Friday, 17 July 2009

Phew they've gone...

We have had absolute Bedlem outside our gate for well over a week and at last it's all gone. The traffic lights had been from 100yds the one side of us to at least the same the other side but as they needed to be a 3 way setting they were very slow changing and have caused many frayed tempers. Trying to run a busy sewing business in the middle of all that hasn't been easy. The water board have lots to answer for. They have dug holes right outside the gate [ and at one time I counted 5 men looking into the one hole] and parked everything from bumper trucks to mini diggers right across the gateway so that I have had numerous phone calls from my customers to say they couldn't get to me.
Needless to say it hasn't stopped many of them and I have had one of my busiest weeks ever with at least 4 more new customers. "Where do they all come from?" I ask myself. 8am 'til 5pm five days a week isn't enough for some as this week I have worked two evenings too. I also think someone had written 'local drop in' across my banners at the gate cos it's been a week of visitors/customers calling in to sit down chat and tell me all their news. At one point I had a neighbour with her baby and a customer with her mum and baby here at the same time so it was back to the house being full of little ones. I love it love it love it. I have made sooooooo many friends running this business and feel truly blessed that they all feel able to come in and make themselves at home..........That's what I have been put here for. It's what I do :-)


Twiglet said...

It's what you do
And how well you do it to!

Sounds like your too-whit of a sister!!!!!