Monday, 21 February 2011

Come on girls what do you think?

We had a fabulous response to our request for ideas for crafty items which you might find useful in your work area, for storage or for carrying your equipment.  Twiglet and I have been really busy [so what's new?] designing and creating [and having lots of fun].  These are the items we have made so far but there are lots more in the pipeline.

We had such a lot of ideas, either on our blogs or in emails, that we have decided to put a different item up for a gift each week.  This will be posted in the blog shop and to stand a chance of winning the gift you need to leave us a comment telling us why you would like it and how you would use it.  Each week we will do a draw and post the result in the shop with the news of the next week's gift.  

We are hoping to get a bit more feed back from you so we know we are on the right lines then in the next few weeks we will be uploading them in the shop for sale.

These are the items we have made so far.....

Baby wipe cover, pin cushion, needle / pin case.
Green with chicken print.

 Baby wipe cover, pin cushion, needle / pin case.
White with strawberry print

Baby wipe cover, pin cushion, needle / pin case and ribbon holder.
Red / white stripe with poppy embellishment.

Pen / pencil roll.  Holds 17 pens / pencils
Pink / burgundy cotton print.

Crafter's pocketed apron with tie fastenings.
Grey / white print with 6 pockets.
This will be the first item in the shop blog draw so pop over and leave us a comment if you would like to win one.  Only comments left in the shop will be entered in the draw.


Karen said...

oooo you have both been busy!!!! I love the baby wipes covers!!! I already have a pinny like that one so I won't leave a comment in your shop but I do think its ideal! Well done xxx

Unknown said...

You are busy & very talented .. love your fabric choices & designs.
Have a beautiful week ~

Ciara said...

Oh wow! You two are soooo clever!

I'll pop over to the shop to leave my comments :-)

SDCrafts said...

Feeling quite pleased that the apron was my idea - as well as others! You've done such a good job with it too. I can imagine being at my craft table and also on the sofa, all basic tools at the ready - scissors, pokey tool in a cork for safety, tweezers, a roll of double-sided tape, some foam pads, a glue runner - how could I forget the tape runner?

Great job! I admire your combined enthusiastic talent.

Zue said...

You have done so well. These are beautifully made!

I would love to win one. Should I also leave a comment on your shop blog, or is that blog shop. What about my idea for a knitted box!!!???

I shall keep looking, keep an eye on you..
Sue xx

WhingingNinja said...

wow you have been busy! I love the apron because it'd be so handy just to have everything there whilst your sitting. Also what about a needle felting box? enough room for a felting pad, needles to be stored safely and enough room for wool for a project you are working on

Di said...

Super!! Di x

Carmen said...

I agree with everyone - fabulous.

What about a paintbrush roll - like the pencil roll but a bit longer to accomadate paintbrushes? Although thinking about it - the interior fabric might need to be waterproof/wipeproof like the interiors of nappy bags for when you put the brushes back after use. Would be handy for when people wanted to take brushes on holidays or days out though.

Carmen said...

I just thought of something else - what about Kindle covers? (3 guesses what I'm drooling over and saving up for?) If I ever got one I'd definitely want a lovely cover to keep it safe and not a boring Amazon one.