning.

Gorgeous crocuses.

Little Primroses emerging.

My pussy willow opening out.

Also I wanted to show you this really special card I had Saturday morning as a Thank you from Di for her pay it forward gift.  Thank you Di, I love it and you really have made me feel very special but designing it with this little sewing lady in mind.

Here's hoping you all have a wonderful Funday Valentine Monday.  Go and spread some love.


Di said...

Lovely photos showing Spring is one the way - yippee!!

So glad you like the card - made just for you as a huge thank you for the Pay It Forward goodies you sent. I'm still stroking the poppy picture :) Di x

Jensters said...

Well said about this card how wonderful.

Julia Dunnit said...

Wouldn't trade mine either, but he doesn't even hide behind the 'commercial' excuse...just does nothing! Did some gardening this weekend and very pleased to see the primroses struggling up, thank goodness!
Have a lovely funday!

mckinkle said...

Oooh Annie I hope you get a little surprise my hubby later in the day! I think every wife deserves an extra special treat on Valentines day!

Beautiful spring photos, its definitely on its way then! lol!

What a beautiful card you've received, such a lot of thought has gone into it!

Hope you have a lovely week Annie!

Keryn x

Kathy said...

Lovely, sunny photos Annie - thanks for sharing. And what a sweet card you received

Tracey said...

Valentines day....what valentines day????! xxx