Friday, 11 February 2011

Can you help? We are looking for ideas....

Twiglet and I have been researching ideas for new creative ventures using the skills we have.  We have come up with several between us and will be having a play with our new ideas, as and when time allows, so watch this space as they say.

What I wanted to ask all those paper crafters out there is...

Is there any storage problem that you have that could be answered by a clever design in fabric?  

I can usually see in 3D when it comes to solving problems like this but neither of us are really paper crafters so really don't know what you folk need.  If you have any ideas we really would be interested so please leave us a comment and I would be more than happy to get back to you via email.

There may well be a little gift for the most successful idea  :-) 

Today's Update 
What a lot of lovely friends we have.  You are all so kind and helpful.  I should have said of course there will be a thank you gift for the best idea but it will go to the one who suggested it first  :-)
Oh and possibly you might get a first design to trial it so if you can really think of something you would like and we think it would work [ or rather...if we can work out how to make one! ] you might just end up having your idea made for you.  Come on.....put those thinking caps on while you are busy crafting and let us know what you need.


Twiglet said...

Good idea!! Lol.
I am going to get going on some of our new ideas later. We two can move mountains when we put our heads together!

Karen said... moving mountains!!! I have sent you an email Annie xxx

Sue said...

Hi hun
a bag with ickle dividers in to store me copics make it easier to take them in me van, that would be good for me,hope that helps, sue,xx

Ali said...

How about a roll-up tool bag for people to take to crops? Kind of like the tool bags workmen have... a length of fabric with loops inside for slotting in scissors, craft knife, pens, ruler etc maybe pockets for tape runners etc that rolls up and fastens closed.. maybe with a handle on the outside surface.

Karen said...

I agree with Ali - a roll-up bag for brushes, pens, tools etc would be cool.

I would also love something that would keep all my threads, felt, material, embellished goodies etc etc in order......... now that really would be moving mountains!!!! lol Will comment again if I come up with anything else.....


Kirsty.A said...

The perennial ribbon storage problem. They need to be visble, accessible and tidy.

JoZart Designs said...

The HangAbouts that I made over Christmas (to keep my mind off my grandee in intensive care) were very popular. I was inundated with requests for them so I'm sure if you make them they will sell well. They can be modified to have pockets inside and/or out. They can be deeper to hold knitting. A knitter friend puts her ball of wool in her's. Some are used for TV zappers, some for holding scissors, pens etc, others as mini waste bins when trimming. There are pics of how to make them on my post 28th Dec.
Need any info JLMK!
JoZarty x

Nikki said...

Marker/Pencil cases that roll out and so you can see them all ?
also pop by my blog I've finally made you guys a button hope you don't mind I borrowed something from you to make it :)
hugs Nikki

Gez Butterworth said...

All great ideas.. something to wrap all my art journal pens/pencils/brushes etc so I can go mobile would be very handy.. will get my thinking cap on while I wash up!

Helen Laurence said...

I agree with roll up pen/pencil/ pro markers case. Been meaning to make myself one but never get round to doing anything for myself!!
Good luck with it all Helen x

SDCrafts said...

A heavy-duty but attractive apron to wear while crafting in which there will be a fantastically clever number and shape of pockets across the lap for vital items such as tape runner/roll of tape; smaller tools (so has to be point proof); and any other items the crafter needs incredibly near at hand WITHOUT crowding the craft area all the time!

With matching elasticated sleeves for those days when the crafter sits down and thinks: "meant to change my top first"...

Items that DON'T want to go in an apron:
die-cutting machine and guillotine (only jesting).

Ciara said...

Not a storage solution as such but a basic apron would be pretty cool, maybe with some pockets?

Also, little tubs for bits & bobs would be really useful and nice to look at.

Or, how about something pretty to put around packets of baby wipes. Not solving a problem as such but would make our craft desks look nicer!

I'll keep thinking...

Wiccababe said...

hmmm, maybe something for storing paper punches?

Tina Gilmore said...

I agree with Ciara, an apron with pockets. For me it would be a pocket to keep rags handy and of course another pocket for sweets and bubblegum....oh...and maybe another little pocket to keep one of your cutie little bears in so i'd have company...and another one for a bottle of gin meant water! he he he!

mckinkle said...

lol! Lots of lovely ideas there Annie! Im looking forward to seeing what you both come up with already!

I'll have a little think and see if I can come up with anything too!

Keryn x

Zue said...

Can you knit boxes?

Seriously, felted or knitted trays like the tops from photo-copy paper an in-tray, would be a good idea!!

Sue xx

Kate said...

I'd like a storage hanger - bit like a shoe store, that hangs on the back of the door and can store punches of different sizes please.

Also I really would like some cute little pouch type needle case to keep the newly trendy pins in that are now used in crafting alot. I have some from Wild Orchid Crafts and Tim Holtz. They are currently in a box and quite leathal to rummage around in! In my head i can see wxactly what I mean and you could probably run it up in 20 minutes. If it was plain I could stamp on it and add flowers to it too!!!

** Kate **

Kathy said...

Wow, there are some fab ideas here. I like the roll up tool kit idea especially - I guess it would be something like a jewellery roll - or like the knitting needle roll up holder I bought for MIL at Christmas.

I'll be getting loads of that IKEA Expedit shelving for my craft space in a few weeks time and I'm thinking that some colourful box/bag type things that would fit in the cubes would look fabulous and be great for holding all sorts of things. collapsible would be fab - or how about big circles which could be gathered in to make a bag shape by way of cord threaded through chunky eyelets around the circumference. They could be stored flat or rolled when not in use, and you'd be able to carry stuff in them too

oneoff said...

Lots of ideas already, and some that I can really relate to: rolled storage (with ties) to hold Promarkers and scissors, tubs on the desk or shelves to hold various embellishments and projects, aprons with pockets (and ones that won't look horrific when covered with ink!). I have real problems storing 12x12 paper, so strong bags with handles (colour coded) could be really useful. And fabric covered pinboards are always lovely to hold things to inspire you.

Good luck with this - looking forward to seeing what you do!


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

How about something similar to shoe storage, something with little pockets on. Or something like the hanging storage for kids soft toys, but with smaller compartments. Hanging storage would be good, with loops on - 1 or 2 loops ;-)
Anne xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Forgot to agree with the roll-up thingys for tools - defo!
Anne xx

jude said...

I would love a a cork board but covered in materail on top of the cork.The frame painted distressed.So i can pin my creations to it whilst they are either drying or just to display.So what ya think girls!
I also think youve got some fab ideas already the apron with addicted to and tool roll sounds fab also.
So my second idea ...can i have 2 maybe not oh well here goes.Would be a square pin cushion that i could keep all my fancy pins that i use for cards as at the moment i make them and stick in Rubbers so i dont prick my self whilst looking.Which isnt ideal really .
Hope this helps.If i think of any more ideas i will be back hun
Hugs judex

Anne said...

Love those little pincushion/storage jars from your last post, so cute !
A hanging store with loads of pockets could be the answer to Debbi's (Wiccababe)request for storing her punches . I know what I mean --off to draw it and will email you
Anne x